American Fascism Update: Prison Camps, Rendition and Guantanamo
Rule by Fear or Rule by Law? Former Congressman warns of martial law, detention camps (San Francisco Chronicle 2/4/08)
CIA confirms UK rendition report (NYTimes 2/21/08) 
Concentration Camps in America: the consequence of 40 years of fear (Online Journal 2/18/08) 
Seton Hall Law Students discover proof that over 24,000 interrogations at Guantanamo have been videotaped (Seton Hall 2/14/08)
This report reveals the following:
I. A report issued by a Lieutenant General of the United States Army indicates that more than 24,000 interrogations have been conducted at Guantánamo since 2002.
II. A second report, produced almost simultaneously by the Surgeon General of the United States Army, reveals that all interrogations conducted at Guantánamo were videotaped. Thus, many videotapes documenting Guantánamo interrogations do or did exist.
III. An infrastructure for videotaping exists at Guantánamo.
IV. The Central Intelligence Agency is just one of many entities that interrogated detainees in Guantánamo.
V. Each of these entities has identical motives to destroy taped investigations as has the Central Intelligence Agency, and each can apply to its destruction of tapes an identical justification: its interest in “protecting” the interrogators. Any videotapes that may still exist are vulnerable to destruction if they have not already been destroyed.
VI. Because the Government kept detailed logs of interrogations, it is readily ascertainable which videotapes still exist and which tapes have been destroyed. Such an inquiry is crucial to the evaluation—as required by Combatant Status Review Tribunal procedures, the Military Commission Act, and the Detainee Treatment Act—of the reliability of hearsay evidence against a detainee.
More Information: Captured on Tape: Interrogation and Torture at Guantanamo
Prosecutor: Guantanamo Trials Rigged From Start (Alternet 2/21/08) 
Truth or Terrorism? The Real Story Behind Five Years of High Alerts (Rolling Stone 1/22/08)
Lessons of Internment (Amy Goodman via Alternet 2/21/08)“At a time when the Bush Administration holds “enemy combatants” without charge, we have a lot to learn from history.”


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