Torture Tapes: Ultimate Cover-up or Smoking Gun?
December 27, 2007, 7:18 am
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Dec 7: The Torture Administration (The Nation)

Dec 18: ACLU lawsuit may force Bush to explain torture tapes (Alternet)
A good summary by John Dean, former White House Counsel to Nixon  

Dec 19: Bush Lawyers Discussed Fate of Tapes (NYTimes)

White House Tool Dana Perino takes issue with NYTimes sub-headline, not the facts of the article.  Continues White House policy of silence on content of tapes. (Raw Story)  

Dec 19: Constitutional Scholar on CNN: At least six identifiable crimes in tape destruction (via Raw Story)
EXCERPT: “I think it’s more than an inference at this point, which is one of the reasons there’s a call for a special prosecutor,” he said. “There are at least six identifiable crimes here, from obstruction of justice to obstruction of Congress, perjury, conspiracy, false statements, and what is often forgotten: the crime of torturing suspects.  Added Turley, “If that crime was committed it was a crime that would conceivably be ordered by the president himself, only the president can order those types of special treatments or interrogation techniques.” 

Dec 19: Chertoff concealed role in tape destruction (TruthOut)

Jason Leopold is senior editor and reporter for Truthout. He received a Project Censored award in 2007 for his story on Halliburton’s work in Iran.

A great summary of the tape’s background and Chertoff’s role  

Dec 20: Destroyed CIA tapes are ‘ultimate cover up’ (Raw Story)

EXCERPT: [GWU Law Professor Stephen Saltzburg:] “The rationale for destroying the tapes to protect the identity of the interrogators is almost as embarrassing as the destruction itself,” said Saltzburg, who is also general counsel for the National Institute of Military Justice. He said that the tapes could easily have been modified to obscure the faces of those involved, and that regardless, the CIA keeps a written record of which officers interrogated detainees.  “And so the explanation for destruction fails the straight-face test,” he said. “The only plausible explanation, I believe, is that the CIA wanted to assure that those tapes would never be seen by any judicial tribunal — not even a military commission — and they would never be seen by a committee of Congress.”  Continued Saltzburg, “With [the CIA tapes] gone, we have the ultimate cover-up. The indisputable evidence no longer exists, and memories will undoubtedly differ about what happened.” 

Dec 21: Judge delays ruling on holding a hearing into TortureGate tapes (NYTimes) 

 Dec 21: Operation Stop Talking (Mother Jones)

EXCERPT: “John Kiriakou called it hypocritical for the White House and Congress to point fingers at the CIA for its harsh interrogation techniques. Now his former employer, with the help of the Justice Department, is trying to shut him up.” 

 Dec 23: Will ex-CIA agent name names in Torture Tape scandal? (CBS)

EXCERPT: “A former CIA official is expected to seek immunity when testifying before a House committee investigating the destruction of videotapes recording CIA interrogation sessions, reportedly to implicate the White House in the tapes’ destruction, according to intelligence sources quoted in a London newspaper.  The House Intelligence Committee issued a subpoena Thursday to Jose Rodriguez, a former CIA official who oversaw the interrogation of terrorism suspects, and who allegedly ordered the destruction of interrogation videotapes.” 

Dec 23: ‘The Directive to Torture Comes From the Top’: What is Probably in the Missing Tapes (Naomi Wolf on Global Research) 

Dec 23: NYTimes Caves to White House Pressure Over Sub-headline (Global Research) 

Dec 23: The Torture Tape Fingering Bush as War Criminal (Times, UK) 

Dec 23: CIA Chief to drag White House into torture cover-up storm (Times, UK)

Includes video of Biden and Kennedy statements on topic  

Dec 24: 9/11 Commission Chair Kean: “CIA knew we wanted tapes” (CNN via Raw Story) 

Dec 24: Wagons circle over CIA tapes’ demise (LA Times) 

Dec 26: The Torture Tape Cover-up: How High Does It Go? (Global Research)

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