Bush & Top Administration officials approved and encouraged torture – and know you won’t do anything about it

Top Bush aides pushed for Guantanamo torture – Guardian UK 4/19/08

EXCERPT: “America’s most senior general was “hoodwinked” by top Bush administration officials determined to push through aggressive interrogation techniques of terror suspects held at Guantánamo Bay, leading to the US military abandoning its age-old ban on the cruel and inhumane treatment of prisoners, the Guardian reveals today”

Top Bush aides approved torture tactics – Reuters/Yahoo 4/9/08


Bush admits he approved White House Torture Guidelines – PensitoReview 4/12/08


FBI emails says Bush signed executive order authorizing harsh interrogation methods – Dissident Voice 4/16/08


Torturers in the White House: Why is this story being ignored? – Global Research 4/22/08


Pentagon records detail prisoner abuse by US military – AP/Yahoo 4/16/08


US may not release Guantanamo prisoners, even if found innocent of all charges – Global Research 4/12/08

Because they’ve got to be pretty upset after years of torture.


Under US law, torture is always illegal – CounterPunch 5/6/08


5 Ex-Chief Diplomats: Close Guantanamo – ABC 3/27/08


CIA admits they will continue rendition program – Raw Story 4/24/08


CIA has 7,000 documents relating to rendition, detention, torture programs – Raw Story 4/23/08

“For the first time, the CIA has acknowledged that extensive records exist relating to its use of enforced disappearances and secret prisons,” Curt Goering, AIUSA senior deputy executive director, said in a statement. “Given what we already know about documents written by Bush administration officials trying to justify torture and other human rights crimes, one does not need a fertile imagination to conclude that the real reason for refusing to disclose these documents has more to do with avoiding disclosure of criminal activity than national security.”


Documents reveal reverse-engineered SERE tactics used in Afghan torture – Global Research 4/22/08


Sami al-Hajj lashes out at US over Guantanamo – Uruknet 5/1/08

“Al Jazeera cameraman Sami al-Hajj has hit out at the US treatment of detainees at the Guantanamo Bay military prison where he was held for nearly six and a half years. Saying that “rats are treated with more humanity”, al-Hajj said inmates’ “human dignity was violated”. Al-Hajj arrived in Sudan early on Friday, was carried off the US air force jet in a stretcher and immediately taken to hospital. His brother, Asim al-Hajj, said he did not recognise the cameraman because he looked like a man in his 80s.”


The torture drawings the Pentagon doesn’t want you to see – Alternet 4/11/08

“Sami al-Haj is a journalist, but one unlike any other. For over six years since December 15, 2001 — when he was seized by Pakistani soldiers on the Afghan border while on assignment as a cameraman for the Qatar-based broadcaster al-Jazeera — he has been in a disturbing but unique position: a trained journalist held as an “enemy combatant” on the frontline of the Bush administration’s “War on Terror,” first in Afghanistan, and then in Guantánamo.”

8 former Guantanamo detainees sue British government – USA Today 4/20/08


Update on Sami Al Arian’s ordeal – 5 years in custody with no charges, trial or release – SJLendmen blog 4/19/08


German citizen held in US custody in Afghanistan – Der Spiegel, Germany 4/18/08

“The US military have been holding a German citizen in custody in Kabul since the beginning of the year over accusations that he was on a US base without authorization.  Gholam Ghaus Z., a 41-year-old of Afghan origin from Wuppertal in western Germany, had travelled to Kabul to visit relatives. When he entered a US military supermarket to buy a shaver in January he was arrested on suspicion of terrorism. The fact that he had banknotes in different currencies and telephone cards from several countries seemed to be enough to warrant his arrest. Although hours of interrogations did not provide any evidence that he was a terrorist, Z. man has been in US custody for the almost four months.”

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