Torture Tapes Update
January 12, 2008, 4:46 pm
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CIA Official Wants Immunity to Testify (AP/Google 1/10/08)

Let’s be serious a moment shall we?  We know this guy destroyed the tapes; we want to know who ordered him to do so.  How about we just take the death penalty off the table and promise one of those swanky federal prison terms?  Or, we can treat him like the majority of US citizens, and send him off to one of our typical facilities, like Harris County (Houston).  I’m sure he’d agree it’s not torture.  I refuse to buy into ‘just following orders’ as a defense.

Judge won’t open inquiry into tape destruction (AP/Yahoo 1/9/08)

EXCERPT: “A federal judge refused on Wednesday to delve into the destruction of CIA interrogation videos, saying there was no evidence the Bush administration violated a court order and the Justice Department deserved time to conduct its own investigation.  The decision by U.S. District Judge Henry H. Kennedy was a victory for the Bush administration, which had urged the courts not to wade into a politically charged issue already being investigated by the Justice Department, CIA and Congress.”

 Criminal Probe opened into Torture Tapes (AP/Yahoo 1/2/08) 

Bush strongly supports CIA probe (Reuters 1/3/08) 

Harman releases 2003 letter warning CIA not to destroy tapes (AP via Raw Story 1/3/08) 

Mukasey statement on CIA probe (TPMuckraker 1/2/08) 

A Scramble at the CIA to Lawyer Up (Newsweek 1/14/08) 

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