Preparation for the Open Fascist State: Abuse, brutality and murder by cops

Man steps off bus, is arrested, strip-searched, sedated with drug affecting his memory, had camera inserted up rectum, forced to vomit, had blood and urine tested, digestive system scanned by X-ray – then released 10 hours later, with a ticket for ‘resisting arrest’ later dismissed – Albany Times-Union 3/2/08


Washington DC cops will begin patrolling with ASSAULT RIFLES later this month – Washington Times 5/9/08

Police in Miami and Los Angeles already use the weapons, and Chicago police have plans to use them in the near future.


Americans are living (and dying) in a militarized police state – American Chronicle 5/5/08


Taser bracelets for every airline passenger – Wired 4/18/08

EXCERPT: “Beyond preying on people’s fears and insulting our intelligence, Lamperd is selling a product that’s a horrible idea in the first place. Do you really want those bracelets on your flight? If hijackers get their hands the transmitter, they’ll zap anyone standing in their way. Who’s to say that in the chaos of an emergency a crew member will have time to identify the threat, activate the correct bracelet and fire the EMD pulse before the terrorist has control of the plane? And then there’s the possibility of random craziness. What if a flight attendant loses her cookies and zaps a passenger who wants to keep the whole can of CranApple juice? What about drunk passengers? Do you want the lush in 36D getting his hands on what is essentially a bracelet-mounted stun gun?… Lamperd Less Lethal’s tagline is “Keeping the Situation Under Control.” I think “Exploiting People’s Fear and Making a Bad Situation Worse” might be more appropriate.”


ThorShield: Taser Proof Body Armor? – Wired 2/6/08


Torture in our own backyards: the fight against supermax prisons – Alternet 3/24/08


Watch how police shut down an entire block – LiveLeak


Crime pays for US prison companies – AFP/Raw Story 3/9/08


US Prison Industry: Big Business or 21st century slavery? – Global Research 3/10/08


America Behind Bars: why attempts at prison reforms keep failing – Alternet 3/5/08


Homeland Security wants a torture bracelet to control dissenting Americans – PrisonPlanet 3/25/08


Tasers, torture and terror tactics: America becomes a police state – Existentialist Cowboy 2/14/08


Video: Police caught inciting violence – RINF 3/15/08

“For over ten years now, I’ve been writing about and documenting police riots at protests.  It’s always the same story: Undercover police dress up as protesters and incite, or even engage in, violence. Uniformed police then take advantage of this to assault legitimate protesters, sometimes brutally. It’s the oldest trick in the book and the French have a phrase for it: “Agent Provocateur.  Bizarrely, US protesters NEVER seem to get their heads out of their arses and see it coming no matter how many times it gets pulled on them. In contrast, one labor leader at the Montebello meeting of the so called “Security and Prosperity Summit” in Quebec earned the title “leader” and not only detected this crap as it was talking place, but confronted the government-employed criminals involved and forced them to stand down.  This kind of activity isn’t legitimate police work. It’s thug-for-hire work on behalf of fascists.”


DC police state: Police given unprecedented access to city’s 5200 cameras – Washington Times 4/10/08


Taser jolt can cause fatal heart rhythm – Toronto Star, Canada 5/9/08


CBC Canada documentary on taser safety issues – via Raw Story 1/31/08


Off-duty Denver cop shoots unarmed 25 yr old Montana man for throwing cigarette butt out of truck; not indicted by grand jury – Denver Post 12/18/07


Police accused of firing taser into head of unarmed man – Guardian UK 12/18/07

EXCERPT: “Police fired a 50,000-volt Taser into the head of a 45-year-old company director who later proved to be unarmed and innocent. Daniel Sylvester, the owner of an east London security firm employing 65 staff to guard council offices, pubs and nightclubs, was driving home on October 20 when he was stopped by armed police because of “firearms related intelligence”. According to Sylvester, he got out of his car and was surrounded by officers, at least two of whom were carrying automatic weapons. Without warning, one officer fired a Taser into the back of his head which made him drop to his knees, he said. A second shock caused him to fall on his face, breaking a front tooth. A further six shocks made him wet himself and left him lying in the road in pain while the officers and sniffer dogs searched the car and found nothing.”


North Carolina teen dies after being tased in grocery store – McClatchy via Myrtle Beach Sun News 3/21/08


Boston police to go door-to-door asking if they can search your home for weaponsBoston Globe 2/9/08


The Pentagon’s Pain Compliance and Mind Control Weapons – BlacklistedNews 3/23/08


Will the militarized police state shock you into submission? – BlacklistedNews 3/23/08


Police and other law enforcement to be given access to real-time satellite and infrared imagery – AP/Google 2/12/08


Rule by Fear or Rule by Law? Former Congressman warns of martial law, detention camps – San Francisco Chronicle 2/4/08


Graphic Video: Officer fired after scuffle with female suspect ends in pool of blood – BreitBart


Amnesty Int’l: Taser victim penalty should not be death – with video via Raw Story 11/26/07

“You have people who are often in custody, and when they are in custody and it’s being used repeatedly on them, it’s hard to describe it as anything else but torture,” said Cox. Amnesty International USA first raised concerns that some Taser practices amounted to torture in 2006…It means that it’s a very serious thing because the UN does not lightly use the word torture,” he said. ” These are people that have seen torture around the world, they’ve seen the worst kinds of torture…And because we know from our own experience that electroshock often is used as a form of torture deliberately. You’re shooting 50,000 volts of electricity into people; it’s extremely painful.”… “Nobody really knows exactly why these people are dying, we only know that people are dying after they are Tasered,” said Cox. “When we started doing our first study, 70 people had died in the United States. Now it’s nearly 300 people who have died in the United States. They’re Tasered and then they die. We’re calling for a study to find out exactly why.”

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