The Torture Tap Dance and the Progression of the American Police State
Torture Tap Dance (Raw Story 2/7/08)
Mukasey’s ‘Justice Dept’ refuses to open investigation into waterboarding admissions; CIA Director Hayden says waterboarding illegal torture now, legal and not torture then
More Torture Tapes to Come (TPMuckraker 12/11/07 and 1/21/08)
Judge orders Bush Administration to provide answers on torture tape handling (ABC 1/25/08)
“A federal judge said Thursday that CIA interrogation videotapes may have been relevant to his court case, and he gave the Bush administration three weeks to explain why they were destroyed in 2005 and say whether other evidence was destroyed.”
Which would be about this Friday 2/15.
Torture is Impeachable and has been Confessed to (Global Research 2/8/08)


FBI wants palm prints, eye scans, tattoo mapping (CNN 2/4/08)
EXCERPT: “The FBI already has 55 million sets of fingerprints on file. In coming years, the bureau wants to compare palm prints, scars and tattoos, iris eye patterns, and facial shapes. The idea is to combine various pieces of biometric information to positively identify a potential suspect… The FBI has also started collecting mug shots and pictures of scars and tattoos. These images are being stored for now as the technology is fine-tuned. All of the FBI’s biometric data is stored on computers 30-feet underground in the Clarksburg facility. In addition, the FBI could soon start comparing people’s eyes — specifically the iris, or the colored part of an eye — as part of its new biometrics program called Next Generation Identification.”
Police Swabbing Mouths in Traffic Stops in Serial Killer Hunt (Local 6 via MParent 2/6/08)
Civilian auxiliaries as police officers (local Fox 8 via YouTube)
“The Fox 8 I-Team’s hidden cameras raise the question, when is a police officer not really a police officer? As the I-Team’s Tom Merriman reports, one city has found a loophole on just who can wear a badge and a uniform.”
US troops asked if they would shoot American citizens (PrisonPlanet 2/4/08)
Worthwhile reading, and 2 frightening embedded videos.
Checkpoint USA: Documenting Police Power (via MParent 2/7/08)
DHS checkpoint video blog day 5 – this man is repeatedly detained and harassed by Border Patrol agents who even know his name.
FBI deputizes businesses with ‘license to shoot to kill” with InfraGuard program (Progressive 2/7/08)
EXCERPTS: “Today, more than 23,000 representatives of private industry are working quietly with the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. The members of this rapidly growing group, called InfraGard, receive secret warnings of terrorist threats before the public does—and, at least on one occasion, before elected officials. In return, they provide information to the government, which alarms the ACLU. But there may be more to it than that. One business executive, who showed me his InfraGard card, told me they have permission to “shoot to kill” in the event of martial law. InfraGard is “a child of the FBI,” says Michael Hershman, the chairman of the advisory board of the InfraGard National Members Alliance and CEO of the Fairfax Group, an international consulting firm…
[Schneck, chairman of the board of directors of the InfraGard National Members Alliance, and the prime mover behind the growth of InfraGard over the last several years], says “that FBI and Homeland Security agents do make presentations to InfraGard, she denies that InfraGard members would have any civil patrol or law enforcement functions. “I have never heard of InfraGard members being told to use lethal force anywhere,” Schneck says… The FBI adamantly denies it, also. “That’s ridiculous,” says Catherine Milhoan, an FBI spokesperson. “If you want to quote a businessperson saying that, knock yourself out. If that’s what you want to print, fine.” But one other InfraGard member corroborated the whistleblower’s account, and another would not deny it.”
United States Inc vs. The People (AtLargely blog 1/25/08)
The FISA bill’s retroactive immunity and the meaning of the Declaration of Independence
S1959 / HR 1955 ‘Homegrown Terrorism’ bill not legally passed, already being put into operation (JustAnotherCoverUp 1/23/08)
Who will rule us after the Next 9/11? (Slate 10/19/07)
“The reality of NSPD-51 is almost as bad as the paranoia”
Toledo Mayor to Marines: Leave Downtown, You’re Scaring People (Toledo Blade 2/9/08)
EXCERPTS: “The 200 members of Company A, 1st Battalion, 24th Marines, based in Grand Rapids, Mich., planned to spend their weekend engaged in urban patrol exercises on the streets of downtown as well as inside the mostly vacant Madison Building, 607 Madison Ave. Toledo police knew days in advance about their plans for a three-day exercise. Yet somehow the memo never made it to Mayor Finkbeiner, who ordered the Marines out yesterday afternoon just minutes before their buses were to arrive…
“Members of the 1st Battalion, 24th Marines have trained periodically in downtown Toledo since at least 2004 and most recently in May, 2006. Past exercises have involved mock gun fights, ambushes, and the firing of blank ammunition…The Reservists’ visit was no surprise to Toledo police, who Tuesday issued a news release to media outlets on behalf of the Marines that asked Toledoans not to be startled by the sight of camouflaged soldiers toting M16 rifles.”
ACLU Fact Sheet on “Police America” Act
– allows the Attorney General (AG) to issue program warrants for international calls without court review.
– has no protections for American phone calls and emails that are caught up in the dragnet.
– provides only a phony court review of secret procedures.
– requires only meaningless reporting to Congress.
– has a sunset that may be of little value.
Montana Governor Foments Real ID Rebellion (Wired 1/18/08)
New Missouri Bill Thumbs Its’ Nose at Real ID (St Louis Post Dispatch 1/18/08)
How will Real ID affect you? (CNet News 2/7/08)
EXCERPT: “Editor’s note: A May deadline looms as just one flash point in a political showdown between Homeland Security and states that oppose Real ID demands. This is the last in a four-part series examining the confrontation. Today’s installment is a set of frequently asked questions, or FAQ, that we hope explains how the Real ID law affects you.”
“The Real ID law is touted by Homeland Security officials as an anticrime and antiterror measure, but is steadfastly opposed by some state governments on privacy and sovereignty grounds. Computer scientists also have raised concerns about how its creation of a national interlinked database would work in practice. Keep reading for more on Real ID.”
The legislation behind a national ID (CNet News 2/4/08)
Why Real ID is a flawed idea (CNet News 1/31/08)
Ed and Elaine Brown’s property being auctioned off to pay federal taxes (Boston Globe 2/1/08)
Wesley Snipes found guilty of misdemeanor charges, not guilty on felony charges in his anti-tax lawsuit (NYTimes 1/30/08)
Shreveport LA attorney Tom Cryer was found innocent on tax evasion charges in July 2007 after ten years of not paying taxes (via WUFYS 2/1/08)
Top 100 Prime Federal Contractors (Washington Technology 1/15/08)


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