Vote Fraud: 2010 Edition

Election Day Problem Report Wire… from the BradBlog

Salon’s vote fraud round-up

Here’s a quick survey at what’s being reported out there so far.

Updates from BlackBoxVoting.org


Election Day Fraud Found All Over U.S.

Some complaints surface amid stepped-up efforts to monitor voting fraud

Early Robocall Reportedly Tells MD Voters To Relax, O’Malley Won

Reports of Intimidation and Electronic Problems Surface at Polls Across the U.S.

Nevada Voters Complain Of Problems At Polls

Republican Finds Magical Bag of Uncounted Votes in Connecticut

The Impotence of Elections

Nevada voting machines automatically checking Harry Reid’s name; voting machine technicians are SEIU members

Voter Intimidation in Wisconsin

Did Harry Reid Steal Nevada?

Robo-call originating from DC area code 202 told Maryland voters to stay home

All Diebold Touch-screen Voting Systems Fail on Election Day at 110 Polls Across Utah County, UT

700,000 Voters May Have Been Sent to Wrong Polling Location, Thanks to Google

Report: Tea Partiers Harrasing Black College Students at South Carolina Polls

Voter Fraud Charges Before Election Day

Voter fraud fizzle? The case of Kentucky

Election Day 2010 Voting Problems Expected; Call Centers Are Open

Rick Scott: Dem Allies Have ‘Shown Willingness’ To Commit Voter Fraud

Angle files voter intimidation complaint

The Reid camp allegedly pressured unions to vote.

Suppressing the Vote

Inside the Wisconsin Right’s Voter-Suppression Scheme

Early Reports of Electronic Voting Machines Flipping Votes

Absentee voting is even more opaque and high-risk than most US voting methods.

Why I Don’t Vote


3,221 Phantom votes found in Shelby County

Eyewitnesses Report Intimidation By Texas Poll Watchers

Professor pulls off ‘epic hack’ of voting system

Touch-Screen Machine Flips Straight-Party Vote Four Times in a Row from GOP to Dem

Confirmed: PayPal sabotages New Hampshire vote recount

O’Keefe: Top Union Official Caught on Tape Discussing Voter Fraud

Tips for citizen journalists covering elections

Potentially “Hundreds Of Thousands” Of Mail Voters Disenfranchised

PA Elections Board To Sequester Absentee Ballots After Dueling Fraud Claims

McDonald’s Accused of Voter Intimidation

Voter Fraud in Nevada!

Caught: Fake voting flyers distributed to African American voters in Texas

Kane state’s attorney warns of group buying meals for votes

A Few Election Integrity Heroes on Election Eve…


Sequoia Voting Systems Accidentally Releases Source Code, Possible Evidence of Election Rigging

Voting machine source-code leak shows election-rigging subroutines? – Boing Boing 10/21/09

Sequoia, a company that makes many of the electronic voting machines used in the US and elsewhere, has inadvertently leaked much of the secret source-code that powers its systems. The first cut at analysis shows what looks like illegal election-rigging code (“code that appears to control or at least influence the logical flow of the election”) in the source.

Sequoia blew it on a public records response. We (basically EDA) have election databases from Riverside County that Sequoia insisted on “redacting” first, for which we paid cold cash. They appear instead to have just vandalized the data as valid databases by stripping the MS-SQL header data off, assuming that would stop us cold.

They were wrong.

The Linux “strings” command was able to peel it apart. Nedit was able to digest 800meg text files. What was revealed was thousands of lines of MS-SQL source code that appears to control or at least influence the logical flow of the election, in violation of a bunch of clauses in the FEC voting system rulebook banning interpreted code, machine modified code and mandating hash checks of voting system code.

I’ve got it all organized for commentary and download in wiki form.

This is the first time we can legally study a voting system’s innards without NDAs or court-ordered secrecy.

Sequoia Voting Systems – Metafilter 10/21/09

Sequoia Voting Systems seem to have inadvertently released SQL code from their voting machines. And people are saying that the code is incriminating. People who have analyzed the code claim that it contained code designed to control or influence the outcome of an election.
The code and the technical details are here for those inclined to look at it.

Torrent for the code in question.

The story is being discussed on the usual suspects for political stories related to programming.



US Voter Fraud & Election Fraud Update

Diebold Quietly Patches Security Flaw in Vote Counting Software – Wired 8/17/09

Computer scientists reveal new voting machine hack successfully changed votes – Raw Story 8/12/09

E-Voting’s Continuing Scandals – Boing Boing 3/21/09

The Unreported Story of Obama’s Election – Global Research 4/17/09

CIA: Most electronic voting systems can be hacked – Raw Story 3/25/09

“You can very easily erase entries” – Cleveland State University Finds Problems In Election Machines – Cleveland Plain Dealer 3/24/09

The Premier software does not keep track of ballot deletions, according to a recent report by the California secretary of state. The software also records the wrong entry date and time for some ballots and allows audit logs to be deleted.

Such flaws mean that insiders could tamper with election results, then erase their electronic trail.

Diebold admits all versions delete ballots – Raw Story 3/18/09

Machines are bad at counting votes – Guardian, UK 4/29/09

Head of CA GOP Voter Registration Firm Pleads Guilty to Voter Registration Fraud – BradBlog 6/18/09

Voting System Adds Nearly 5,000 Ballots to Tally – Wired 6/8/09

A software glitch in an optical-scan voting system added nearly 5,000 ballots to the tally of a South Dakota election this week. The error was discovered only after the election results were called, according to the Rapid City Journal.

FLASHBACK – Was the 2004 Election Stolen? – Rolling Stone

On the untimely death of Michael Connell
December 25, 2008, 12:50 pm
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Rove’s IT Guru Warned of Sabotage Before Fatal Plane Crash; Was Set to Testify – Alternet 12/22/08

The suspicious, disturbing death of election rigger Michael Connell – Free Press 12/21/08

FLASHBACK: Ohio Attorney Files to Lift Stay on ’04 Election Case, Cites Allegations, Evidence of Massive Fraud by a Number of GOP Operatives – BradBlog via WRH 12/21/08

Check out all these unexpected deaths of people involved with elections – OpEd News 12/21/08

Keep your coincidence caps handy, folks. People involved in elections and voting machine companies seem very unlucky.  Especially those in Ohio (4 of the 7) and Georgia (2 of the 7).

One of my sources died in a plane crash last night… – AtLargely 12/20/08

Mike Connell concerned his plane was sabotaged – 19 Action News 12/21/08

Michael Connell’s Death Brings to Mind the Strange Death of Raymond Lemme – Democratic Underground 12/24/08

American Elections

The Invisible Election – Alternet 11/18/08

The 2008 presidential election did not end with a contested vote count, but that doesn’t mean it went smoothly for voters or election officials.

Consensus Builds for Universal Voter Registration – Alternet 11/19/08

More Unfinished 2008 Election Business: Verifiable Vote Counts – Alternet 11/25/08

The ongoing Senate races in Minnesota and Georgia highlight America’s disparate systems of voting and auditing the count.

 Election Day fell short – The Progressive 11/24/08

Democracy never intended for a simple majority of the people to take away the fundamental rights of the minority. A cornerstone of democracy is found in the belief that our Constitution, and not our contempt, should be the driving force insuring equality for all.

Minn. Senate race could hinge on scanning machine mistakes – CNet 11/19/08 

Franken worries about missing ballots – Politico 11/25/08

Franken camp finds 6,400 uncounted absentee ballots – Raw Story 11/25/08

Allegations about 2002 Georgia election raise doubts on current voting – Raw Story 11/21/08

Republicans Turn to Dirty Tactics in Georgia – Alternet 11/23/08

The not-quite-finished 2008 elections

Six close-call races remain undecided – Politico 11/13/08

One-third of votes not counted in AK – Raw Story 11/10/08

Observers sensing ‘something fishy’ in Alaska vote – Raw Story 11/7/08

1.6 million ballots are uncounted in California – LA Times 11/6/08

Alaska Update: Thousands of Ballots ‘Found’, One-Third Remain Uncounted in the State’s Still-Fishy ’08 Election – BradBlog 11/10/08

A New Political Party Is Needed – Dissident Voice 11/13/08

Checking the Vote-Checking in Minnesota – Mother Jones 11/11/08

Georgia Can’t Say How Many Eligible Voters It’s Currently Disenfranchising – TPMuckraker 11/10/08

MI precinct delegate dons KKK robes – Raw Story 11/10/08

Diebold’s e-voting machines violate GPL, good taste – EnGadget 11/7/08

Election Day Coverage – Election Fraud and Last Minute Candidate Coverage

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EXCLUSIVE: Obama/DNC Incident Report Database Reveals Startling, Wide-Spread Voting Machine Problems Across Nevada During Early Voting – BradBlog 11/4/08

Presidential Race Missing on Ballots; Machines Go Down; Votes Not Recorded; Printers Jam.  Attorneys Decline to Take Action to Remove Machines From Service, Ensure Paper Ballots for Voters…

RNC Ready To Sue Over Computerized Voter Fraud? – TPMuckraker 11/4/08

US Election Campaign: Silence on War Crimes – Global Research 11/4/08

Republican Poll Watchers Removed from Indiana Polling Site – TPMuckraker 11/4/08

Voting Rights Watch: New problems in Virginia, Florida, and Mississippi  – Institute for Southern Studies 11/4/08

Some Kansas City polling places have wrong registration books – CNN 11/4/08

Election Protection – Metafilter 11/4/08

Having trouble voting? Have a question about the polling process in your state? The folks at the non-partisan 866-OUR-VOTE Election Protection Hotline are there to help.

Following e-voting glitches – CNet 11/4/08

Only Nader Is Right on the Issues – Global Research 11/4/08

I’ve been in a car accident and was wearing my selt belt.  Ralph Nader is the only candidate who’s done anything for me.  Unfortuntely, due to the two party system, I’m only able to vote for a Republican or a Democrat for president (or neither).

Mercenary Firm Offers to ‘Detain Troublemakers’ on Election Day – Cryptogon 11/3/08

Urgent: Take Action Now to Stop Racist Voter Suppression – Global Research 11/3/08

Meet Mike Connell, McCain’s Computerized Vote Theft Specialist – Wake Up From Your Slumber 11/4/08

Previously today:

Virginia: The New Florida? – The Nation 11/4/08

‘Massive machine failures’ spur call to extend VA vote hours – Raw Story 11/4/08

Virginia: Ground Zero For Election Shenanigans, Snafus – Mother Jones 11/4/08

Election Day: Voting Snafus from Around the Country – Alternet 11/4/08

Election Day: Hot News, Emerging Trends, Juicy Rumors – Alternet 11/4/08

CIA Contractor Offers to Keep the Peace on Election Day – Center for Media & Democracy 11/4/08

Voting problems crop up around US – Raw Story 11/4/08

Machine failures in NV, MI; reports in VA

Toledo police brace for possible civil unrest – NBC 24, Ohio 11/3/08

In an internal memo obtained exclusively by NBC 24 News, officers are ordered to “Have their riot equipment with them Tuesday and Wednesday”. Police chief Mike Navarre confirms, officers will have gear similar to the equipment they used during the 2005 race riots. “They have been asked to have their helmets and their gas masks available tomorrow and Wednesday.”, Navarre says, “That’s the equipment they would not normally carry with them on a normal day”. Navarre also says, officers will not be stationed at individual polling stations. But the memo says otherwise. It reads, “On Tuesday, units shall be directed to patrol the polling locations“.

ES&S Voting Machines in Michigan Flunk Tests, Don’t Tally Votes Consistently – Wired 11/3/08

“The same ballots, run through the same machines, yielded different results each time,” she wrote.  “This begs the question — on Election Day, will the record number of ballots going through the remaining tabulators leave even more build-up on the sensors, affecting machines that tested just fine initially? Could this additional build-up on voting tabulators that have not had any preventative maintenance skew vote totals? My understanding is that the problem could occur and election workers would have no inkling that ballots are being misread.”

Election Day Coverage: The Senate, House, and Ballot Measures – Alternet 11/4/08

If You’re in a Swing State, Don’t Just Vote — Verify – Alternet 11/4/08

Election Expert: McCain’s VA Suit On Military Ballots May Be Barred – TPMuckraker 11/3/08

Private investigators recruited to aid voter caging – Raw Story 11/3/08

Here’s What Vote Fraud Really Looks Like – Alternet 11/3/08

Say You, Say Me – Metafilter 11/3/08

Call a phone number and explain why you’re voting the way you are.

Election Protection Wiki: The One-Stop Website for Guarding the Vote – Center for Media & Democracy 11/3/08

How McCain Could Win – TruthOut 11/3/08

“Since the last election, more than ten million voters have been purged from the nation’s vote registries. And that’s just the start of the steal.”