The Technology of Fascism: Robots, Autonomous Drones and More

US Air Force says decision-making attack drones will be here by 2047 – EnGadget 7/28/09

Scientists Fear a Revolt by Killer Robots – Times, UK via Cryptogon 8/3/09

Ethics of robots that kill – BoingBoing 7/28/09

New Taser model can shock three people ‘simultaneously’ – Raw Story 7/27/09

Will Predator drones outsmart humans? – Raw Story 7/25/09

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U.S. Air Force Foretells Drone That Can Make Attack Decisions on Its Own – Prison Planet 7/30/09

Drone Aircraft Market Surges In The U.S.  – Forbes 7/30/09

Flying surveillance robots coming soon from Aeryon – CNet 7/29/09

U.S. Air Force Foretells Drone That Can Make Attack Decisions on Its Own – Prison Planet 7/30/09

How robot drones revolutionized the face of warfare – CNN 7/29/09

Researchers offer tools for eavesdropping and video hijacking – CNet 7/31/09

Warning:Electronically Cloning Cellular Phone Numbers  – NASA.gov

Commando Subs Sending Drones, Robo-Torpedos Into Combat – Wired via Cryptogon 7/28/09

Air Force ‘plans all-drone future’ – Raw Story 7/17/09

Robo-bats to be next eyes in the sky – Refreshing News 7/8/09

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Implanting Microchips into Insects. US Military Develops “Cybug Spies” – Global Research 7/15/09

Lockheed Martin and Microvision developing wearable displays for DARPA – EnGadget 7/7/09



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How the State Handles Dissent: Spying, Intimidation, Brutality and More

The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act: The Most Dangerous Domestic Terror Law You’ve Never Heard Of – Alternet 7/15/09

Under the AETA, if you and a friend go on the web to research a company whose practices you plan to protest, you may have just become a terrorist.

Revealed: a web of police bids to infiltrate protest groups  – Sunday Herald, UK 4/26/09

Caught on tape: police bid to recruit protester as spy – Guardian, UK 4/24/09

114 held in biggest pre-emptive strike against environmental protesters – Guardian, UK 4/23/09

Green protesters still spied on – Guardian, UK 2/16/09

Source: FBI Spied On Tea Party Protesters Nationwide  – Prison Planet 4/20/09

Activist gets two years for Molotov cocktails at 2008 RNC – Raw Story 5/18/09

FBI infiltrated Iowa anti-war group – Raw Story 5/18/09

Police expect ‘innovative’ G20 protesters – Guardian, UK 3/20/09

London cops beating the shit out of peaceful G20 demonstrators – Boing Boing 4/2/09

Here’s some disgraceful footage of London’s cops beating the shit out of a group of peaceful G20 protestors who are holding their arms in the air, chanting, “This is not a riot.” Look familiar? It’s what the British cops did at the last Climate Camp, too. How much you want to bet that no one involved in the authoritarian response to these peaceful protestors pays any price, because they all offer the lame excuse that an entirely different group of protestors broke some windows at a bank in a different part of town?

Four animal rights activists guilty of blackmailing Huntingdon Life Sciences suppliers – Guardian, UK 12/23/08 

Group orchestrated campaign involving hoax bombs, night visits and nuisance phone calls and letters

DealBook: Protesters Clash With Police in Geneva – NYTimes 1/31/09

Hundreds of people assembled to protest against the World Economic Forum at place Mont Blanc in central Geneva on Saturday.

Anti-forum protest turns violent in Geneva – USA Today 1/31/09

Spying on pacifists, environmentalists and nuns – Democratic Underground 12/7/08

An undercover Maryland State Police trooper infiltrated nonviolent groups and labeled dozens of people as terrorists

Fascism Watch: Mercenaries, Violation of Posse Comitatus, and Police Corruption

US Cities Increasing Use of Armed Mercenaries to Replace Police – OpEd News 4/23/09

The United States is in the midst of the most radical privatization agenda in its history. We see this in schools, health care, prisons, and certainly with the US military/national security/intelligence apparatus. There are almost 200,000 “private contractors” in Iraq (more than US soldiers) and Obama is continuing to use mercenaries there and in Afghanistan and Israel/Palestine. At present, 70 percent of the US intelligence budget is going to private companies. Some estimate that private security inside the US actually outnumber police 5-to-1.

Oakland hires private security – Raw Story 4/20/09

‘Force multiplier,’ money motivates merger of feds, AZ cops – Raw Story 4/24/09

Botched Paramilitary Police Raids: – CATO

An Epidemic of Isolated Incidents: Map, details and searchable results

 Reagan’s DOJ Prosecuted Texas Sheriff for Waterboarding Prisoners – TruthOut 4/27/09

Filling the Skies with Robot Assassins: The Drone Wars Have Begun – Alternet 4/8/09

Court: Cops may use Tasers to obtain DNA – Raw Story 6/4/09

Tasers Are the New Killers: Watch Their Popularity Surge! – Alternet 4/2/09

Watch out: 50,000-volt Tasers are deployed in London this week; meanwhile, a new model can ‘instantly incapacitate’ multiple people at a time.

Obama Has 250,000 ‘Contractors’ Deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan and is Increasing the Use of Mercenaries – Alternet 6/1/09

Obama’s Blackwater? Chicago Mercenary Firm Gets Millions for Private “Security” in Israel and Iraq  – Alternet 4/2/09

Federal records obtained by AlterNet reveal a multi-million dollar contract for a private U.S. paramilitary force operating out of Jerusalem.