Torture Authorized and Endorsed; Americans Stick Fingers in Ears and Sings “LaLaLa”

Secret ‘War on Terror’ Prison on Diego Garcia Confirmed – AntiWar.com 8/2/08

Justice Department authorized CIA to torture prisoners in its custody – Global Research 7/30/08

Guantanamo Bay may be turned into marine ‘rapid reaction’ base – Telegraph, UK 7/6/08

Two Subplots in Guantánamo’s Long Legal Story – NYTimes 7/4/08

Ex-Abu Ghraib prisoners sue US contractors, claim torture – AFP/Raw Story 6/30/08

MPs call for inquiry into MI5 torture role – Guardian, UK 7/15/08

EXCERPT: “MPs are calling for an investigation into allegations that British intelligence has “outsourced” the torture of British citizens to Pakistani security agencies after hearing accounts of people being abducted and subjected to mistreatment and, in some cases, released without charge.”

Bush’s top general quashed torture dissent – Salon 6/30/08

“New evidence shows that despite warnings from across the military, former Gen. Richard Myers shut down legal scrutiny of brutal interrogation tactics.”

US accused of holding terror suspects on prison ships – Guardian, UK 6/2/08

EXCERPT: “According to research carried out by Reprieve, the US may have used as many as 17 ships as “floating prisons” since 2001. Detainees are interrogated aboard the vessels and then rendered to other, often undisclosed, locations, it is claimed. Ships that are understood to have held prisoners include the USS Bataan and USS Peleliu. A further 15 ships are suspected of having operated around the British territory of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, which has been used as a military base by the UK and the Americans.
Reprieve will raise particular concerns over the activities of the USS Ashland and the time it spent off Somalia in early 2007 conducting maritime security operations in an effort to capture al-Qaida terrorists. At this time many people were abducted by Somali, Kenyan and Ethiopian forces in a systematic operation involving regular interrogations by individuals believed to be members of the FBI and CIA. Ultimately more than 100 individuals were “disappeared” to prisons in locations including Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Guantánamo Bay.”

China inspired Guantanamo interrogations – Int’l Herald Tribune, UK 7/2/08

Inside the Guantánamo terror trials – Salon 5/24/08

Video: Mukasey Argues That Torture Authorizers ‘Cannot And Should Not’ Be Prosecuted Or Even Investigated – YouTube

Top Interrogators Declare Torture Ineffective in Intelligence Gathering – HumanRightsFirst 6/24/08

More on torture as official US policy

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