A Look Back at Winter Soldier 2008: Testifying to War Crimes
1971 Winter Soldier Hearings: What are we doing to Vietnam? (Alternet 3/13/08)
In the run-up to the ‘new’ Winter Soldier sessions this month, Alternet is running selections from the original hearings – “Having killed for religious beliefs and then political beliefs, I believe we are now on the threshold of killing for economic beliefs.” 
Winter Soldier: America must hear these vets’ stories (Alternet 3/15/08)
BBC News covers Winter Soldier: Iraq & Afghanistan, IVAW’s testimony about the experiences of troops in the occupations. (4 min video via YouTube 3/15/08)
More Winter Soldier Testimony – Iraq Vets State Racism Endemic, Comes from top of Chain of Command (with video, Alternet 3/17/08)
Verifying Winter Soldier (with 4:37m video, The Real News 3/16/08)
Iraq Winter Soldier Hearings: Victory for Independent Media (Huffington Post 3/16/08)
Democracy Now! coverage of the Winter Soldier hearings (Transcript, audio and video 3/14/08)

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