ClimateGate and the Surrounding Debate: Best of the Web Round-Up

ClimateGate – A Comprehensive Archive

Climategate UN Eugenics Crime Syndicate Exposed on CBC News

Copenhagen and Global Warming: Ten Facts and Ten Myths on Climate Change

“Catastrophic Global Warming”, Ecological Brainwashing and World Government

Climategate: “Men behaving badly” – a short summary for laymen

 What’s the hubbub? It all comes down to men behaving badly. Emails and files related to top scientists that support man made global warming theory were released in the hacked files. These scientists have authored/co-authored many of the studies relied on by the UN IPCC, and world governments. The studies have been used to pronounce global warming an immediate, and therefore taxable, threat.

Here are some of the highlights of the documents released.

10 mins to Expose Global Warming Scam

Climategate: Follow the Money

Thus, the European Commission’s most recent appropriation for climate research comes to nearly $3 billion, and that’s not counting funds from the EU’s member governments. In the U.S., the House intends to spend $1.3 billion on NASA’s climate efforts, $400 million on NOAA’s, and another $300 million for the National Science Foundation. The states also have a piece of the action, with California—apparently not feeling bankrupt enough—devoting $600 million to their own climate initiative. In Australia, alarmists have their own Department of Climate Change at their funding disposal.

The Hacked Climate Change Emails: What They Do And Don’t Show

Emails that rocked climate change campaign leaked from Siberian ‘closed city’ university built by KGB

There Is No ‘Consensus’ On Global Warming


Lord Monckton Warns Obama Will Attempt Use of Executive Authority to Commit US to Copenhagen Agreement

EPA is preparing to regulate emissions in Congress’s stead

Copenhagen climate summit: US rules that greenhouse gases endanger human health

EPA Says Breathing Is Deadly, But Radioactive Drinking Water Is Good For Us

Krauthammer: EPA Move May Bring a ‘Revolution on the Administration’s Hands’

Climategate: Barack Obama’s rule by EPA decree is a coup d’etat against Congress, made in Britain

Who needs tanks on the lawn when you have the Environmental Protection Agency? Barack Obama’s use of the EPA to pressurise the Senate to pass his climate change Nuremberg Decrees shows his dictatorial mentality. He wants to override Congress, which is hostile to his climate gobbledegook because it is representative of the American electorate, and sideline the nation’s elected Senators by ruling by decree, courtesy of the EPA. This is a coup d’état.

Climategate Outrage Explodes As Carbon Tax Agenda Collapses

 Outrage surrounding the climategate scandal is increasing as desperate apologists for the crooks caught manipulating data to “hide the decline” in global warming attempt to distance themselves from the perpetrators, burning a few scientists to save the larger carbon tax gravy train in a cynical damage limitation exercise.

The potential for the climategate scandal to derail the gargantuan agenda to exploit fraudulent fearmongering about global warming in order to ram through a new carbon tax is growing after the ringleader of the scam, Phil Jones, the head of the Climactic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, temporarily stepped down pending an investigation.

Bombshell UN Documents Outline Plan To Use Climategate Crooks In “End Run” Around National Sovereignty

Hacked climate emails include calls for ‘Earth Government’ as foundation of new world order, splitting of America

 One of the leaked climate emails was apparently a press release from “Earth Government” Newsletter dated 27 Mar 2003. The document calls for a ‘democratic’ world government that would amalgamate and reform the prevailing global institutions including the United Nations, IMF, World Bank WTO, NAFTA, FTAA and others “for the good of all.”

Manipulation of Data and Concepts: The Climate Change EMails

No science is possible: CRU has destroyed the original data

Forget The Emails, Code Discusses “Artificially Adjusted” Temperatures

Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD) and Climate Change

Environmental Warfare: Climate Modification Schemes

Climate change scandal deepens as BBC expert claims he was sent ‘cover-up’ emails a month before they went public

Russian TV Does Better Job Reporting ClimateGate Than CNN

Flashback: Weather Channel boss calls global warming ‘the greatest scam in history’

Oceans to fall, not rise, over millions of years

Extreme Sea Level Rise Goes Mainstream

The Red Planet was once blue… Giant ocean once covered third of Mars

Mauna Loa Observatory’s carbon dioxide readings near worst-case scenario

Copenhagen: Seattle Grows Up

The Road to Copenhagen part III: A “Planetary Regime” in the Making

Copenhagen’s Hidden Agenda: The Multibillion Trade in Carbon Derivatives

The Meaning of Climategate

CLIMATEGATE – Global warming ’caused by sun’s radiation’

Guru Of Science Czar Holdren Called For Doubling CO2 Emissions

U.S. Caught Drafting Secret Proposal That Could Torpedo Climate Negotiations

“The Obama administration’s role in what appears to be a secret plot to strong-arm through an agreement forcing poor countries to bear much of the cost of reducing emissions is despicable. President Obama cannot lead the world while wheeling and dealing from the back-room. These are supposed to be negotiations about how to solve a problem, not about how to appease the United States government.

“The ‘Danish text’ is grossly unfair and is a non-starter. The United States, which has already filled the atmosphere with far more than its fair share of greenhouse gas emissions, must reject this text and start listening to the proposals of developing countries.”

Doomsday Climate Cultists Attempt to Convert Kids

Context for ‘hide the decline’ discovered

At issue was a proxy-temperature graph showing trends in temperatures for the preceding 1000 years. The first version of this graph, prepared initially by Keith Briffa, did show a significant decline in temperatures late in the twentieth century. The attendees at the IPCC meeting expressed, in no uncertain terms, their sentiment that this decline was an outlying result that ought to remain hidden, presumably from the broader scientific community and the public, in order to avoid what they feared would be a misconstruction of this decline.

Global Temperature and Atmospheric CO2 over Geologic Time

There has historically been much more CO2 in our atmosphere than exists today. For example, during the Jurassic Period (200 mya), average CO2 concentrations were about 1800 ppm or about 4.7 times higher than today. The highest concentrations of CO2 during all of the Paleozoic Era occurred during the Cambrian Period, nearly 7000 ppm — about 18 times higher than today.

CLIMATEGATE – A Complete List Of Things Supposedly Caused By Global Warming

CLIMATEGATE – Copenhagen: Global Population Control Program Suggested To Stop Climate Change

Woman who invented Credit Default Swaps is one of the key architects of Carbon Derivatives (which are the center of Cap and Trade)

H1N1 / Swine Flu Update

Superstar CBS Reporter Blows the Lid Off the Swine Flu Media Hype and Hysteria

Hemorrhagic H1N1 Lung flu now in USA – First seen in Ukraine

Iowa: “What we’re seeing is very heavy, wet hemorrhagic lungs, lungs with a lot of blood in them”

Troubling Reports Out Of Iowa And North Carolina Raise Fears That Deadly H1N1 Swine Flu Mutations Have Already Reached The United States

Scientist Repeats Swine Flu Lab-Escape Claim in Published Study

WHO: Novel H1N1 Flu a Naturally Circulating Virus, Not From a Laboratory

Millions more than thought have already had swine flu, Government scientists say

Russia: Blogger arrested for spreading rumors of H1N1 “plague”

Swine Flu Gate: Is Virologist Albert Osterhaus the Ringleader?

Employers Play ‘Dr. Mom’ to Limit H1N1 Flu Impact

CDC: H1N1 Less Widespread, Down to 32 States

Swine flu pandemic is yet another conspiracy – Danish media

Ontario’s deadly Swine Flu surge, 24 dead in 72 hours

Swine Flu Deception and Disinformation Exposed

Aspirin kills 400% more people than H1N1 swine flu  

World Briefing | Europe: Moldova: Army Enlists Onions and Garlic to Ward Off Swine Flu

Poland and the H1N1 Flu: Calm and unvaccinated

Swine flu hits nation’s blood supply

WV: School District Upheld on Mandatory Vaccinations

Norwegian scientists detect mutated form of swine flu

Tamiflu-resistant strain of swine flu spreading

WHO: Drug Resistant H1N1 No Major Change in Virus

Concern as China Reports 8 Cases of H1N1 Mutation

2 French Patients Die From Mutated H1N1 Flu Virus



Croatian Priest Says Vaccine for Destruction of Humanity Worldwide

WHO plays down ‘swine flu vaccination deaths’

Barack Obama has shares in Baxter

GlaxoSmithKline Pulls Swine Flu Vaccines in Canada: May “Trigger Life-Threatening Allergies”

What’s in Your H1N1 Flu Vaccine?

GlaxoSmithKline advises Canadian doctors to stop using swine flu vaccines

Flu Vaccine Derived From Army Worm Cells Instead Of Whole Chicken Eggs

Revealed – Germany’s secret virus vaccine contract

HINI Vaccine Overview of Relevant Issues (INVALUABLE)

Robert F Kennedy Jr. Exposes Shocking Vaccine Cover Up

My boy’s agonising death after virus vaccination

Healthy children below age of five to get swine flu jab

Canada: The Killer H1N1 Vaccine

VIDEO: Swine Flu Vaccines. Facts and Myths

H1N1 Vaccine Deaths in Germany: German doctors issued warning about swine flu jab

Tamiflu site owners ‘steal credit card data’

Batch of H1N1 vaccine recalled for severe reactions

What the Inventor of the Flu Shot NOW Thinks of the Vaccine…

President Obama and his top health officials are engaging in a major public relations effort to divert attention away from whether its swine flu vaccine is effective and safe by focusing attention on whether there is enough of it to go around. And the media is cooperating fully.

Increasing numbers of scientists and doctors are issuing harsh criticisms of the government’s plan to vaccinate virtually the entire U.S. population with a poorly tested vaccine that is not only ineffective against swine flu, but could cripple and even kill many more people than it helps.



H1N1 “super flu” plague in Ukraine spark concern, conspiracy theories about origins

Population Reduction: Globalist Endgame Begins?

On October 30th,”2009 editors of local papers in Kyiv, Ukraine received a flood of phone calls from citizens reporting low flying aircraft spraying an unknown aerosolized substance over L’viv, Ternopil and other cities. On October 27th”the Ukrainian media broke the story that on October 26th”in Ternopil an unknown flu had killed seven people , and that over the past few days about 6 thousand people had sought out medical attention in regards to flu like symptoms.

Deadly Flu Spreads Across Ukraine

VIDEO: Plague or Plan; Ukraine’s Mystery Disease

ANALYSIS: Ukrainian Flu: New Strain Mutated and/or BioEngineered, Much More Lethal

Video: Joseph Moshe H1N1 Ukraine Plague Warning

The Black Death – unanswered questions – relevant in light of Ukrainian Flu


Unconfirmed reports of large numbers of deaths from the vaccine in the Ukraine

“Ukraine swine flu ‘burns’ lungs”– source

Deadly Flu Spreads Across Ukraine

H1N1 / Swine Flu Vaccines: Faked Shortages, Dangerous Additives, the Power of Vitamin D

Exposure to Earlier Flu Viruses Provides Many with Natural Immunity to H1N1, Scientists Find – Natural News 10/27/09

FDA Allows Use of Experimental Antiviral Drug to Treat H1N1  – Fox News 10/28/09

CFR admits false scarcity tactic to get people to take the H1N1 vaccine   – YouTube

H1N1 vaccines too little, too late; most people already exposed and immune   – Natural News 11/7/09

Prison population in line to get H1N1 vaccinations  – Tulsa World 11/4/09

Leaked CFR File: How to get the public to take the h1n1 vaccine  – EclippTV 11/4/09

CFR Recording Suggests Creating False Scarcity To Drive Up Demand For H1N1 Vaccine  – InfoWars 11/4/09

During part of the discussion (see transcript) on whether or not the vaccine should be made mandatory for health workers and school children, Lone Simonsen, Research Professor and Research Director at the Department of Global Health, George Washington University, suggests creating an artificial scarcity in order to ramp up demand for the vaccine.

Nation Is Facing Vaccine Shortage for Seasonal Flu  – NYTimes 11/5/09

U.S. may end up discarding unused H1N1 vaccine  – Reuters 10/30/09

Dodd: Bankers bogarting H1N1 shots  – Politico 11/6/09

Vaccines for the rich! Wall Street gets H1N1 vaccine bailout while school children told to wait – Prison Planet 11/6/09

Goldman Sachs Received H1N1 Vaccine Before Several Hospitals  – Business Insider 11/6/09

Very good comprehensive summary on flu, swineflu and vaccines by benedictine nun – 6 parts– YouTube 11/6/09

Private Military Contractor Holds Key Patents to Flu Vaccine  – Just Get There 11/14/09

DynCorp, it turns out, is a one of the top private military contractors working for the U.S. government. In addition to allegedly trafficking in under-age sex slaves in Bosnia (http://www.corpwatch.org/article.ph…) and poisoning rural farmers in Ecuador with its aerial spraying of Colombian coca crops (http://www.corpwatch.org/article.ph…), Dyncorp just happens to be paid big dollars by the U.S. government to patrol the U.S. / Mexico border, near where the H1N1 first swine flu virus was originally detected.

DynCorp also happens to be in a position to receive tremendous financial rewards from its patents covering attenuated live viral vaccine harvesting methods, as described in four key patents jointly held by DynCorp and the National Institutes of Health… One of the key inventors in [h1n1 vaccine] patents now held by DynCorp was Dr. Robert H. Purcell…. operating under the National Institutes of Health. [whose] office, located at 50 South Drive, Bethesda, MD 20892, is less than 15 miles away from the headquarters of DynCorp.

Poland won’t buy H1N1 vaccine until ‘properly tested’ – Global Research 11/9/09

Missouri State Department Provides Mercury-Free Option for Vaccines  – Pandemic Flu Online 10/28/09

Government Appoints Task Force To Handle H1N1 Vaccine Propaganda  – Pandemic Flu Online 11/3/09

’60 Minutes’: An inside look at H1N1 vaccine production – CNet 11/2/09

VIDEO: Vaccine Coverup  – Global Research 11/10/09

Doctors Bribed To Push Swine Flu Vaccine On Reluctant Public  – Prison Planet 11/11/09

Shocking H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Miscarriage Stories From Pregnant Women – Tell Your Doctors That Vaccines And Pregnancy Do Not Mix!  – Prison Planet 11/11/09

GPs to get bigger bonuses if they meet swine flu jab targets – Daily Mail, UK 11/10/09

Deputies Hold Boy Who Fled Flu Shot  – Prison Planet 11/12/09

VACCINES AND THEIR HIDDEN EFFECTS – Pandemic Flu Online 11/12/09

Blackout: Military Personnel Banned From H1N1 Vaccine Sites  – Huffington Post 11/12/09

French Woman Gets Crippling Illness After H1N1 Vaccine  – Prison Planet 11/13/09

Vaccination: Federal Health Agencies Continue to Deceive Americans  – Global Research 11/13/09

Virginia teen athlete in wheel chair after H1N1 vaccine shot  – Natural News 11/13/09

Medical Doctor Retracts H1N1 Vaccine Advice After Reading Insert – Prison Planet 11/13/09

Anxious Crowds Meet Ad Hoc Swine Flu Police  – NYTimes 10/27/09

Update: Obama girls get H1N1 shots, president waits   – Pandemic Flu Online 10/28/09


MS: Students Have an Apparent Allergic Reaction To H1N1 Vaccination   – Pandemic Flu Online 11/6/09

A Message from V about Vaccines  – Red Pill 11/5/09

My name is V, a humble vaudevillian visage who has vowed to warn the viewer that it is verily certain that villainous vermin will attempt to vaccinate you with a venal virus which verily will leave you vapid and vanquished and a viral delivery vector.

Parents: Send this note to your school principal to protect your child from swine flu vaccinations  – Prison Planet 11/5/09

VIDEO: A Vaccine Primer  – Pandemic Flu Online 11/6/09

All schoolchildren may be vaccinated against swine flu – Prison Planet 11/6/09

Another Child Given Swine Flu Vaccine Without Consent  – Prison Planet 10/29/09

Three More Children Injected Against Parents’ Wishes  – Pandemic Flu Online 11/3/09

Twenty reasons why vitamin D is better than a swine flu vaccine  – Natural News 11/3/09

Mercury-Free Flu Shots Available: But Vitamin D and Homeopathy Better Prevent the Flu  – Natural News 10/30/09

The role of Vitamin D in complications from pneumonia  – Flu Trackers 11/7/09

Dangeous Vaccines Besides H1N1 / Swine Flu

Merck Scientist Admits Cancer & AIDS Came From Vaccines  – YouTube 10/30/09

Soldiers Nearly Killed with Military’s Bioterrorism Vaccine – Prison Planet 11/3/09

Autism Spikes, Toxins Suspected  – Prison Planet 11/3/09

Vaccines-Cervarix, Gardasil, Death, And Extreme Side Effects  – YouTube 10/26/09

Government Concedes Vaccine-Autism Case in Federal Court – Now What? – Huffington Post 10/25/09

Girl Dies within Hours of Cervarix / Gardasil Vaccine – EclippTV 10/28/09

Gardasil Researcher Drops A Bombshell  – Philadelphia Bulletin 10/28/09

Dr. Diane Harper, lead researcher in the development of two human papilloma virus vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix, said the controversial drugs will do little to reduce cervical cancer rates and, even though they’re being recommended for girls as young as nine, there have been no efficacy trials in children under the age of 15.

Flashback: Bayer And Baxter Knowingly Infected Hemophiliac Patients With HIVAIDS Tainted Vaccine  – YouTube

H1N1 / Swine Flu News Outside the US, including Ukraine

England Chief Medical Officer Calls H1N1 Vaccine Resistors “Extremists”  – Prison Planet 10/30/09

‘Poisoning attempt’ charges filed against French H1N1 campaign – Prison Planet 10/26/09

Ireland: Swine flu jab boy rushed to hospital  – Pandemic Flu Online 10/28/09

Nurses to administer swine flu vaccine as GPs opt out  – Independent, Ireland 10/21/09

CANADA: Ask military to help with H1N1: Ottawa councillor  – Pandemic Flu Online 11/7/09

Mass Rejection Of Swine Flu Vaccine Continues Throughout Europe – Prison Planet 10/28/09

WHO recommends swine flu vaccine for wary Chinese  – Pandemic Flu Online 10/28/09

Chinese Join Worldwide Rejection Of Swine Flu Vaccine  – Pandemic Flu Online 10/28/09

Breaking News: Ukrainian Flu is not just H1N1  – SHTF411 11/4/09

Officials there believe this “new” disease is actually a combination of persistent flu’s being absorbed by a community already compromised by other ailments including the pollution caused from: mining regions, former Chernobyl province, Chernobyl cloud, etc), The Ukraine Government has looked into possibilities, and fear they are being given the vaccine, and medicine by parties who know that it will not work, and could do more harm than good to the people of those regions as they are already being of compromised health.

They feel it will end up killing more people, and could cause the virus mutate.

Has Baxter Released A BioWeapon In Ukraine?  – Rense 11/2/09

The Deaths of Four Ukraine Doctors Raising Suspicions of a Cover-Up in The Ukraine  – Prevent Disease 11/4/09

The above comments describe the death of four health care workers (HCWs) at two sites in western Ukraine. The government website shows a total of 53 deaths (see map), which is quite low if four HCWs have already died. HCW are trained in methods to minimize infections from parents, and they are likely to get prompt medical attention, yet four have already died. These numbers add to the confusion in Ukraine.

Initial reports denied the outbreak was due to H1N1 even though there was virtually no seasonal flu circulating in Europe (or North America). The explosion in cases of acute respiratory illness (ARI), in view of the exploding H1N1 pandemic throughout the northern hemisphere, would signal involvement in the cases in Ukraine.

Martial Law Declared In Ukraine Over Mystery Epidemic  – Pandemic Flu Online 11/6/09

UKRAINE: Vaccine Ban Blamed For Sweeping Epidemic  – Pandemic Flu Online 11/7/09

WHO Continues To Deceive: Assumes That Ukraine Plague Is H1N1 Swine Flu  – Global Research 11/7/09

Bioterrorism Tabletop Exercise Was Being Conducted In Ukraine One Month Ago – Now Country Is Gripped By Mystery Epidemic  – Prison Planet 11/7/09

Ukraine Hemorrhagic Flu – This is what a real pandemic looks like  – Flu Tracker 10/30/09

40,000 Contract Serious Virus in Ukraine, Kills 30  – Prison Planet 10/30/09

Ministry of Health plans to declare a quarantine on the entire territory of Ukraine  – Godlike Productions 10/30/09

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US H1N1 / Swine Flu News Round-Up

 NY Governor Declares Emergency In Response To Mass Rejection Of Swine Flu Hysteria  – Prison Planet 10/29/09

Obama Administration Launches Deceptive Swine Flu Propaganda Blitz  – Global Research 10/29/09

WHO memos 1972 explains how to turn vaccines into a means of killing – FightBack H1N1 8/09

These WHO Memorandas describe the three-stage impact of the three “shots” many people will be forced to take this fall to allegedly treat a virus that WHO also helped create and release.

This is a crucial piece of evidence of WHO’s long-term genocidal intentions that could stand in any court of law because these memorandums give the best and fullest explanation WHO’s and affiliated labs (such as the CDC) current activities, such as their patenting of the most lethal bird flu viruses, their sending that virus to Baxter’s subsidiary in Austria, which weaponised it and sent out 72 kilos to 16 labs in four countries almost triggering a global pandemic.

Joseph Moshe (MOSSAD Microbiologist): “Swine flu vaccine is bioweapon”  – The Flu Case 10/30/09

Professor Moshe had called into a live radio show by Dr. A. True Ott, broadcast on Republic Broadcasting claiming to be a microbiologist who wanted to supply evidence to a States Attorney regarding tainted H1N1 Swine flu vaccines being produced by Baxter BioPharma Solutions. He said that Baxter’s Ukrainian lab was in fact producing a bioweapon disguised as a vaccine. He claimed that the vaccine contained an adjuvant (additive) designed to weaken the immune system, and replicated RNA from the virus responsible for the 1918 pandemic Spanish flu, causing global sickness and mass death.

Exposure to Earlier Flu Viruses Provides Many with Natural Immunity to H1N1, Scientists Find – Natural News 10/27/09

What’s Behind the False Flag Flu Emergency? – Prison Planet 10/27/09

Profit Driven Swine Flu Propaganda – Pump Up the Volume – Part Four – Natural News 10/27/09

Profit Driven Swine Flu Propaganda – Pump Up the Volume – Part Five – Natural News 10/30/09

Profit Drive Swine Flu Propaganda – Pump Up the Volume – Part VI – Natural News 10/31/09

Homeland Security Could Block Websites During Swine Flu Pandemic  – Pandemic Flu Online 10/28/09

US government report recommends blocking popular websites during pandemic flu outbreak  – Natural News 10/30/09

Swine Flu Emergency and the Global Debt Crisis  – Global Research 10/25/09

Obama’s H1N1 national emergency declaration could invoke FEMA response to pandemic (opinion)  – Natural News 10/26/09

Judge Napolitano on Forced Vaccinations in Massachusetts – EclippTV 10/25/09

The Threat of Mandatory Vaccinations  – Prison Planet 10/26/09

Unfortunately, a lot of the hysteria has arisen out of disinformation or lack of information. First, do people die from the virus itself? And, if so, why do some individuals succumb to the virus and not others? The answers to the above questions are not commonly known but are pretty well established in the medical community.

So why take the risk if the benefits at this point are ill-defined. Indeed, physicians are mandated by law to tell their patients about all risks, benefits, and alternatives to any proposed treatment. Surely, any self-respecting physician should uphold his/her Hippocratic Oath by sharing the information with their patients.

Swine Flu Outbreak Sparks Mutation Fears  – Pandemic Flu Online 11/6/09 

Ron Paul: Government Can Quarantine People – H1N1, Quarantine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran   – EclippTV 11/1/09

Swine Flu — One of the Most Massive Cover-ups in American History  – Pandemic Flu Online 11/7/09

Very good comprehensive summary on flu, swineflu and vaccines by benedictine nun – 6 parts– YouTube 11/6/09

The silence about vaccine deaths in media is due to the confidential contracts with the vaccine manufacturers.  – The Flu Case

If you can read French, you will discover at http://www.lepoint2.com/sons/pdf/vaccin-H1N1%20medias.pdf that the maker of PandemRix, that is used in Sweden, passed a secret contract, the same in every European country, which specified a “Green List” of what the government MAY communicate (hardly anything!) and the “Red List” of what may absolutely NOT be made public, like intermediary results of the side effects that appear in the studies of the controversial squalene (and thiomersal) adjuvantated PandemRix until they have been sanitized by Glaxo Smith Kline researchers, and published by GSK themselves.

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H1N1 / Swine Flu News Round-Up

Obama Declares Swine Flu a National Emergency  – Reuters via Cryptogon 10/23/09

The Pandemic Is Political: Swine flu and the World Health Organization’s agenda. – Forbes via Pandemic Flu Online 10/20/09

Obama’s H1N1 Emergency Declaration: Is Martial Law Unfolding?  – Prison Planet 10/23/09

Government to get special swine flu vaccine – The Local, Germany 10/22/09

Just a week after it emerged that the German armed forces was getting a different kind of A/H1N1 vaccine to the general population, Der Spiegel magazine reports that the government will also get special treatment.

Swine Flu Is Widespread in 46 States as Vaccines Lag  – NYTimes 10/23/09

New York abandons swine flu vaccine mandate for health care workers, blames vaccine shortage – Natural News 10/23/09

Use Traditional Chinese Medicine to Prevent or Recover from Swine Flu (H1N1) – Natural News 10/20/09

Swine flu hoax – DisInter 10/22/09

CBS reports that only a tiny fraction of those tested positive for the swine flu actually have the flu at all.

– People are getting very sick and dieing from the swine flu vaccine.

– The purpose of this mass hysteria, fear-mongering scheme: profits.

– How to spot a swine flu propagandist.


Profit Driven Swine Flu Propaganda – Pump Up the Volume Part 1  – Natural News 10/21/09

The pharmaceutical industry, with public health officials and the mainstream media acting as a mass marketing team, is about to pull off the biggest profiteering scheme in the history of the world. The swine flu hoax, perpetrated on a global level, will generate unheard of profits from a non-existent pandemic.

Profit Drive Swine Flu Propaganda – Pump Up the Volume – Part 2 – Prison Planet 10/22/09

Profit Driven Swine Flu Propaganda – Pump Up the Volume Part 3 – Natural News 10/23/09

AZ: Chandler firefighters refuse H1N1 vaccine  – East Valley Tribune via Pandemic Flu Online 10/20/09

Europeans Reject Swine Flu Vaccine – Pandemic Flu Online 10/20/09

[Song] We don’t want your swine flu vaccinations – YouTube

Farrakhan Says H1N1 Vaccine Is Tool Of Depopulation – Prison Planet 10/20/09

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