Guantanamo, Diego Garcia, habeus corpus, torture policies and other human rights abuses – 7/3/08

Preparation for the Open Fascist State: Abuse, brutality and murder by cops – 6/11/08

Bush & Top Administration officials approved and encouraged torture – and know you won’t do anything about it – 5/9/08

A Look Back at Winter Soldier 2008: Testifying to War Crimes – 3/31/08

American Fascism Update: Prison Camps, Rendition and Guantanamo – 2/27/08

The Torture Tap Dance and the Progression of the American Police State – 2/11/08

Fascist News: Torture Tapes, FEMA Camps, RFID, Real ID, Abu Ghraib, Gitmo and more – 1/21/08

Torture Tapes Update  – 1/12/08

Torture Tapes: Ultimate Cover-up or Smoking Gun? – 12/27/07

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