Commercial Disobedience: Various Forms of Economic Protest

American People’s Manifesto for US National Strike April 15 – 18


Union vows to toughen strike at France’s Total – Business Week 2/21/10

Greek court says customs strike illegal – SETimes 2/21/10

Around the World, the Workers Are Fighting Back – Alternet 5/18/09

French Workers Use Threat to Obtain Severance Pay – NYTimes 7/17/09

With its equipment surrounded by gas cylinders and kindling, a manufacturing company agrees to demands of workers planned to be laid off.

General strike cripples France  – Deutsche Welle, Germany 1/29/09

Hundreds of thousands of workers have begun a nationwide strike in France. Eight labor unions have called the industrial action to protest against what they say are insufficient measures by the government to tackle the economic crisis. Unions say…

Hundreds of thousands of workers have begun a nationwide strike in France. Eight labor unions have called the industrial action to protest against what they say are insufficient measures by the government to tackle the economic crisis. Unions say that with unemployment mounting, French workers should not have to foot the bill for a crisis that has led to expensive government bailouts for banks, carmakers and other sectors. French President Nicolas Sarkozy has announced a 26-billion-euro stimulus package while pledging to press ahead with unpopular reforms to trim the public sector workforce and liberalize the labor market.

Workers’ Rights: Strike at World’s Largest Nickel Mine  – Global Research 11/11/09

Egyptian ‘general strike’ fails – BBC 4/6/08

A planned strike led by workers at a major textile factory and other solidarity protests are pre-empted by police.

The word went out on the web: every skilled man should strike – Times, UK 1/31/09

Fifteen minutes later, at 6.30am, 400 men began to gather outside the Wilton chemical complex on Teesside behind a banner demanding “British jobs 4 British workers”. At 8am 700 workers refused to enter the Ineos refinery in Grangemouth, Scotland.

By mid-morning the dispute had spread to a dozen power stations, oil refineries and chemical plants.

Workers in Argentina taking over dead factories and running them democratically – BoingBoing 12/7/08

As Argentine factories go bankrupt and shut their doors, workers are breaking in, starting the machines up again, electing their own leaders, and running the businesses themselves, putting up fierce resistance when the police try to evict them.

More Squatters Are Calling Foreclosures Home – Cryptogon 4/12/09

Group moves homeless people into foreclosed homes – Boing Boing 12/30/08

Resisting Home Evictions Becomes a Group Effort – NYTimes 2/19/09

A civil disobedience campaign is starting in New York and other cities to support families who refuse to vacate their homes.

Resistance to Housing Foreclosures Spread Across the Land – Alternet 1/23/09

Community-based movements to halt the flood of foreclosures have been building across the country. And they’re not the usual suspects.

Activist Moves Homeless Into Foreclosed Homes – via Cryptogon 12/5/08

Getting Started In War Tax Resistance – War Tax Boycott 10/22/09

Thank you for your interest in war tax resistance. If you decide to register and resist, you will join a long line of courageous resisters, from Henry David Thoreau’s time to the present. Many of us are angry and frustrated by the U.S. government’s military actions around the world, and it often seems as if there is not much we can do about it. War tax resistance is a powerful way to resist the state and oppose its harmful actions. By conscientiously resisting taxes, you take a solid step towards refusing to be a part of the destruction. Our military can only harm people when citizens allow it. If enough of us withhold from war and pay for peace, we can stop the harm.

National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee  – NWTRCC.org

The National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee (NWTRCC) is a coalition of groups from across the U.S., formed in 1982 to provide information and support to people involved in or considering some form of war tax resistance (WTR). Affiliate organizations and individual supporters are joined together in a common struggle for a more just and peaceful society. We oppose militarism and war and refuse to complicitly participate in the tax system which supports such violence. NWTRCC sees poverty, racism, sexism, homophobia, economic exploitation, environmental destruction and militarization of law enforcement as integrally linked with the militarism which we abhor.

Shunning Wal-Mart: A DIY general store – CNN 7/19/08

The residents of this windswept basin 100 miles from anywhere know that if they want something done, they have to do it themselves. Whether it’s repairing a tractor or rejuvenating Main Street, the people here fix their own problems.

People’s Resistance and Alternatives to the “Free Market”  – Global Research 2/2/09

Global boycott movement marks its successes – AtheoNews 2/20/09

Motorola drops bomb fuse unit following boycott campaign  – Electronic Intifada 4/6/09

Meet the Antipreneurs – Business Week 6/20/08

They’re against advertising, Corporate America, and globalization. That’s good for business .

Local Currencies – The missing link in the quest for sustainability

Local Currencies are the ultimate in loyalty programs. Unlike profits derived from trading with national currencies, the wealth generated by trading with exchange systems created by and for local communities stays within the district.  Since community currencies work alongside and supplement national currency, once their advantages are understood they are welcomed by the community, particularly in times of economic stress. Historically, community currencies have been economic and social lifesavers.

Community-supported restaurants

A List of 26,000 Businesses That Accept Barter

Forget the Audit: Just Go Ahead & Abolish the Federal Reserve  – American Free Press 11/6/09

Breaking up ‘too big to fail’ firms  – Politico 11/5/09

Rep. Kanjorski proposes power to dismantle firms “too big to fail” even if they’re not financially at risk.

Take the Power to Create Credit Away from the Giant Banks and Give It Back to the People  – Prison Planet 11/5/09

We Need a Global Tax on Financial Speculation

Workers of the World, Incorporate

A move toward establishment of manufacturing cooperatives represents a new direction for the American labor movement, an economist writes.

In Just 4 Short Years, Kiva Hits $100 Million In Microloans – Treehugger 11/2/09


Sobering Facts About the Failing US Economy

The Geography of Recession

An interesting graphical representation of the recession playing out from January 2007 through December 2009.

Fitch: U.S. State and Federal Debt to Hit 94% of GDP

It is mathematically impossible to pay off the federal debt.  U.S. citizens should embrace Ecuadors’ example and proclaim the debt illegitimate.

Congress passes record debt hike

Obama Signs Law Raising Public Debt Limit from $12.4 Trillion to $14.3 Trillion

It Is Now Mathematically Impossible To Pay Off The U.S. National Debt

Two Dozen States’ Unemployment Funds in the Red, Nine More Within Six Months

Cash-strapped US running out of unemployment money

More and More States on Budget Brink

Across the nation, state tax collections in the first three quarters of 2009 posted their steepest decline in at least 46 years, according to a report this month from the public policy research arm of the State University of New York.  At least 30 states raised taxes in their most recently completed fiscal year — which ended in most cases in mid-2009. Even more cut services. All told, states raised $117 billion to fill last year’s budget gaps, the Pew Center on the States estimates.

25 State Unemployment Funds Bankrupt; Credit Card Defaults at Record Levels; Look on the Bright Side

 The unemployment insurance system is in crisis. A record 20 million Americans collected unemployment benefits last year, and so far 25 states have run out of funds and been forced to borrow from the federal government, raise taxes or cut benefits. Using near real-time data on states’ revenues and the benefits they pay out, we’ve estimated how long their trust funds will hold up.  And while states’ poor fiscal planning is a serious topic on its own, our unemployment insurance tracker also follows the increasing human toll: so far businesses in 36 states face tax increases this year, ranging from a few dollars per worker to more than a thousand. Six states have moved to cut, freeze or otherwise restrict benefits, a number that is likely to increase.

Chris Christie declares fiscal ‘state of emergency,’ paving way for N.J. spending cuts

Calling New Jersey on “the edge of bankruptcy,” Gov. Chris Christie today declared a fiscal emergency, seizing broad powers to freeze aid to more than 500 school districts and cut from higher education, hospitals and the Public Advocate.

Along with eliminating programs “that sounded good in theory but failed in practice” across state departments, Christie is cutting $475 million in aid to school districts, $62 million in aid to colleges and $12 million to hospital charity care.

Five Million Workers to Exhaust Unemployment Benefits by June

One in Seven U.S. Mortgages In Foreclosure or Delinquent

Number of New Yorkers at risk of losing their home to foreclosure surges, new statistics show

Dallas/Fort Worth quarterly foreclosure postings jump 22%

Study: Hunger in America jumps ‘unprecedented’ 46 percent

U.S. state pension funds have $1 trillion shortfall: Pew

Credit Suisse Declares the U.S. a Riskier Investment Than Indonesia

Previously: US Economic Tailspin: States going bankrupt, unable to provide services

WORLD & US ECONOMIC NEWS ROUND-UP, including lessons from history


Global Economic Tremors – Global Research 11/12/08

A fantastic summary of the current economic collapse, and the plans for the new economic order.

Ecuador warning on debt payments – Financial Times, UK 11/16/08

Rafael Correa, Ecuador’s leftwing president, has heightened fears that the Andean nation will default on parts of its $10bn foreign debt, saying an internal audit due this week will determine if the debt is “illegitimate”

The G-20’s Secret Debt Solution – Implode Explode 11/14/08

Dangers of a public backlash in response to IMF intervention : Pakistan criticized over $7.6 billion IMF bailout – Global Research 11/17/08

China, Costa Rica in free trade talks – Raw Story 11/16/08

China moves to stem mass layoffs – BBC 11/18/08

Chinese president on Cuban visit – BBC 11/17/08

President Hu Jintao of China arrives in Cuba for a visit aimed at strengthening economic ties between Beijing and Havana. 

The Financial Crisis and the G-20 Washington Summit  – Global Research 11/17/08

Iran converts some of its financial reserves to gold (AP)… – Haaretz, Israel 11/15/08

Brazil, Argentina drop dollar for bilateral trade – Int’l Herald Tribune 9/7/08

Britain may need 0% interest rate to avoid a depression, leading economist warns
Daily Mail, UK 10/27/08

Japan to offer $100 billion to the IMF – Implode Explode 11/13/08

“Sovereign Wealth Funds” Towards a Structural Shift in World Financial Order – Global Research 11/11/08

Coordinating Responses to the Financial Crisis  – Global Research 11/7/08

Global Crisis Transforms Capitalism  – Forbes 11/7/08

A Financial Meltdown 30 Years in the Making – Alternet 11/10/08

Four Crises of the Contemporary World Capitalist System – Monthly Review 10/08

Calls grow for a new model for global trade – CorpWatch 10/9/08

IMF may need to “print money” as crisis spreads  – Telegraph, UK 10/28/08

The International Monetary Fund may soon lack the money to bail out an ever growing list of countries crumbling across Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa, and parts of Asia, raising concerns that it will have to tap taxpayers in Western countries for a capital infusion or resort to the nuclear option of printing its own money.

Financial Crisis Triggers Disruption in International Shipping – Global Research 11/15/08



How our economy is killing the Earth – New Scientist 10/17/08

Picture proof of radical collapse ahead.

U.S. Housing Market Boom and Crash Engineered by the Government – Richard Cook via Market Oracle, UK 10/23/08

Richard C. Cook is a former U.S. federal government analyst, whose career included service with the U.S. Civil Service Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, the Carter White House, NASA, and the U.S. Treasury Department.

Who are the Architects of Economic Collapse? – Global Research 11/9/08

Wall Street’s ‘Disaster Capitalism for Dummies’ – Global Research 11/7/08

Michael Pollan: Eating Is a Political Act – Alternet 11/8/08 

3 ‘superbanks’ now dominate industry  – MSNBC 11/6/08

Dynamic Maps of Nonprime Mortgage Conditions in the United States – Federal Reserve Bank of New York

The Great Depression of the 21st Century: Collapse of the Real Economy – Global Research 11/15/08

U.S. cities seek federal help to ease economic crisis – Reuters 11/13/08

Three major American cities buffeted by the global financial crisis are requesting at least $50 billion in federal funds to help pay for infrastructure improvements, pensions and short-term borrowing.  Philadelphia, Phoenix and Atlanta are asking U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to release funds from the $700 billion financial bailout authorized by Congress last month.  Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter will hand-deliver the request to Paulson on Friday, spokesman Luke Butler said. Five or six other cities, including Chicago, may also sign on, Butler added.

States That Can’t Pay for Themselves – BusinessWeek/Yahoo 10/8/08

Soros says deep recession inevitable, depression possible – Implode Explode 11/13/08

How to End the Recession – Alternet 11/13/08

Sarkozy-US dollar no longer only currency in world – Forbes 11/13/08

The Hidden Cost of Petroleum: The National Picture  – Nat’l Priorities Project via Cryptogon 11/13/08

In 2009 alone, U.S. taxpayers will spend $103.5 billion on military resources used to secure access to petroleum, while investing only $1.26 billion in renewable energy sources. Including Iraq War-related costs doubles this figure to $215.4 billion dollars

Paulson: Foreign banks can use U.S. rescue plan (Reuters)  – Yahoo 9/21/08

A $75 trillion fright fest: Eight megahorror debts chilling America – Market Watch 9/8/08

A default by the US government is no longer unthinkable  – Telegraph, UK 9/20/08

IMF Bailout of the United States Coming?  – Market Oracle, UK 11/4/08

Foreclosures up 25 percent in October – Reuters 11/13/08

Downturn Drags More Consumers Into Bankruptcy  – NYTimes 11/15/08

Part of the Debt Trap series about the surge in consumer debt and the lenders who made it possible.

Freddie Mac worth less than zero – Times, UK 11/15/08 

College Loan Slavery: Student Debt Is Getting Way Out of Hand – Alternet 11/12/08

‘Car sleepers’ the new US homeless  – BBC 9/27/08

How To Live in Your Car – WikiHow

The Green Tax Gusher  – Forbes 11/7/08

Want to install a $60,000 solar energy system in your home? Uncle Sam will pay 30%. Really.

Cash for Conservation  – Forbes 11/7/08

Duke Energy Chief Jim Rogers has a plan to make the U.S. energy-efficient: Pay him not to deliver power.

Can Obama Stop the Bush Administration’s Final Economic Heist?  – Alternet 11/6/08

Terrible looting of public capital has a habit of taking place during periods of dramatic political transition, and Bush has one underway.

Bloomberg News sues Fed for transparency on $2 trillion in loans – Raw Story 11/10/08

Officials Refuse to Provide Details on Secret Previous Bailout – ABC 10/1/08 

Federal Reserve Refuses to Identify the Recipients of $2 Trillion Worth of Emergency Loans – Bloomberg via Cryptogon 11/10/08

Fed Stonewalling on Giving Details About Collateral Accepted for Loans  – Implode Explode 11/8/08

Worse Than the Great Depression?  – Global Research 11/17/08 



Lessons from History

History of U.S. Gov’t Bailouts – ProPublica 10/14/08

The Corrupt Origins of Central Banking – von Mises Institute 11/5/08

What If US Collapses? Soviet Collapse Lessons Every American Needs To Know  – Madconomist 6/1/08

What was it like during the Great Depression? – Metafilter 9/29/08

University of Oregon Economist Mark Thoma links to interviews by Studs Terkel which deal with the Great Depression. All interviews in Real Player format.

The Rothschilds: The First Barons of Banking – Global Research 11/8/08



News & Analysis Round-up: The World Economy

RAND Lobbies Pentagon: Start War To Save U.S. Economy  – PrisonPlanet 10/30/08

“According to reports out of top Chinese mainstream news outlets, the RAND Corporation recently presented a shocking proposal to the Pentagon in which it lobbied for a war to be started with a major foreign power in an attempt to stimulate the American economy and prevent a recession.”…”Reportedly, the RAND proposal brazenly urged that a new war could be launched to benefit the economy, but stressed that the target country would have to be a major influential power, and not a smaller country on the scale of Afghanistan or Iraq.” 

US headed for a depression and dollar collapse – Market Skeptics 11/2/08

Collapse of US Financial System: The Setting up of a “New Dollar”?  – Global Research 10/26/08

Global Markets in Turmoil: Financial Warfare against Labor and Industry  – Global Research 10/26/08

Financial Implosion and the New American Century  – Global Research 10/26/08

Dr. Ignacy Nowopolski : Is the Global Economy a Mistake? an Interview with Paul Craig Roberts – CounterPunch 10/31/08

Causes and Solutions to the Global Financial Crisis – Global Research 11/3/08

Eric Toussaint : How the Food and Financial Crises are Interconnected – CounterPunch 10/29/08 

Mike Whitney : Meet the World’s New Currency – CounterPunch 10/28/08

The Bailout Lie Exposed: Financial “Big Boys” Never Intended To Lend Out Their Windfall – Global Research 10/28/08

Why the Institutions of Western Finance and Western Medicine are Both Doomed to Fail – NaturalNews 9/29/08

The U.S. financial crisis is a human rights issue  – Global Research 10/28/08 

The New Kleptocracy: Biggest “Giveaway” in American History – Global Research 10/28/08

Most corporations pay no US taxes – Reuters 8/12/08

The Government Accountability Office said 72 percent of all foreign corporations and about 57 percent of U.S. companies doing business in the United States paid no federal income taxes for at least one year between 1998 and 2005.  More than half of foreign companies and about 42 percent of U.S. companies paid no U.S. income taxes for two or more years in that period, the report said….About 25 percent of the largest U.S. companies paid no federal income taxes in 2005 despite $1.1 trillion in gross sales that year, they said.

Dow Average May Sink to 5,000 – Bloomberg 10/23/08

You don’t really own the shares you think you own – Metafilter 10/24/08

Sarkozy calls for halt to foreign ownership – Times UK 10/21/08

Feds probe Countrywide’s ‘VIP’ program – Implode Explode 10/30/08

‘Broke the buck’ fund returns $26 billion – CNN 10/31/08

The Five Most Wanted Rip-off Artists from Wall Street and Washington – Alternet 11/3/08

Insider’s Projects Drained Missile-Defense Millions  – NYTimes 10/11/08

How To Live in Your Car – WikiHow 

Uh Oh, the American Consumer Has Raised the White Flag – Alternet 10/31/08

The capitulation of the American consumer is coming at a particularly bad time. But it’s no use whining. What we need is a solution.

Why Big Banks May End up Buying Your City’s Public Water System – Alternet 10/31/08

Fed Expands Swap-O-Rama to Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, Singapore – Implode Explode 10/30/08

Earth on course for eco ‘credit crunch’ – Raw Story 10/29/08

Wheat Soars Most in 20 Years on Federal Reserve’s Rate Decrease – Bloomberg via Cryptogon 10/30/08

Countrywide: Your Fixed-Rate Loan is Set to Adjust  – Implode Explode 10/28/08 

Auditors: Private security in Iraq costs over $6B (AP)  – Yahoo 10/30/08

Europe Seeks Moratorium to Protect Public Water from Privatization Push– Alternet 11/1/08

Despite pressure for public control of water, the European Commission seems intent on privatization.  

Annals of Crony Capitalism – Global Research 11/4/08

JP Morgan & Goldman Sachs responsible for destruction of US financial system – Market Oracle, UK 10/16/08

U.S. warns banks that using bail-out money for pay and pensions to executives will be a criminal offence – Daily Mail, UK 10/31/08

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Capito-Feudalist News – Corporate Greed and Destruction


Government’s KBR probe goes beyond single bribery case – Houston Chronicle 9/4/08

Nikolas Kozloff : Making a Killing in Iraq: McCain and the Telecoms – CounterPunch 9/1/08

Strange Liberators: Militarism, Mayhem, and the Pursuit of Profit – Global Research 10/3/08

Private Military Contractors Writing the News? The Pentagon’s Propaganda at Its Worst – Alternet 10/17/08

Multibillion “Homeland Security” Market: Telecoms Assist in NSA Spy Operations – Global Research 9/11/08

Niche Telecom Providers Assisting NSA Spy Operations – Anti-Fascist Calling 9/10/08

Navy inspecting fighter jets after ‘fatigue cracks’ found – USA Today 10/24/08

The Navy says it will inspect fighter jets from Boeing after discovering “fatigue cracks” on more than a dozen aircraft

Blackwater Floats Private Navy To Fight Pirates  – Forbes 10/23/08

Big Brother: Radio frequency (RF) “Geolocation” of “Opponents” of the New World Order – Global Research 10/20/08



War and the Financial Crisis: Global Research’s Top 100 Stories – Global Research 10/6/08

Why Is the Government Keeping Key Documents About the Bailout Under Wraps? – Alternet 10/22/08

Bailout contracts contain redactions – Raw Story 10/21/08

The Financial Meltdown: This Time Is Different – Global Research 10/22/08

Banks Admit They’ll Keep on Hoarding Cash  – Global Research 10/21/08

CNBC confirms former Lehman’s CEO punched out at gym – Business & Media 10/10/08

Automakers Get $25 Billion U.S. Loan Program – BusinessWeek – 10/1/08
DealBook: Goldman, Morgan to Be Bank Holding Companies – NYTimes 9/21/08

Citi Has Massive Exposure To Lehman Debt  – Forbes 9/15/08

Graphic Of The Day: US Federal Energy Subsidies And Support, Fiscal Year 2007 – Treehugger 9/12/08

VIDEO: Goldman Sachs Bribed Senate To Pass Bailout Bill – Global Research 10/3/08

AIG Taps $90.3 Billion, Exceeding Original U.S. Loan – Implode Explode 10/23/08 

Lehman, UBS Among Firms That Helped U.S. Tax Dodge, Probe Says  – Implode Explode 9/11/08



Chevron lawyers indicted in Ecuador – Raw Story 9/13/08

Bayer on defensive in bee deaths – Global Research 9/8/08

The World Bank Botches Water Privatization Around the World – Alternet 9/22/08

Las Vegas Hummer Dealership Switches to SMART Cars and Vespa Scooters – Treehugger 9/12/08

Corporations Have Big Plans to Profit from Global Warming – Alternet 10/7/08

Only In America: Billboards Have Rights, Trees Don’t. – Treehugger 9/15/08 

Global Famine. Is It A Conspiracy? – Global Research 9/1/08

Hazardous Companies Forced to get Environmental Insurance in Argentina – Treehugger 10/22/08



Coca-Cola to Phase Out Toxic Sodium Benzoate in the U.K. – Natural News 9/15/08

Liver-Damaging Effects of Cholesterol Drug Zetia Hidden by Merck, FDA Documents Reveal – Natural News 9/4/08

Anti-Smoking Drug Chantix Causes Potentially Deadly Traffic Accidents – Natural News 9/23/08

What the Chemical Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know about Everyday Products – Alternet 9/15/08

Out of the total settlement, $745 million will go to settle personal injury cases, $60 million will cover settlements with attorneys general in the 33 states and the District of Columbia, and $89 million will cover consumer fraud class action cases over reimbursement for money spent on the two drugs. Two additional states, Louisiana and Mississippi, still have pending cases regarding Pfizer’s promotion of the drugs.



Digital TV: A Giveaway to Corporate Media – Alternet 8/28/08

Chapter Eleven of NAFTA Remains a Threat to National Sovereignty – Global Research 10/22/08

The change to Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, the last two independent investment banks, fundamentally alters the landscape of Wall Street.

Without Subsidies Coal & Oil Companies “Out of Business in a Couple Years”: Robert Kennedy Jr – Treehugger 9/17/08

10 things food biz keeps hush-hush – Raw Story 10/20/0

Sorry, Whistleblowers, You’re on Your Own – Center for Media and Democracy 9/4/08

The U.S. Labor Department has only “ruled in favor of [corporate] whistleblowers 17 times out of 1,273 complaints filed since 2002,” and has dismissed 841 cases.

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Alternative Solutions to the ‘Financial Crisis’

Christopher Ketcham : Let It Collapse! – CounterPunch 9/22/08

Paul Craig Roberts : A Possible Solution to the Economic Crisis – CounterPunch 10/10/08

Memo To US Government: Five Ways To Fix The Housing Industry – Treehugger 10/7/08

Let’s Just Say You Had $700 Billion to Spend – Alternet 10/9/08

A look at what we could do instead with $700 billion to spend fixing up our world.

The End of American Capitalism? 5 Economists Explain Where They Think the Financial Crisis Is Headed – Alternet 10/7/08

Five prominent economists with differing views share their thoughts on what’s happening and how bad the situation really is.

Is it Time to Rethink State-Ownership of Corporations? – Alternet 10/6/08

Five Alternative Bailout Plans – Mother Jones 9/26/08

Paulson: Mother of All Bail Outs Deserves Mother of all Convictions – Implode Explode 9/23/08

How about RICO-type actions and indictments, instead of buy-out and burying of the evidence?

Tax the Speculators: A Fair Plan for Economic Recovery – Alternet 9/22/08

Nobel winner: 6 ways to fix Wall Street – CNN 9/17/08

How to Save the U.S. Economy – Global Research 10/10/08

[Richard C. Cook is a former U.S. federal government analyst, whose career included service with the U.S. Civil Service Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, the Carter White House, NASA, and the U.S. Treasury Department.]
Following is the “Cook Plan”:
  1. Non-taxable vouchers should be issued at the rate of $1,000 per month per adult and $500 per month per child which may be used for food, housing, fuel, communications media, utilities, and educational services provided at outlets within the U.S. Distribution of vouchers may be delegated to state and local governments.
  2. Vouchers will be deposited by service providers and vendors only in a new network of local chartered savings banks—one for each county in the U.S. Deposits will be made to the bank in the county of the local point-of-sale.
  3. Banks will lend locally at zero-percent interest using voucher deposits as capitalization. The banks may create loans at a 1:10 reserve ratio with borrowers paying administrative fees only. Borrowers must provide a 20% down payment as collateral or purchase default insurance at 2% of the loan principal.
  4. Lending will be made only to business entities, including family or commercial farms, operating from an established location within the county. 

Looking for Coherent Analysis of the ‘Financial Crisis’?

Financial Meltdown 101 – Alternet 10/13/08

The Financial Meltdown from A-Z: A Glossary for the Economic Crisis – Alternet 10/16/08

The Dummy’s Guide to the US Banking Crisis – Implode Explode 9/24/08

“For those of you who want the 3-minute version of the present crisis, here it is in 20 short steps.”

Subprime mortgage primer — online comic – Boing Boing 9/24/08

AIG’s Dangerous Collapse: a Credit Derivatives Risk Primer – FinancialSense.com 9/17/08

Documented History of the Bubble – Metafilter 10/1/08

Care and Feeding of the Housing Bubble, in video. And for the detail ravenous types, a slow motion version  

Subprime crisis: A timeline – CNN 9/15/08 

The Home Mortgage Meltdown: The Real Reasons for the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Takeover – Global Research 9/11/08

State Capitalism Comes to America – Alternet 9/11/08

Nationalization of Fannie and Freddie: Most radical regime change in global economic and financial affairs in decades – Global Research 9/9/08

The Financial Meltdown: This Time Is Different – Global Research 10/22/08

Why the Bailout Won’t Do Anything for the Root of the Problem – Alternet 10/16/08

Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction: A $516 Trillion Derivatives ‘Time-Bomb’ – Global Research 10/13/08

Privatizing Profits and Socializing Losses: How the Rich are Staying Rich – Implode Explode 9/19/08

Boatloads of Trouble: How We Are Importing Our Way to Destruction– Alternet 9/5/08 

As our consumer goods travel thousands of miles by boat, train and truck, they’re leaving a trail of soot and cancer in their wake.

Strange Liberators: Militarism, Mayhem, and the Pursuit of Profit – Global Research 10/3/08

Stephen Martin : Shock and Awe in Economic Warfare – CounterPunch 10/10/08

Is the Federal Reserve Engaged in Acts of Economic Warfare Against America? – Natural News 10/8/08

Behind the Panic: Financial Warfare and the Future of Global Bank Power – Global Research 10/9/08

The Bailout Bill Will Do Nothing for the Real Economy – Global Research 10/6/08

Who Owns The Federal Reserve?  – Global Research 10/8/08

The Bailout: How Capitalism Killed Democracy – Alternet 10/4/08

We now face market forces uninhibited by democratic governance. The bailout is an aggressive attempt to trade democracy for autocracy.

Bailout Passes Senate; 9 Reasons That’s Bad News for You – Alternet 10/1/08

Forcing each American to fork over $2,200 at a time when median family income has declined by as much is no way to improve the economy.

Capitalism Triumphs Over Democracy as Bailout Passes the House – Alternet 10/3/08

War and the Financial Crisis: Global Research’s Top 100 Stories – Global Research 10/6/08

The Money Behind the Bailout Vote – Mother Jones 9/29/08

According to Maplight.org, House members who voted for the bailout received 54 percent more money from banks and securities firms than members who voted against it.

Mike Whitney : The People vs. the Banksters – CounterPunch 9/27/08

The Financial Wizardy of the Treasury Department – Mother Jones 9/25/08

The Finance Industry Has Fleeced the Government Throughout the History of the Republic – Alternet 9/24/08

A cautionary tale about politicos and financiers.

The Next Derivatives Bloodbath: Insurance Companies and Auto Makers – Global Research 10/12/08

The Edge of the Abyss: As Economic War Threatens  – Global Research 10/9/08

William Kaufman : Shattering the Glass-Steagall Act: the Bi-Partisan Origins of the Financial Crisis – CounterPunch 9/19/08

How SEC rule-exemptions led to the Wall St collapse – BoingBoing 9/18/08

“Plunder: Investigating Our Economic Calamity and the Subprime Scandal”  – Global Research 9/18/08

A New Role for the Fed: Investor of Last Resort – NYTimes 9/18/08

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There was something almost criminally pathetic about Alan Greenspan’s confession that he had “made a mistake” in believing that banks could adequately police themselves.

Wealth gap creating a social time bomb – Guardian, UK 10/23/08

Growing inequality in US cities could lead to widespread social unrest and increased mortality, says a new United Nations report on the urban environment.
In a survey of 120 major cities, New York was found to be the ninth most unequal in the world and Atlanta, New Orleans, Washington, and Miami had similar inequality levels to those of Nairobi, Kenya Abidjan and Ivory Coast. Many were above an internationally recognised acceptable “alert” line used to warn governments.