Biofuel Posts

4/4/11: U.S. Doctors Say Biofuels Could Kill 192,000+ Per Year in Developing Countries

4/7/11: Rush to Use Crops as Fuel Raises Food Prices and Hunger Fears

4/10/11: Surging food prices fuel ethanol critics

4/13/11: Biofuels targets unethical, says report

Africa mulls biofuels as land grab fears grow

Biofuels worse than fossil fuels, says expert

Biofuel ‘could hit food production’

Report: Biofuel is a twin-edged catastrophe

Biofuel plan will cause rise in carbon emissions

Fresh Warnings Against EU Bio-Fuels Policy

Biofuels Fallacy: Why Burning Plants Instead of Fossil Fuels Won’t Save the Climate – Alternet 11/10

12/6/08: Alternative energy , poisons in your products, and other notable environmental news

10/12/08: Biofuel News Round-Up


5/28/08: Blame Biofuels

4/22/08: Biofuel Madness: Starving the World to Feed Our Cars

7/8/07: Biodiesel and Ethanol Fuel Genocide


Obama: the senator from ethanol-land – Socialist Worker 8/21/08

Nicole Colson : Obama and Big Corn – CounterPunch 8/23/08

Nation’s ecological scientists weigh in on biofuels – ScienceBlogs 1/11/08

Indian minister attacks biofuels – BBC 3/26/08

Biogasoline idea refined by Dutch Shell and Virent Energy Systems – Houston Chronicle 3/26/08

Biogasoline: Greener Alternative to Ethanol? – Treehugger 3/28/08

Obama Camp closely tied to Ethanol Industry – NYTimes 6/23/08

Nation’s ecological scientists weigh in on biofuels – ScienceBlogs 1/11/08

Corn and milk prices soaring – blame ethanol – CNN

Ethanol not worth the energy – Cornell

Reconsider EU Biofuel Goal Says Incoming President – Treehugger 6/30/08

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