Latin American News Round-Up
November 17, 2009, 7:12 am
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Paraguayan President Replaces Military Leadership – NYTimes 11/6/09

Venezuela Strengthens Military Presence On Colombian Border  – Global Research 11/2/09

Honduras Deal Appears to Fall Apart – NYTimes 11/6/09

Honduran Coup Myths Dispelled  – CounterPunch 10/28/09

The Plot Thickens: Honduran Coup Regime and Landowning Elites Enlist the Support of Foreign Paramilitaries – Global Research 10/26/09

Official US Air Force Document Reveals the True Intentions Behind the US-Colombia Military Agreement  – Global Research 11/7/09

An official document from the Department of the US Air Force reveals that the military base in Palanquero, Colombia will provide the Pentagon with “…an opportunity for conducting full spectrum operations throughout South America…” This information contradicts the explainations offered by Colombian President Alvaro Uribe and the US State Department regarding the military agreement signed between the two nations this past October 30th.

Colombia Paramilitary, US Links Exposed  – Global Research 11/5/09

US Strategic Interests in Latin America: The Militarization of Colombia – Global Research 10/28/09

Ecuador Seeks Russian Aid Against U.S. Military Buildup In Colombia – Global Research 10/28/09

Argentina: Disappearing Farmers, Disappearing Food – Global Research 10/30/09

Top International News Round-Up

IMF chief hails ‘new era of collaborative global governance’ – Raw Story 10/4/09

Dead or Alive? Osama bin Laden: A Marketing Tool for US-NATO Military Operations – Global Research 9/11/09

Thinking the Unthinkable: NATO’s Global Military Roadmap – Global Research 10/3/09

An Imperial Strategy for a New World Order: The Origins of World War III – Global Research 10/15/09

Britain: Supranational Banking Organization May Be Needed – Reuters / Cryptogon 10/16/09

Dangerous Crossroads: U.S. Expands Asian NATO Against China, Russia – Global Research 10/17/09

Far from being an isolated case, the joint U.S-Indian operation is emblematic of unprecedented military cooperation between the two nuclear nations over the past few years, in fact a strategic military partnership whose major purposes are to supplant Russia as India’s decades-long main defense ally and arms supplier and to consolidate a U.S.-led military bloc in the Asia Pacific region aimed at containing China and furthering the encirclement of both that nation and Russia.

US to make Blackwater-style entry into Somalia – Global Research 10/17/09

Scientists Warn: South Africa to Run Out of Surface Water – Treehugger 9/30/09

AFRICOM: The Pentagon’s First Direct Military Intervention In Africa – Global Research 8/25/09

Money and Mandarin lessons fuel China’s African invasion – Independent, UK 10/15/09

US documents point to secret Japan nuclear pact – Agence France Presse / There Are No Sunglasses 10/14/09

China Detects Sarin Gas Along Border with North Korea – Cryptogon 10/10/09

Warning Ireland could become police state – There Are No Sunglasses 9/24/09

Former Director BBC Denounces Conspiracy Against Democracy – There Are No Sunglasses 9/23/09

Human guinea pigs! Israel Forces People to Drink Uranium?– Political Theatrics 9/25/09

Israel’s Nuclear Chronology – Nuclear Threat Initiative

VIDEO: Israel’s Nuclear Weapons Factory – Global Research 9/28/09

Goldstone Report Endorsed by UN Human Rights Council – Faster Times 10/16/09

The Faster Times has just learned that the United Nation’s Human Rights Council in Geneva has just voted to endorse the recommendations of the Goldstone Report in a special session held in Geneva. The Goldstone Report was the product of a UN investigation into Israel’s three week military operation codenamed “Cast Lead” that killed upwards of 1400 Palestinians in Gaza, between December 27, 2008 and January 18, 2009. The report calls for the UN Security Council to refer the matter to the International Criminal Court if the Israelis or Palestinians fail to investigate the alleged abuses themselves.

The vote in the Council was 25 states for, 6 against with 11 abstentions. The recommendations of the Goldstone report will now make its way to the General Assembly where it will be discussed and voted on. If it passes, the report will continue on to the UN Security Council, where it would again have to be voted on to go any further. Israel had lobbied hard to prevent the report’s passage, as the bulk of its findings implicate Israel for conducting alleged war crimes.

A copy of the Human Rights Council resolution can be read here

A copy of the Goldstone Report can be read here

The U.S. Invades and Occupies Pakistan – There Are No Sunglasses 8/30/09

Blackwater suspected of being in Pakistan – Wayne Madsen via Prison Planet 9/8/09

The Decapitation of Pakistan by Its Own Military! – Dissident Voice 10/5/09

Growing questions on death of Benazir Bhutto – There Are No Sunglasses 9/29/09

Head of U.N. Afghan Mission Acknowledges Election Fraud – NYTimes 10/11/09

The Deceit of Depleted Uranium use in Afghanistan – Uruknet 10/14/09

AfPak: War on Two Fronts – Global Research 10/14/09

I was ordered to cover up President Karzai election fraud, sacked UN envoy says – Times, UK 10/5/09

Is Bagram Obama’s New Secret Prison? – Prison Planet 9/17/09

Afghanistan: Where Empires Go to Die – Global Research 9/19/09

Afghanistan for Dummies – Information Clearinghouse 9/3/09

Obama Secretly Authorizes 13,000 More Troops to Afghanistan – Prison Planet 10/13/09

Obama announced in March that he would be sending 21,000 additional troops to Afghanistan. But in an unannounced move, the White House has also authorized — and the Pentagon is deploying — at least 13,000 troops beyond that number

Obama Rules Out ‘Biden Option’ on Afghanistan – Yahoo 10/8/09

In a meeting designed to reassure the most hawkish elements of Congress that the war in Afghanistan isn’t going to undergo any sort of radical change, President Obama has reportedly assured that the so-called “Biden Option” is officially off the table.  A long time advocate of war in Afghanistan, and indeed most everywhere else, Vice President Joe Biden has reportedly come to the conclusion that the disastrous war in Afghanistan is no longer worth the effort and has been advocating more scaled back goals and a refocusing of attacks along the Pakistani border

Colombian paramilitaries killed 25,000 people: report – Global Research 10/3/09

Imperial Globalization and Social Movements in Latin America – Global Research 10/17/09

Mercenaries and paramilitaries arrive in Honduras – There Are No Sunglasses 10/13/09

Chemicals, Sonic devices being used in Honduras – Narco News 9/29/09

In El Salvador, An Invasion of American Agriculture – There Are No Sunglasses 9/23/09

Hitman: $25 million bounty on Hugo Chavez – Political Theatrics 9/27/09

Pre and Post-Coup Honduras – Global Research 9/8/09

Worth Watching: Argentina’s Disappeared – The Progressive 9/22/09


US Special Forces briefing to Congressman Miller exposes involvement in 19 Latin American countries during 2009 including Honduras, 17 May 2009 – Wikileaks 5/17/09

Latin America: Social Movements in Times of Economic Crises – Global Research 8/12/09

U.S. Privatizes Colombian War with its Transnational Mercenaries – There Are No Sunglasses 8/13/09

What Kind of “Hope” Is Obama Offering to Latin American Countries Still Traumatized by U.S. Empire? – Alternet 7/10/09

CIA Organization Linked to Plot Against Evo Morales – Political Affairs Magazine 5/18/09

The Bolivian district attorney’s office has identified Hugo Achá Melgar who, according to the AFP news agency, is Bolivia’s representative to the U.S. Human Rights Foundation (HRF), as providing the bulk of the funds for the terrorist gang foiled in Santa Cruz while plotting to assassinate President Evo Morales.  The HRF is a New York-based nongovernmental organization known for its activities of interference and CIA links.

Nikolas Kozloff : Chiquita in Latin America: From Arbenz to Zelaya – CounterPunch 7/17/09

More Human Rights Allegations Against Mexican Army – Mother Jones 7/8/09

[analysis] Venezuela: A “Critical Evaluation” of the Bolivarian Process III – Summary – VenezuelAnalysis 7/9/09

Washington behind the Honduras coup: Here is the evidence – Global Research 7/15/09

Mel Zelaya Admits His Election Was Rigged – Proceso Digital 10/3/08

(An older piece in Spanish, but something that has been overlooked by those who have turned Mel Zelaya into a martyr.) “…President Zelaya of Honduras admitted his election was rigged, and that up to 10% of the votes that counted for him in his election were bought. Zelaya won by a narrow 4% margin. He begun the conversation by stating that every single Honduran election in the past 30 years was fraudulent. He claimed insider knowledge of this by observing his own party.

Honduras Coup: the US Connection – Global Research 7/26/09

Surreal Honduras: Putting the Narrative Together in the Local Press – Dissident Voice 7/24/09

Honduras: Photo-essays of ongoing crisis by James Rodriguez – Boing Boing 7/6/09

Compromising Democracy in Honduras – Global Research 7/9/09

Message from President Zelaya to the Honduran people, (from Sunday July 5) – Axis of Logic 7/11/09

High Stakes in Honduras  – CounterPunch 7/9/09

Honduran leader headed home – Raw Story 7/16/09

Zelaya plans to raise alternate government, preps for ‘final battle.’

Honduran Coup Pits Power vs. People – Consortium News 7/7/09

Honduran coup resistance ‘growing’ – Raw Story 7/7/09

HRW: Honduran soldiers fired on unarmed crowd – Raw Story 7/8/09

Nikolas Kozloff : Honduran Destablization, Inc.: Otto Reich and the International Republican Institute – CounterPunch 7/9/09