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EXCLUSIVE: Obama/DNC Incident Report Database Reveals Startling, Wide-Spread Voting Machine Problems Across Nevada During Early Voting – BradBlog 11/4/08

Presidential Race Missing on Ballots; Machines Go Down; Votes Not Recorded; Printers Jam.  Attorneys Decline to Take Action to Remove Machines From Service, Ensure Paper Ballots for Voters…

RNC Ready To Sue Over Computerized Voter Fraud? – TPMuckraker 11/4/08

US Election Campaign: Silence on War Crimes – Global Research 11/4/08

Republican Poll Watchers Removed from Indiana Polling Site – TPMuckraker 11/4/08

Voting Rights Watch: New problems in Virginia, Florida, and Mississippi  – Institute for Southern Studies 11/4/08

Some Kansas City polling places have wrong registration books – CNN 11/4/08

Election Protection – Metafilter 11/4/08

Having trouble voting? Have a question about the polling process in your state? The folks at the non-partisan 866-OUR-VOTE Election Protection Hotline are there to help.

Following e-voting glitches – CNet 11/4/08

Only Nader Is Right on the Issues – Global Research 11/4/08

I’ve been in a car accident and was wearing my selt belt.  Ralph Nader is the only candidate who’s done anything for me.  Unfortuntely, due to the two party system, I’m only able to vote for a Republican or a Democrat for president (or neither).

Mercenary Firm Offers to ‘Detain Troublemakers’ on Election Day – Cryptogon 11/3/08

Urgent: Take Action Now to Stop Racist Voter Suppression – Global Research 11/3/08

Meet Mike Connell, McCain’s Computerized Vote Theft Specialist – Wake Up From Your Slumber 11/4/08

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Virginia: The New Florida? – The Nation 11/4/08

‘Massive machine failures’ spur call to extend VA vote hours – Raw Story 11/4/08

Virginia: Ground Zero For Election Shenanigans, Snafus – Mother Jones 11/4/08

Election Day: Voting Snafus from Around the Country – Alternet 11/4/08

Election Day: Hot News, Emerging Trends, Juicy Rumors – Alternet 11/4/08

CIA Contractor Offers to Keep the Peace on Election Day – Center for Media & Democracy 11/4/08

Voting problems crop up around US – Raw Story 11/4/08

Machine failures in NV, MI; reports in VA

Toledo police brace for possible civil unrest – NBC 24, Ohio 11/3/08

In an internal memo obtained exclusively by NBC 24 News, officers are ordered to “Have their riot equipment with them Tuesday and Wednesday”. Police chief Mike Navarre confirms, officers will have gear similar to the equipment they used during the 2005 race riots. “They have been asked to have their helmets and their gas masks available tomorrow and Wednesday.”, Navarre says, “That’s the equipment they would not normally carry with them on a normal day”. Navarre also says, officers will not be stationed at individual polling stations. But the memo says otherwise. It reads, “On Tuesday, units shall be directed to patrol the polling locations“.

ES&S Voting Machines in Michigan Flunk Tests, Don’t Tally Votes Consistently – Wired 11/3/08

“The same ballots, run through the same machines, yielded different results each time,” she wrote.  “This begs the question — on Election Day, will the record number of ballots going through the remaining tabulators leave even more build-up on the sensors, affecting machines that tested just fine initially? Could this additional build-up on voting tabulators that have not had any preventative maintenance skew vote totals? My understanding is that the problem could occur and election workers would have no inkling that ballots are being misread.”

Election Day Coverage: The Senate, House, and Ballot Measures – Alternet 11/4/08

If You’re in a Swing State, Don’t Just Vote — Verify – Alternet 11/4/08

Election Expert: McCain’s VA Suit On Military Ballots May Be Barred – TPMuckraker 11/3/08

Private investigators recruited to aid voter caging – Raw Story 11/3/08

Here’s What Vote Fraud Really Looks Like – Alternet 11/3/08

Say You, Say Me – Metafilter 11/3/08

Call a phone number and explain why you’re voting the way you are.

Election Protection Wiki: The One-Stop Website for Guarding the Vote – Center for Media & Democracy 11/3/08

How McCain Could Win – TruthOut 11/3/08

“Since the last election, more than ten million voters have been purged from the nation’s vote registries. And that’s just the start of the steal.”



Ongoing 2008 Election Fraud

Below you will find some recent examples of election fraud (old-school and new-fangled types), as well as suggestions of how to handle situations you may find yourself in.

If you’re interested in tracking US election fraud, I would also suggest checking BradBlog.com and VotersUnite.org, among others.



What to do if your vote is suppressed – Metafilter 10/27/08

How to vote even if they say you can’t – Raw Story 11/3/08

7 Things That Could Go Wrong on Election Day – Time 10/23/08

Don’t Have a Ride on Election Day? Carpool to the Polls! – Treehugger 10/31/08

Tweet the Vote. No, Digg The Vote. No, YouTube the Vote. Oh, . . . Just Vote. – TechCrunch 10/30/08

7 ways to steal back your vote – Raw Story 10/29/08

True Vote Summarizes Problems in U.S. Election Thus Far – TrueVote 10/28/08

Republican Voter Suppression: A Guide – TP Muckraker 10/29/08

Stolen Elections and Media Blackouts – Global Research 10/29/08

Legal Fights, Policy Debates Deepen Over Voting Problems and Solutions – Alternet 10/29/08

A Short – and Honest – History of Voter Registration Drives – Alternet 10/28/08

The Myth of Voter Fraud  – Alternet 10/28/08

How to Stop and Prevent GOP Election Theft Forever  – The Existentialist Cowboy 10/28/08



The Vote Grab: Voting machines are unreliable and inaccurate  – Independent, UK 10/29/08

As early voting in the US presidential elections gets underway, ES&S iVotronics touch-screen electronic voting machines have been observed in four separate states flipping the votes – mostly from Barack Obama to John McCain but sometimes to third party candidates too. This has already occurred during early voting in the states of West Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri and Texas.A county clerk in West Virginia invited a video crew to watch his demonstration of the reliability of the disputed voting machines but instead he saw the machine flipping the votes, as critics claimed. He put this down to the faulty calibration of the voting machine. However, even after he recalibrated the machine it continued to flip votes. Watch the video here.

Advocates Warn 31 States They Could Lose Votes – Alternet 10/30/08

Big Setbacks for GOP Voter Suppression Efforts in Swing States – Alternet 10/23/08

Voter Intimidation, Machine Malfunctions – Media With Conscience 10/22/08

West Virginia, Ohio, Tennessee, North Carolina, Texas, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico…

E-Voting Made Scary – Santa Barbera Independent 10/23/08

UCSB’s Giovanni Vigna Gives Timely Talk on Why Electronic Voting Is Frighteningly Insecure

Election documents found on junction of I-4, I-275 – Tampa Bay.com 11/3/08

Around 4:15 a.m., documents scattered along the shoulder carried an alphabetical listing of Tampa residents, their party affiliations, age, sex, home address, and sometimes phone numbers.  Each entry includes a check boxes to mark whether each person supports John McCain or Barack Obama, whether they voted and whether they need a ride to the polls on Election Day.”
“It was apparently boxes of surveys that fell off a truck,” said Kris Carson, a spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Transportation.  Buddy Johnson, Hillsborough County’s Supervisor of Elections, said the documents do not belong to his office. “They are campaign documents,” he said. Carson said Johnson’s office advised the FDOT to destroy the materials, but the department is checking with the state elections office before doing that.”

Glitch Causes Voting Problems – 970Am, Orange FL 10/14/08

The Orange County Supervisor of Elections office says about 1,245 residents should not have received letters stating they could not vote this November.  Officials said a computer glitch was behind the erroneous letters, which said the residents were ineligible to vote. The letters were supposed to confirm voter registration information.

Orlando sees vote machine glitches – Raw Story 10/31/08

Texas: Straight Party Voting Leads To Lost Votes – Scoop, New Zealand 10/22/08

Vote-flipping surfaces in TX – Raw Story 10/29/08

Blog: Houston’s voter registration problem – Raw Story 10/28/08

Some Texas-based soldiers report problems voting – Houston Chronicle 10/30/08

Seven texas counties are reporting vote flipping – BradBlog 10/29/08

Lawmakers Urge DOJ Not to Intervene in Ohio Voter Dispute – The Public Record 10/26/08

Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, and five congressional lawmakers, urged Attorney General Michael Mukasey not to intervene in Ohio’s voter registration dispute where Republicans have challenged the integrity of 200,000 new voter registration forms.

Ohio says voter database would crash if checked for fraud – Raw Story 10/31/08

Colorado Agrees to Restore Voters to Rolls – NYTimes 10/30/08

Colorado’s Secretary of State Goes Rogue – TPMuckraker 10/31/08

Despite just reaching a settlement with voter rights groups on Wednesday, Colorado’s Secretary of State Mike Coffman has continued to purge voters from the roll, causing a judge to issue a cease and desist order. …The suit against Coffman alleged that more than 35,000 voters were purged from the rolls based on a faulty system for identifying illegitimate voters, and within 90 days of the election — both of which violate the federal Voting Rights Act. The settlement allowed for 20,000 purged voters to be put back on the rolls and cast provisional ballots in Tuesday’s election.

Vendor Error Blamed For Missing Ballots – 7 News Denver 10/25/08

More than 11,000 ballots went missing when the vendor in charge of printing the ballots, Sequoia Voting Systems, reported delivering 21,450 ballots to a Denver mail processing facility on Oct. 16, but the U.S. Postal Service said they only received 10,364 ballots that day.  Stephanie O’Malley, Denver’s clerk and recorder, led an investigation by the Denver Elections Division that discovered Sequoia Voting Systems didn’t prepare the mail-in ballots because of a technical problem with a data file.

PA voters sue state for poll rights – Raw Story 10/25/08

Ruling allows paper ballots in PA, ‘if’… – Raw Story 10/30/08

Only to be given out if 50% or more voting machines break down.

Election machine stolen in 2002 delivered to Georgia residence 2008 – Ledger Enquirer 11/1/08

Georgia’s Secretary of State Promotes Voter Challenges and Refuses to Extend Early Voting Hours – TPMuckraker 11/1/08

LA mail ballots risk falling short – Raw Story 10/30/08

Appeals Court Orders Michigan To Restore 5,500 Voters To Rolls – Alternet 10/30/08

Report: DOJ Lawyer Meets With ACLU On NM Voter Intimidation – TP Muckraker 10/29/08

Erica Jong Tells Italians Obama Loss ‘Will Spark the Second American Civil War. Blood Will Run in the Streets’ – NY Observer 10/30/08

80% of PA polls lack emergency ballots – Raw Story 10/31/08

West Virginia: Video Shows Vote Flipping Persisting Even After Election Official ‘Recalibrates’ Failed Machine – TrueVote 10/28/08

Flashback: 1.1 Million Purged from Indiana Voter Registration Rolls According to State Data, Says BBV –  – BradBlog 5/5/08

2004 Ohio votes re-routed through GOP servers – Raw Story 10/31/08

The 2004 US Elections: The Mother of all Vote Frauds – WhatReallyHappened

Flashback: Trashed Voter Registration Cards – 4/12/08






Last Minute Election News

What to do if your vote is suppressed – Metafilter 10/27/08

How to vote even if they say you can’t – Raw Story 11/3/08

Don’t Have a Ride on Election Day? Carpool to the Polls! – Treehugger 10/31/08

Tweet the Vote. No, Digg The Vote. No, YouTube the Vote. Oh, . . . Just Vote. – TechCrunch 10/30/08

How to Make Your Vote as Easy as Possible: An Online Guide – Alternet 10/31/08

10 rules can help voters navigate through campaign data’s confusion – Houston Chronicle 10/27/08

Synchronized Presidential Debating – 23/6 Video 10/28/08

Did you get deja vu from debates 2 & 3?  You’re not alone…

Ballotpedia Helps You Understand Local Propositions and Initiatives [Election]  – LifeHacker 10/30/08

The Dirty Secret Behind the Candidates’ “Clean Energy” Proposals – Alternet 10/30/08

What Is this “Clean Coal” Obama and McCain Support? – Alternet 10/31/08

The Elections and the Responsibility of the Intellectual to Speak Truth to Power: Twelve Reasons to Reject Obama and Support Nader/McKinney – Dissident Voice 10/30/08

Ron Paul: Obama won’t bring troops home – Raw Story 10/30/08

Joshua Frank : Memo to Progressives for Obama: What Happens After the Election? – CounterPunch 10/30/08

Hitchens: McCain ‘borderline senile.’ – Raw Story 10/26/08

McCain exceeded donation limits – Raw Story 10/25/08

Video: The 32 black people in Wasilla, AK – Raw Story 10/30/08

Amy Goodman: The Real Story Behind How McCain Chose Sarah Palin – Alternet 10/30/08

How McCain Turned His Back on the Vietnamese Man Who Saved His Life – Alternet 10/28/08

Forty-one years after McCain was shot down in Vietnam, the man who saved his life has died in obscurity.

What Is the True Story of McCain’s Wartime Experience? – History News Network 10/28/08

News Orgs Investigate Possibly Fatal McCain ’64 Car Crash – Huffington Post 10/28/08

How John McCain Would Dismantle Medicare  – TPMuckraker 11/3/08

Why I Am Supporting the Candidacy of Cynthia McKinney – Dissident Voice 10/31/08