100,000 Western Troops: US Shifts Counterinsurgency To Asia – Global Research 7/2/09 

US Strategy of Total Energy Control over the European Union and Eurasia – Global Research 7/17/09

New Evidence that Bush Administration Impeded 3 Investigations into Alleged Massacre of Up to 2,000 Prisoners in Afghanistan  – Fresno, CA Bee 7/11/09

Military Escalation: From Afghanistan To the Caspian Sea and Central Asia – Global Reearch 7/10/09

Troops to be sent to Helmand, Afghanistan with just 6 weeks’ training – Daily Mail, UK 8/23/09

Private contractors replacing troops in Iraq, Afghanistan – Examiner 7/15/09

VIDEO: CIA linked to Benazir Bhutto’s assassination? – Global Research 7/14/09

India Joins Russia, China in Questioning U.S. Dollar Dominance – Bloomberg 7/4/09

Tamils Now Languish in Sri Lanka Camps – NYTimes 7/13/09

China, Russia launch large-scale war games – Global Research 7/22/09

Obama’s Visit to Moscow as a Step in the “Grand Game” – Global Research 7/9/09

Russia to give ‘asymmetric’ answer to possible U.S. space militarization: minister  – Global Research 6/17/09

World Briefing | Europe: Russia: Medvedev Announces Programs of Religious Education in Schools – NYTimes 7/22/09

US, NATO, Israeli Military Aid to Georgian Armed Forces  – Global Research 7/30/09

South Ossetia Tries to Disarm Its Citizens – NYTimes 8/15/09

Russia warns of war within a decade over Arctic oil and gas riches – Times UK 5/14/09

The Kremlin has insisted that it is not “militarising the Arctic” but its warnings of armed conflict suggest that it is willing to defend its interests by force if necessary as global warming makes exploitation of the region’s energy riches more feasible.

History Too Long Denied: Japan’s Unresolved Colonial Past and Today’s North Korea Problem – G obal Research 7/22/09

How George Bush Gave Krazy Kim The Bomb – PrisonPlanet 5/27/09

NK warns of ‘dark clouds’ of war – Raw Story 6/25/09

Japan panel wants “first strikes” against enemies – Raw Story 5/24/09

Japan’s Embrace of a Phony War on Terror – Global Research 6/5/09

10,000 Chinese Rioters ‘Go Missing’ Overnight – Sky, UK 8/5/09

China plant stormed over lead poisoning of children – Prison Planet 8/17/09

Japanese cops hassling foreigners on the street for urine drug tests  – Boing Boing 7/1/09 

India, China, Russia News Round-up


India to give U.S. Mumbai “evidence” against Pakistan (Reuters)  – Yahoo 1/4/09

The sophistication of the Mumbai attack points to the involvement of “state actors” in Pakistan, India’s home minister said on Sunday, ahead of a visit to the United States with a dossier of evidence.

India unveils economic boost plan – BBC 1/2/09

Brazil, Russia, India and China: BRIC Nations Expected to Drive 70% of Global Growth – Global Research 12/27/08

Indian PM Manmohan Singh accuses Pakistan agencies of supporting Mumbai terror attacks – Guardian, UK 1/6/09

Indian Mumbai dossier details gunmen’s calls with handlers – Guardian, UK 1/7/09 



Army phone links China and Russia – BBC 12/29/08

A new military hotline between Beijing and Moscow has been used for the first time, according to reports in Chinese media.

China employs army of piece-rate ‘netizens’ for online thought control – Tibetan Review 1/4/09

Japanese Rating Agency Chief Recommends Marshall Plan for US – Implode Explode 12/24/08

Japan Should Scrap U.S. Debt; Dollar May Plummet, Mikuni Says  – Bloomberg 12/24/08

Japan to pull military from Iraq by year’s end – CNN 11/27/08

Asia Economic Crisis: Spotlight on Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam – Implode Explode 12/27/08

The Great Dragon Awakens: China Challenges American Hegemony– Global Research 1/6/09

China seen facing wave of unrest in 2009 (Reuters)  – Yahoo 1/6/09

Corporate Profits Plummet In Japan  – Forbes 1/1/09

Operating profits slump 23% after peaking in early 2007. 

Brazil, Russia, India and China: BRIC Nations Expected to Drive 70% of Global Growth – Global Research 12/27/08

China says lending to US will not go on forever – AFP/Yahoo 12/17/08



New law in Russia ends jury trials for ‘crimes against state’ – LA Times 1/2/09

President Dmitry Medvedev signs the controversial measure with little publicity. A pending Putin-backed law widens the definition of treason. Government critics fear the stage is set for a crackdown.

Georgia says to sign partnership pact with U.S. Jan. 9 – AtheoNews 1/5/09

Ruble Falls to Record Low Versus Euro as Russia Weakens Defense – Bloomberg 12/29/08

Army phone links China and Russia – BBC 12/29/08

A new military hotline between Beijing and Moscow has been used for the first time, according to reports in Chinese media.

Russia to axe some weapons if U.S. abandons shield (Reuters)  – Yahoo 12/19/08

Russia offers fighter jets to Lebanon as gifts – Guardian, UK 12/17/08

Kremlin Rules: Electoral Rot Nearby? The Russians Don’t See It – NYTimes 12/17/08

In bolstering authoritarian regimes in neighboring states, the Kremlin helps create the illusion of democracy.

Russia wants warships around the world – Raw Story 1/4/09

Russia’s military leaders approved a plan by the navy on Sunday to station warships permanently in friendly ports across the globe

Brazil, Russia, India and China: BRIC Nations Expected to Drive 70% of Global Growth – Global Research 12/27/08

Russians Buy Jewelry, Hoard Dollars as Ruble Plunges – Implode Explode 12/11/08

Financial Fraud: Corruption scandal over Ukraine’s emission money – Global Research 12/20/08

Estonia votes to vote by phone – CNet 12/13/08

Cold War Shivers. US-NATO clash with Russia – Global Research 12/23/08

Russia accuses foreign nationals in Georgia war – USA Today 12/23/08

Russian investigators on Tuesday charged that volunteers from the United States and a number of other countries fought on the side of Georgia in its war against Russia.  Russian news agencies reported that Aleksandr Bastyrkin, chairman of an investigative committee with the Russian prosecutor’s office, said the mercenaries included nationals of the U.S., Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Turkey.

Russia commissions 70+ new nukes – Raw Story 12/22/08

Putin says ‘cheap gas era’ ending – BBC 12/23/08

Obama and US-Russia Tensions – Consortium News 12/14/08

President-elect Barack Obama’s choice of Robert Gates at Defense and Hillary Clinton at State suggests continuation of policies that have strained U.S.-Russian relations.

Oligarchs Seek $78 Billion as Credit Woes Help Putin – Bloomberg 12/22/08

Ukraine’s “Orange” elite reunites to impose IMF-dictated austerity measures – Global Research 12/23/08

World News Round-Up: Russia, Georgia, Ukraine
December 15, 2008, 7:39 pm
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US starts New Cold War with Russia: The New Arms Race  – Global Research 12/4/08

Russia, Argentina sign cooperation deals – Raw Story 12/1/08

India, Russia ink nuclear deal – Raw Story 12/5/08

Russian ship enters Panama Canal – BBC 12/6/08

A Russian warship becomes the first to traverse the Panama Canal since World War II, in a symbolic message to the US.

Putin: no need for Cuban, Venezuelan bases – BreitBart 12/4/08

Ukraine and Georgia: Entry into NATO Put Off Indefinitely – Global Research 12/4/08

Georgian President Saakashvili: “we started the war” – Global Research 11/30/08

Russia to buy out mortgages from banks – Raw Story 12/3/08

Russia says U.S. mercenaries, others fought for Georgia (Reuters)  – Yahoo 11/24/08

Two Presidents Say They Encountered Gunfire – NYTimes 11/23/08

Presidents Mikheil Saakashvili of Georgia and Lech Kaczynski of Poland said their motorcade met gunfire at a Russian checkpoint near the South Ossetian boundary.

EU, NATO Concerned as Kaczynski Accuses Russia of Shooting  – Deutsche Welle 11/24/08

NATO and the EU have expressed concern after shots were fired Sunday at a convoy carrying the Georgian and Polish presidents near South Ossetia. Poland’s leader Lech Kaczynski later pointed the finger at Russia.

Russia to drill for oil in Cuban waters – Raw Story 11/25/08


American Elections

The Invisible Election – Alternet 11/18/08

The 2008 presidential election did not end with a contested vote count, but that doesn’t mean it went smoothly for voters or election officials.

Consensus Builds for Universal Voter Registration – Alternet 11/19/08

More Unfinished 2008 Election Business: Verifiable Vote Counts – Alternet 11/25/08

The ongoing Senate races in Minnesota and Georgia highlight America’s disparate systems of voting and auditing the count.

 Election Day fell short – The Progressive 11/24/08

Democracy never intended for a simple majority of the people to take away the fundamental rights of the minority. A cornerstone of democracy is found in the belief that our Constitution, and not our contempt, should be the driving force insuring equality for all.

Minn. Senate race could hinge on scanning machine mistakes – CNet 11/19/08 

Franken worries about missing ballots – Politico 11/25/08

Franken camp finds 6,400 uncounted absentee ballots – Raw Story 11/25/08

Allegations about 2002 Georgia election raise doubts on current voting – Raw Story 11/21/08

Republicans Turn to Dirty Tactics in Georgia – Alternet 11/23/08

Updates from the Cold Front

Events are moving quickly, keep up…

Iranian Trump Card. Russia Can Take Control of Persian Gulf – Global Research 9/1/08

Georgia: Join Treaty Banning Cluster Munitions – Human Rights Watch 8/31/08

Both Georgia and Russia used cluster bomb munitions during the August conflict.

Is Putin Right on US Politics and Georgia? – Consortium News 8/31/08

Russia Claims Its Sphere of Influence in the World– NYTimes 8/31/08

In a speech, Russian President Dmitri A. Medvedev said he rejected “unipolar” U.S. dominance of world affairs.

Russian rules – BBC 9/1/08

Were American Mercenaries Fighting Against the Russians in Georgia? – Washington Post via Cryptogon 8/29/08

The 2008 Crisis in the Caucasus: A Unified Timeline, August 7-16.  – Global Research 8/30/08

Russia May Cut Off Oil Flow to the West – Telegraph UK via Cryptogon 8/28/08

Kremlin announces that South Ossetia will join ‘one united Russian state’ – Times, UK 8/30/08

Russia confirms that it seized US intelligence equipment  – via WUFYS 8/30/08

Military help for Georgia is a ‘declaration of war’, says Moscow in extraordinary warning to the West – ThisIsLondon, UK 8/27/08


Why I had to recognise Georgia’s breakaway regions  – by Russian President Dmitri Medvedev in Financial Times, UK 8/26/08


Russia faces fresh condemnation – BBC 8/27/08

Seven of the world’s top industrialised nations deplore Russia’s decision to recognise Georgia’s breakaway regions.


Russia long-range missile test a success (Reuters)  – Yahoo 8/28/08


NATO naval build-up in Black Sea Threatens Russia – Global Research 8/27/08


Russia: Cold turkey on U.S. chicken – CNN 8/27/08


Georgia War Hits Russian Investment – Business Week 8/27/08


Georgia: S. Ossetia ethnic cleansing nearly done (AP)  – Yahoo 8/28/08


Putin: U.S. orchestrated Georgian war – CNN 8/28/08


Russia-U.S. nuclear deal likely to be put on hold – USA Today 8/27/08


Paul Craig Roberts : Is War With Russia on the Agenda? – CounterPunch 8/26/08


Militarism and a Uni-polar World – Global Research 8/26/08

News & Analysis Of The Ever-Widening Global War Of Terror

Paul Craig Roberts : Are You Ready for Nuclear War? – CounterPunch 8/19/08


Don’t Know Much About History – US studies empires of the past – Mother Jones 8/4/08

Lesson #1: They always fall.


Reinventing the Evil Empire  – Global Research 8/25/08


A Newer World Order – Dissident Voice 8/23/08


Making Money on a New Cold War – ConsortiumNews 8/23/08


The Eurasian Corridor: Pipeline Geopolitics and the New Cold War – Global Research 8/22/08


Blockades: Acts of War  – Global Research 8/18/08


Interactive Map – Mission CREEP: US Military Presence Worldwide – Mother Jones


Pentagon Opens New Spy Shop – Global Research 8/10/08


West Point: Combating Terrorism Center publications – Metafilter 8/8/08


Get Your War On, the animated series – BoingBoing 7/31/08


Vision 2015: Consolidation of Intelligence Into Global Intel Network – Global Research 8/6/08


Global Domination: The Missing Manual – Metafilter 8/5/08


As America Collapses US Government Secret Plans Revealed – Dprogram blog 5/21/08

Must read.


Land of Nukes and Noodles: North Korea Digs In Its Heels – Mother Jones 8/26/08


North Korea angry as S.Korea, U.S. start military drills (Reuters) – Yahoo 8/18/08 


US must share power in new world order, says Turkey’s controversial president – Guardian, UK 8/16/08


How Big Brother watches your every move – Telegraph, UK 8/17/08

In our ever-growing surveillance society, the average Briton is being recorded 3,000 times a week.




 News Analysis: U.S. Sees Much to Fear in a Hostile Russia – NYTimes 8/22/08


Russia recognises South Ossetia, Abkhazia as independent (AFP)  – Yahoo 8/26/08


the day after the Russian parliament voted unanimously to ask Medvedev to do so 


Russia warns Moldova against “Georgian mistake” – Reuters 8/25/08


The Puppet Masters Behind Georgia President Saakashvili – The People’s Voice 8/21/08


Sheldon Richman : What About the Ossetians? – CounterPunch 8/26/08


Nuclear Chicken in Poland: Putin Can’t Afford to Back Down – Global Research 8/24/08


US Missiles in Poland – A Catastrophe in the Making – Times UK 8/16/08

“Donald Tusk, Poland’s Prime Minister, could not have chosen his words better when he told his countrymen: “We have crossed the Rubicon.” He was speaking after the signing of an agreement with America to base ten US interceptor missiles on Polish soil, ostensibly to protect the West against rogue states such as Iran. To clinch the deal, the US also agreed to boost Poland’s defence with Patriot missiles and to conclude a mutual defence treaty “in case of trouble”.”


Russians dig major fortifications in Georgia – USA Today 8/21/08


Syria: we’ll host Russian missile system  – Russia Today 8/21/08


US guided missile destroyer on way to Georgia – MParent 8/21/08


U.S.’ Gates dismisses Russian warnings to Poland (Reuters) – Yahoo 8/17/08





White Paper Justifying Iraq War Written Three Months before Intel Report Arrived – Dissident Voice 8/26/08


U.N. says has evidence air strikes killed 90 Afghans (Reuters)  – Yahoo 8/26/08


Pentagon Plans to Send More Than 12,000 Additional Troops to Afghanistan – US News and World Report 8/19/08 

Gates Pushing Plan to Double Afghan Army – NYTimes 8/8/08

China begins work on $900 million power plant and agrees to develop oil field in southern Iraq – Azzaman 8/16/08


Private Contractors Have Banked $100 Billion Since Iraq Invasion – Mother Jones 8/12/08


KBR bans cell phone use, silences rape victims – Feministe 8/8/08


Auditors question Blackwater contracts – Raw Story 8/12/08


Are Contractors in War Zones Above the Law? – Alternet 8/7/08

“Numerous private civilian contractors have died in Iraq under KBR’s watch, yet the firm is immune from U.S. law. “


U.S. refuses Israel weapons to attack Iran: report (Reuters) – Reuters/Yahoo 8/12/08


Iran War: Armada of US and allied naval battle groups head for the Persian Gulf – Global Research 8/12/08

Rice on possible IDF Iran strike: U.S. has no veto over Israeli military ops – Haaretz, Israel 8/7/08

U.S. says further “punitive” steps against Iran needed (Reuters) – Reuters/Yahoo 8/6/08

Use of Iraq Contractors Costs Billions, Report Says – NYTimes 8/12/08

US, Iraqi forces wall off Sadr City – Raw Story 8/10/08

A Glossary of Iraq Euphemisms – American Prospect via MParent 8/6/08

International News Round-Up
August 22, 2008, 6:06 am
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A new world order: The week Russia flexed its military muscle – Indepedent, UK 8/20/08

A six-day conflict in the Caucasus mountains has transformed the international balance of power, with Russia now looking stronger than ever. But what sparked it? Diplomatic Editor Anne Penketh reveals how the Georgian government walked straight into a trap set by Moscow – and considers the consequences of the first war in Europe for a decade.


Mixed Truth of the Russia-Georgia War – ConsortiumNews 8/20/08


Russian aircraft carrier heads to Syria – Macedonia Online 8/21/08  


Norway: Russia to cut all military ties with NATO (AP)  – Yahoo 8/20/08 


Russo-phobia: A Political Pathology – Antiwar 8/18/08


India, Russia sign protocol on military technical cooperation – KUNA, Kuwait 8/19/08


Russia takes control of Turkmen (world?) gas – Global Research 8/16/08


Moscow riled over U.S. missile pact with Poland – Houston Chronicle 8/20/08


US missile defence system aimed at Russia: Medvedev (AFP) – Yahoo 8/15/08


Russia’s Novolipetsk buys U.S. steel company – USA Today 8/13/08


Look beyond Georgia – Khaleej Online, UAE 8/20/08


Caucasus War Games – Global Research 8/19/08


U.S., U.K. hinder UN resolution on S. Ossetia – Russia  – Global Research 8/18/08


Pentagon Plans to Send More Than 12,000 Additional Troops to Afghanistan – US News and World Report 8/19/08 


Venezuela promises Paraguay ‘all the oil it needs’ – Raw Story 8/16/08


Liberia: CIA agents executed 1980 coup – AllAfrica 8/6/08


Fragile Alliances, the “Citizen’s Revolution,” and the Future of Ecuador – Dissident Voice 8/13/08


Venezuela nationalises cement firms – BBC 8/18/08


‘Water wars’ – BBC 8/18/08

Severe drought heightens Spain’s environmental fears


Brazil’s farms see quiet revolution – BBC 8/20/08


Vision 2015: Consolidation of Intelligence Into Global Intel Network – Global Research 8/6/08


Global Domination: The Missing Manual – Metafilter 8/5/08


Navy says sub leaked radiation since 2006 – CNN 8/7/08