Environmental News Round-Up: Extermination of the Human Male and other concerns for humanity

Apocalypse now: the end of Earth brought forward  – Russia Today 11/19/08

A new study published by The Open Atmospheric Science Journal says the concentration of CO2 in the planet’s atmosphere has reached the point at which irreversible changes to climate start. Even if the concentration of carbon dioxide is lowered from its current level in record time, the catastrophic effects will still occur. The scientists give us about 30 years till the end of the planet to which humans are adapted.

The Disappearing Male – Metafilter 11/22/08

“The Disappearing Male” is a one-hour documentary about one of the most important, and least publicized, issues facing the human species: the toxic threat to the male reproductive system

Experts: Water shortages by 2080 – Raw Story 11/18/08

Sparrow numbers ‘plummet by 68%’ – BBC 11/19/08

Did Greenhouse Gases Cause the Earth’s Greatest Mass Extinction?  – Alternet 11/20/08

Scientists now suspect that the earth’s greatest mass extinction wasn’t caused by an asteroid strike or any other single cataclysmic event.

Sunspots spell end of climate myth – Stuff, New Zealand 11/11/08

IPCC Scientists Caught Producing False Data To Push Global Warming  – Prison Planet 11/17/08

Climate scientists allied with the IPCC have been caught citing fake data to make the case that global warming is accelerating, a shocking example of mass public deception that could spell the beginning of the end for the acceptance of man-made climate change theories.

VIDEO: Salt Lake Disappearing – National Geographic 11/19/08

Chemicals at US Iraq burn pit site – Raw Story 11/21/08

A soldier concerned about his tour at Forward Operating Base Hammer near Balad, Iraq, this year sent Military Times a report showing high levels of particulate matter and low levels of manganese, possibly due to materials destroyed in a burn pit.
“The high risk estimate is due to the average (particulate matter) level being at a concentration the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considers ‘hazardous,’ and is likely to affect the health of all troops,” wrote Jeffrey Kirkpatrick, director of health risk assessment for the U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine. “Manganese was also detected above its one-year military exposure guidelines.”

Shannon May : Ecological Crisis and Eco-Villages in China – CounterPunch 11/21/08

Soil Erosion Threatens Land of 100 Million Chinese – Guardian, UK via Cryptogon 11/21/08

Why bees are the most invaluable species – Guardian, UK 11/21/08

$5 Billion in Corn Ethanol Subsidies Should Be Eliminated, Food Before Fuel Urges – Treehugger 11/20/08

A new book by the award-winning photojournalist Nina Berman probes how the U.S. homeland security apparatus stokes fantasies about war.

Oceans Ten Times More Acidic Than Thought – National Geographic 11/23/08

Increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere may make Earth’s oceans more acidic faster than predicted, which could be disastrous for some marine species.

Plans to protect forests could do the opposite, warns Friends of the Earth – Guardian, UK 11/23/08

FEMA’s Nightmare: A Big Midwest Shaker – Miller McCune 11/21/08

The “Big One” assumed for California or other Pacific Rim states and provinces will almost certainly arrive some day, but FEMA said Thursday that the most catastrophic quake in the United States probably is destined for mid-America.

U.S. Won’t Kill Wild Horses — For Now – National Geographic 11/17/08

Thousands of wild horses in U.S. care will not be put down to give the government another year to explore possible solutions and “let cooler heads prevail,” U.S. officials said Monday.

Doomed wild horses rescued – Raw Story 11/18/08

Destined for death, wife of T.Boone Pickens adopts 30k wild horses, burrows.

How To Fight Super Pests? Build Superbugs.  – Forbes 11/18/08

USDA paves way for growing predators in the lab to fight threats to agriculture.

US biologists: 3 common pesticides harm salmon – AP/Houston Chronicle 11/18/08

Substance in Black Pepper Increases Nutrient Absorption up to Two Thousand Percent  – Natural News 11/17/08

GM crops ‘to be grown in secret’  – Telegraph, UK 11/17/08

Genetically-modified crops could be grown by the Government in secret locations in an attempt to prevent trials being attacked by saboteurs, it has been reported

Fluoride in Drinking Water may Negatively Affect Health of Fetuses and Infants – Natural News 11/19/08

Top Five Ways to Avoid GMOs in Your Food – Natural News 11/20/08

Rat Poison Chemical Found in Ingredient List For HPV Vaccine – Natural News 11/20/08

Austrian Government Study Confirms Genetically Modified (GM) Crops Threaten Human Fertility and Health Safety  – Institute for Responsible Technology 11/13/08

Agave Nectar, the High Fructose Health Food Fraud – Natural News 11/23/08

FDA Scientists Revolt Against Corrupt Food and Drug Administration Officials – Natural News 11/24/08

Pesticide Exposure Boosts Parkinson’s Risk by 60 Percent – Natural News 11/23/08

Transgenic Animals: Genetically engineered meal close to your table – Global Research 11/23/08

Breast Cancer Rates Soar after Mammograms and Some Cancers may Heal Naturally – Natural News 11/24/08

Arsenic in Water at EPA Approved Standards Linked to Heart Disease – Natural News 11/24/08

How Industry and EPA Collaborated to Hide the Truth about Natural Gas Drillings’ Effect on Water Supplies  – Alternet 11/20/08

CONSUMERISM & THE ENVIRONMENT: How we are slowly exterminating humanity


Mobile Phone Use ‘Raises Children’s Risk of Brain Cancer Fivefold’ – Cryptogon 9/23/08

Methane ‘Fart’ from the Earth Poses Enormous Global Warming Risk – Alternet 9/24/08

Are Boys Disappearing Because of Gender Bender Chemicals? – Treehugger 9/22/08

Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are – Alternet 9/18/08

Rob Walker, author of a new book on consumer culture, explains how consumers embrace brands as part of their identities — often without knowing it.

We Are Just Beginning to Pay the True Price for Dams  – Alternet 9/18/08

Decades ago three new dams were started every day. But the debts of temporary prosperity are all coming due and payable today.

Govt. Report Says Fluoride Added to Water Supply May Harm Population – Natural News 9/15/08

A government-sponsored report has concluded that levels of fluoride that people are regularly exposed to in drinking water can cause serious malfunctioning of the thyroid glad, leading to even more serious health problems

New Generation of Drug-Producing GM Crops Could Threaten Food Supply and Devastate US Farmers – Natural News 9/11/08

Nonstick Cookware Chemicals Found in Human Breast Milk – Natural News 9/11/08

Toxic chemicals used in nonstick coatings and stain-resistant fabrics were found in the breast milk of every woman tested in a recent study conducted by researchers from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Doubts Surfacing About Flu Vaccine’s Effectiveness for Elderly – Natural News 9/11/08

Almond Growers Sue USDA – Treehugger 9/13/08

Fifteen almond growers and nut handlers filed a suit against the USDA over a legally mandated treatment of California-grown raw almonds.

What the Chemical Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know about Everyday Products – Alternet 9/15/08

Boatloads of Trouble: How We Are Importing Our Way to Destruction– Alternet 9/5/08

As our consumer goods travel thousands of miles by boat, train and truck, they’re leaving a trail of soot and cancer in their wake.

Liver-Damaging Effects of Cholesterol Drug Zetia Hidden by Merck, FDA Documents Reveal – Natural News 9/4/08

U.S. Food and Water Supply Poisoned by Perchlorate – Natural News 9/4/08

Reducing Carbon One Garbage Can at a Time – Miller McCune 9/3/08

With a clear cash incentive to reduce garbage, the “one-can” concept gains ground.

Germany Bans Eight Pesticides Linked to Honeybee Population Collapse; Clothianidin Chemical Found Contaminating Dead Bees – Natural News 8/29/08

Bayer in the Dock Over Pesticide Linked to Colony Collapse Disorder – Treehugger 8/26/08


Alaska Chooses Largest Gold Mine Over Clean Water – Alternet 8/29/08


Tobacco Companies Hid Information on Radioactive Polonium in Cigarettes – Center for Media and Democracy 8/26/08


A Video Clip Is Worth … Linfen, China: The Most Polluted City in the World – Treehugger 8/25/08


Lyondell plants to pay $6.5 million to end Texas smog probe – Houston Chronicle 8/25/08


12 states sue US govt. over refineries – Raw Story 8/25/08




The True Price of Fiji Water – Alternet 10/3/08

Watermill pulls drinking water from thin air – EnGadget 10/2/08

The Harsh Economics of the Global Water Crisis – Alternet 10/1/08

The Middle East’s Water Crisis: Will the Jordan River Run Dry? – Alternet 9/24/08

Free Water: Collecting Rainwater Is Catching on in the U.S. – Alternet 9/3/08

Great Lakes Danger Zones – Center for Public Integrity 8/30/08

For more than seven months, the nation’s top public health agency has blocked the publication of an exhaustive federal study of environmental hazards in the eight Great Lakes states, reportedly because it contains such potentially “alarming information” as evidence of elevated infant mortality and cancer rates.



VIDEO: Arctic Ice in “Death Spiral” – Nat’l Geographic 9/16/08

NASA animations show dramatic Arctic ice melt again in 2008, which saw the second smallest Arctic sea ice cover on record

North Pole becomes island as ice melts – Raw Story 9/1/08

Fabled North-West and North-East Passages open first time in history.

This place is the bomb – Salon 8/31/08

Something wild is happening on Christmas Island, once ground zero for nuclear test explosions.

Honeybees Could be Wiped Out in 10 Years, Warn Beekeepers – Natural News 9/15/08

EU in crop biofuel goal rethink – BBC 9/11/08

On The Road To Extinction: The Fate of Extinct and Endangered Species on Planet Earth – Global Research 8/26/08


How to Use Herbs Safely and Effectively – Natural News 8/11/08

Dot Earth: Ecuador Grants Rights to Nature – NYTimes 9/29/08

Farming Innovations in a Slum – AfriGadget 9/4/08

Temple University Physicist Developed Simple Device that Boosts Gas Efficiency 20% – Cryptogon 9/27/08

No, I Did It First! The Same Sugar-to-Gasoline Method Discovered by Two Research Teams – Treehugger 9/22/08


Environmental News Round-Up

6 Extreme Weather Projections for the U.S. – Treehugger 6/29/08

Why Cell-Phone Health Concerns Persist – Business Week 8/6/08

Cloned Beef Has Already Entered U.S. Food Supply, Even Before FDA Nod – Natural News 7/29/08


Health Hazards in Household Cleaners Exposed – US News & World Report 7/25/08


The Pentagon’s alarming project: Avian Flu Biowar Vaccine – Global Research 8/14/08


The Depleted Uranium Threat – TruthOut 8/13/08


‘Safe’ pesticides now first in poisonings – Center for Public Integrity 7/30/08


Debunking ‘Some Common Myths About Alternative Fuels’: GMNext Video Series – Treehugger 8/4/08


The Death March of the Penguins – Alternet 8/4/08


Power to the flower – Salon 7/30/08

Down with urban blight! Cultivating public land, as the author of “On Guerrilla Gardening” explains, is nothing short of a revolutionary act.


Papuan tribe takes on US mining giant – Raw Story 8/11/08

AP IMPACT: Underground FEMA fuel tanks could leak (AP) – AP/Yahoo 8/12/08 

“Dead Zones” Multiplying Fast, Coastal Water Study Says – Nat’l Geographic 8/13/08

More than 400 swaths of coastal waters are so deprived of oxygen they cannot sustain normal marine life.


Honeybee deaths at ‘crisis point’ – Raw Story 8/14/08

Jellyfish invasions hint at oceans’ decline – NYTimes/Boston Globe 8/3/08

Certain Parasites Alter Behavior of Their Infected Hosts – NaturalNews 7/31/08

The new generation of resistant infections is almost impossible to treat – BoingBoing 8/6/08


Homeopathic Alternatives to Antibiotics – Natural News 7/9/08


Eating as if Climate Mattered – Alternet 1/23/08  


Using Seawater in Agriculture and Its Significance for Human Survival – NaturalNews 7/25/08


French fries, potato chips could be getting safer to eat – AP/Houston Chronicle 8/2/08

EXCERPTS: “Four food manufacturers agreed to reduce levels of a cancer-causing chemical in their potato chips and french fries under a settlement announced Friday by the state attorney general’s office.  California sued H.J. Heinz Co., Plano-based Frito-Lay, Kettle Foods Inc., and Lance Inc. in 2005, alleging they violated a state requirement that companies post warning labels on products with carcinogens. 
The companies avoided trial by agreeing to pay a combined $3 million in fines and reduce the levels of acrylamide in their products over three years, officials said…Acrylamide forms naturally when starchy foods are baked or fried. Studies have shown the chemical, which also has industrial uses, causes cancer in lab animals and nerve damage to workers who are exposed to high levels.”