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December 6, 2008, 5:40 pm
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Europa Film Treasures – BoingBoing 11/18/08


LIFE and Google bring us 10 million historic images – Boing Boing 11/19/08


Rocky loses the fight, Rocky wins the fight, Rocky loses the fight but also wins a fight – Metafilter 11/20/08

100 Movie Spoilers in 5 Minutes.


The Archive of American Television – Metafilter 11/12/08

The Archive of American Television “produces extensive video oral history interviews with television legends of all professions and makes them available online.


Needs. More. Cowbell. – Metafilter 9/10/08

Morecowbell takes any MP3 file and adds synchronized cowbell along with random Christopher Walken clips. 


Trumpeteer Videos – Metafilter 9/26/08

Trumpet Kings is a blog dedicated to videos of trumpeteers, mostly jazz but there are a few classical ones. On the companion youtube channel there are 184 videos  


It’s such a good feeling to know you’re alive. – via Metafilter 2/2/08

Fred Rogers wrote two hundred songs during his career. Here are fourteen of them, accompanied by the amazing Johnny Costa.


Video of Big Bird singing at Jim Henson’s funeral – BoingBoing 10/22/08


Little Shop Of Horrors Alternate Ending – Metafilter 11/10/08


Everyone gather ’round the piano! – Metafilter 10/10/08

Snoop Doggy Dogg and The Dogg Pound freestyling over Dre playing the piano.


The young Dylan on TV – Metafilter 10/4/08


Michael Moores latest film free online, ‘Slacker Uprising’ – Metafilter 9/23/08

The Typewriter Tape – Metafilter 11/13/08

On June 25, 1964, Janis Joplin visited Jorma Kaukonen at his home in San Francisco. Accompanied by Jorma’s wife on typewriter, they recorded six songs.


The Weather Underground documentary film – via Metafilter 6/23/08


Reverse Grafitti in San Francisco: Dirty Art – Treehugger 6/13/08

The Reverse Grafitti Project in San Francisco is creating environmental art by cleaning up dirt and grime from walls. In the video above, you can see them making a 140 feet long mural in the Broadway tunnel. It shows native species of native plants that would be living in the area of that tunnel if it wasn’t currently the city’s downtown.


Eat, for this is my body – Salon 10/23/08

In the amazing new film “Stranded,” survivors of the legendary 1972 Andes plane crash talk about the moral and spiritual implications of eating their friends.


Fifty People, One Question – Metafilter 9/16/08

New Orleans filmmaker Benjamin Reece asks fifty New Orlean’s residents a single question: “If you could wish for one thing to happen by the end of the day, what would it be?”.


ABC3D: the best pop-up book in the world – BoingBoing 5/31/08


Banksy’s Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill – Metafilter 10/9/08

Prankster artist Banksy opened the Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill on New York City’s 7th Avenue between West 4th and Bleeker Street. The shop is stocked with an animatronic-powered menagerie teeming with the likes of McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets drinking barbecue sauce, a CCTV camera and its offspring, a bunny at a vanity, and other faux furry friends.


Time Management for Anarchists — the free comic – BoingBoing 10/24/08


Chinese political cartoon art, 1958-60. – BoingBoing 8/29/08

Comic strips translated into Middle English. – Metafilter 9/23/08 

Liquid Awesome – Metafilter 9/3/08

The ferrofluid art of Sachiko Kodama

9/11/01 – Update on the Ongoing Investigations and Discoveries


9/11 Myth Huggers: 7 Years of Ignoring the Evidence  – TVNewsLies

Newly released FBI timeline contradicts official 9/11 Commission report – Raw Story 2/28/08

25 Intolerable Contradictions: The Final Undoing of the Official 9/11 Story – Global Research 3/17/08 







Former Head Of Star Wars Program Says Cheney Main 9/11 Suspect – Propaganda Matrix 4/4/06

The Lies and Crimes of 911: – Global Research 9/7/08

The New Pearl Harbor Revisited: 9/11, the Cover-Up, and the Exposé  – Global Research 9/9/08

Landmark Russian TV Debate on 9/11 – Global Research 9/9/08

Navy Prosecutor In Gitmo Case: “If they hadn’t shot down the fourth plane it would’ve hit the dome” – InfoWars 7/23/08


Why was the Flight 93 debris field 8 miles wide? – Flight93Crash.com

USA Military Officers Challenge Official Account of September 11 – Daily Pakistan 5/22/08

Statement of Lt. Col. Shelton F. Lankford, US Marine Corps (ret) – PatriotsQuestion911 2/20/07  

Flight 93 Wreckage Under Armed Guard Buried Deep Inside Iron Mountain  – PrisonPlanet 5/31/07 

Destruction of Evidence from Ground Zero at the World Trade Center – SourceWatch

FBI Thought Bombs Brought Down Towers On 9/11 – Propaganda Matrix 10/1/07

Witness discusses explosions in WTC-7 BEFORE collapse of twin towers: New video – via MParent 6/23/08

Emergency Coordinator Barry Jennings gives his explosive account from inside WTC7 hours before its collapse on 9/11.

Leaked NIST Docs: “Unusual” Event Before Collapse Of WTC 7 – via MParent 6/25/08

Unexplained “jet of flames” shot out of window before implosion of skyscraper

9/11 Commissioner: ‘We had to go through Karl Rove’ – Raw Story 2/3/08

Admissions from the people who wrote the 9/11 Commission Report that it was compromised – via MParent 6/23/08

“We were set up to fail”.
“The chief obstacle was the White House, which argued that the congressional inquiry was continuing, and that an independent investigation would distract the government from waging the ongoing war on terrorism” .
“The two sides decided to split the difference, allowing eighteen months for the inquiry—a period of time that proved insufficient” .
“The White House also suggested some candidates for executive director for our staff. The importance of this position cannot be overstated”. 

Video: New evidence about 9/11  – Global Research 6/15/08

VIDEO: 9/11’s a lie – Global Research 6/13/08

Reported Cell Phone Calls from the 9/11 Planes – Global Research 9/7/07

Tape: CIA official says 9/11 doc likely from Cheney Story 8/8/08

The First Fifteen Minutes of September 11th: Former Air Traffic Controller Robin Hordon speaks out on 9/11, NORAD and what should have happened on 9/11. -Community Currency

9/11 families worry that Gitmo trials will be ‘tainted’ – Raw Story 2/13/08

Report: Netanyahu says 9/11 terror attacks good for Israel – Haaretz, Israel 4/16/08

“We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq,” Ma’ariv quoted the former prime minister as saying. He reportedly added that these events “swung American public opinion in our favor.”

If Cheney & Co. Had Really Plotted the 9/11 Attacks … – Alternet 5/19/08

George Carlin was asked what he thinks about the 9/11 conspiracy theories. Here is his answer – via MParent 6/24/08

Ex-Bush Official’s Firm Slow To Treat 9/11 Workers – via MParent 9/8/08

9/11; Response to a Financial Times Report regarding 9/11: “fails to deal with the evidence”  – Global Research 6/11/08

A matter of truth – BBC 7/4/08

Tower 7 and the evolution of a conspiracy theory

Firm to pay $12.5m in 9/11 e-mail lie – Raw Story 9/27/07

Morgan Stanley (MS.N) will pay $12.5 million to resolve charges that it failed to produce e-mails in arbitration cases and falsely claimed the e-mails were lost in the September 11, 2001, attacks.

My Lai, Zapruder and 9/11 – via MParent 8/14/08

Maimed on 9/11, Trying to Be Whole Again – NYTimes 9/10/08

Transcript: Alex Jones Interviews Col. Donn de Grand-Pre, U.S. Army (ret.): Explosive New 9/11 Revelations and Explanations 

Ted Olson’s Lies on 9-11 Calls from Wife Barbara  – ConspiracyPlanet

MORE ABOUT: The Search for the Truth About 9/11/01

Miscellanea: How-To and Media, Japanese humor, Contagious Cancer, early George Carlin and more
August 29, 2008, 6:25 am
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WonderHowTo.com – a directory of how-to videos – BoingBoing 1/30/08


Clean Any Surface in Your House [How To]  – LifeHacker 8/24/08


FreeCulture TV and Yes We’re Open: Two new free and open Internet TV channels – BoingBoing 7/26/08


THIS LOOKS HANDY: How to Open Locks with Improvised Tools…. – InstaPundit 3/12/08


How to Use Herbs Safely and Effectively – Natural News 8/11/08

Yobler. A video repository and community for instructional learning.

Also includes still developing audio and article directories. – via Metafilter 8/9/08

Science Hack is a unique search engine for science videos focusing on Physics, Chemistry, and Space. –via Metafilter 8/7/08  

The Times Machine – via Metafilter 2/25/08

The Times Machine allows easy browsing of every edition from 70 years (1851-1922) worth of New York Times in the original format.


Physics milestones of the past 50 years – via Metafilter 2/27/08


The Contextuality of Quantum Theory in Ten Minutes [The Quantum Pontiff] – Science Blogs 1/17/08


Robert Jensen : Technological Fundamentalism – CounterPunch 8/25/08


Tiny Galaxies Shed New Light on Dark Matter – Nat’l Geographic 8/26/08

Perhaps the world’s most ambitious nanotech project is underway at Hewlett-Packard. Stan Williams’ lab aims to build ‘a central nervous system for the earth.’ – CNN 7/18/08   

The Manhattan Project Poll on the Use of Atomic Weapons, July 1945. – BoingBoing 8/6/08


National Geographic Map of the Day – via Metafilter 8/15/08


Masterpieces of early photography – via Metafilter 8/15/08


George Carlin, 1957 – 1970. – via Metafilter 8/17/08


John Curran posts Great Diagrams in Anthropology, Linguistics, and Social Theory – via Metafilter 8/21/08


Thomas Jefferson Papers – via Metafilter 8/22/08


Portal to Maya Underworld Found in Mexico? – Nat’l Geographic 8/21/08


Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes: is it possible to get to understand such a man – and his extraordinary working methods – by looking through the hundreds of boxes he left behind? – via Metafilter 8/2/08

Cool demographic data by zip code – via Metafilter 5/10/08

Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses – via Metafilter 8/20/08

“A People’s History for the Classroom is a high school history lesson plan/workbook based on Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States. The entire 124-page workbook available for free as a downloadable PDF”


Nine AMAZING bridges – via Metafilter 8/27/08


with many more links to interesting bridges in the comments


Ancient Urban Network Mapped in Amazon Forests – Nat’l Geographic 8/27/08


Kimya Dawson’s “Alphabutt” — weird, jangly, hilarious awesome music for kids – BoingBoing 8/26/08

Anti-folk icon Kimya Dawson’s latest album is Alphabutt, a collection of hilarious, catchy, scatological kids’ music that’s sure to delight parents who are weary of treacly children’s songs.


The ultimate Japanese Shakespeare spaghetti western! – Salon 8/28/08

Takashi Miike’s “Sukiyaki Western Django” offers a spectacular mashup of Kurosawa, Sergio Leone, Tarantino and the Bard — and it’s weirder than that sounds.


A quick and dirty Japanese humor tutorial – BoingBoing 8/27/08


How Governmental Vaccine Policies Made Cancer Contagious – NaturalNews 8/27/08


Militarism and a Uni-polar World – Global Research 8/26/08


We drive as we live – Salon 8/27/08

No wonder traffic will never improve. We are doomed by our behavior, as a drive in New York with “Traffic” author Tom Vanderbilt reveals.


Animated Short Movies – via Metafilter 3/4/08