9/2/08: Updates from the Cold Front

8/23/08: DARPA: Weapons of the Future Today

8/13/08: Who Will Support The Troops? News on Citizens in Armed Service

8/11/08: Torture Authorized and Endorsed; Americans Stick Fingers in Ears and Sings “LaLaLa”

7/11/08: News on US troops

6/11/08: Evil, profit-motivated criminals are killing US troops and innocents abroad

5/29/08: Halliburton / KBR’s WorldWide War Crimes – since the 1940’s

5/6/08: Depleted Uranium: The Salting of the Earth

3/31/08: A Look Back at Winter Soldier 2008: Testifying to War Crimes

2/11/08: The Torture Tap Dance and the Progression of the American Police State

1/28/08: Military, Veteran and Mercenary News

1/28/08: Science, Technology and Fancy Ways to Kill People

10/12/07: Science, Technology and New Weaponry

9/20/07: News by and about the U.S. military

8/27/07: Outrages of the Day

8/15/07: This Week’s Update on The War Of Terrorism

8/7/07: Update on the Baghdad Diarist, and Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki

8/5/07: The camps are built, and Bush has declared a national emergency for Lebanon, what next?

8/3/07: Who ordered the execution of Pat Tillman?, More on the Baghdad Diarist, and other crimes against our troops

7/31/07: Fund the Wounded, not the war, and other news on the troops

7/27/07: Our government won’t support and respect the troops; how can we do it?

7/19/07: Troops, Contractors, Mercenaries and Atrocities

7/6/07: What does “support the troops” mean to you?

6/27/07: The War on Our Troops

6/22/07: Who is supporting the troops?

5/29/07: Memorial Day: Support the Troops!

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