Random Micellaneous Links

Miscellanea: And now for something completely different… – 8/23/08

Miscellanea: A Little Something For Everyone – 7/27/08

Random Miscellaneous Links: You Will Find Something  – 7/3/08

Random Interesting Links: people, places, music, things – 12/4/07

Random Interesting Links: Technophilia, Hack CoinStar, Star Wars the musical, Voodoo, Speed Levitch, and more  – 11/3/07

Random links: Genetic response to diet, Office Fight, Right Livelihood Awards and more  – 10/16/07

Goonies of the Caribbean, navigate by the stars, PR & LSD, and more random finds  – 9/21/07

How to rip Netflix, modern hobos, LSD & the CIA, the 11th dimension and other random links  – 9/1/07

Links for Geeks – 8/28/07

Smurfs of Kentucky, Johnny Carson, Six Degrees of Anything – and more random internet finds  – 8/10/07

Biologists helping bookstores, porn for bibles and other cullings from the Internet – 8/3/07

Videos: Oscar was orange, Mr Rogers, and more – 7/26/07

The answer really IS 42 and other Internet finds – 7/24/07

Links for Geeks – 7/21/07

For your distraction: random, interesting links – 7/14/07

Random interesting links from “the Internets” – 7/8/07

And now for something completely different… – 6/30/07

Last thoughts of the night… – 6/25/07

Random links – 6/25/07

Stories from around the country… – 6/21/07

For your distraction … 6/20/07

Random Interesting Links – 6/17/07

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