News Round-Up: American Imperialism in the Middle East

Obama Ordered U.S. Military Strike on Yemen Terrorists

Iran Had a Democracy Before We Took It Away

US to ’simulate’ technically impossible attack by Iran

Obama told China: I can’t stop Israel strike on Iran indefinitely

U.S. President Barack Obama has warned his Chinese counterpart that the United States would not be able to keep Israel from attacking Iranian nuclear installations for much longer, senior officials in Jerusalem told Haaretz.

They said Obama warned President Hu Jintao during the American’s visit to Beijing a month ago as part of the U.S. attempt to convince the Chinese to support strict sanctions on Tehran if it does not accept Western proposals for its nuclear program.


Fake Al Qaeda

“The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive the TV watcher to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US . . .” — Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook

Airforce gets new 30,000 pound bomb for Iran

Toxic munitions cause of baby deaths and deformities in Fallujah

Iraq inquiry: Blair told Bush he was willing to join, 11 months before war

Iraq report: Secret papers reveal blunders and concealment

On the eve of the Chilcot inquiry into Britain’s involvement in the 2003 invasion and its aftermath, The Sunday Telegraph has obtained hundreds of pages of secret Government reports on “lessons learnt” which shed new light on “significant shortcomings” at all levels.

They include full transcripts of extraordinarily frank classified interviews in which British Army commanders vent their frustration and anger with ministers and Whitehall officials.

Leaked documents reveal No 10 cover-up over Iraq invasion

 Military commanders are expected to tell the inquiry into the Iraq war, which opens on Tuesday, that the invasion was ill-conceived and that preparations were sabotaged by Tony Blair’s government’s attempts to mislead the public.

They were so shocked by the lack of preparation for the aftermath of the invasion that they believe members of the British and US governments at the time could be prosecuted for war crimes by breaching the duty outlined in the Geneva convention to safeguard civilians in a conflict, the Guardian has been told.

Officials knew WMD evidence was tainted

Study: Bushies Lied 935 Times to Sell Iraq Invasion

Tony Blair admits: I would have invaded Iraq anyway

 Tony Blair has said he would have invaded Iraq even without evidence of weapons of mass destruction and would have found a way to justify the war to parliament and the public.

The former prime minister made the confession during an interview with Fern Britton, to be broadcast on Sunday on BBC1, in which he said he would still have thought it right to remove Saddam Hussein from power.

“If you had known then that there were no WMDs, would you still have gone on?” Blair was asked. He replied: “I would still have thought it right to remove him [Saddam Hussein]”.

Iraqi cab driver was source for Iraq WMD claim, British MP says

Indiana soldier is first to die of toxic exposure in Iraq

If Lt. Col. Jim Gentry and his doctors were right about the cause of his cancer, the Indiana National Guard officer didn’t die for his country — he died for defense contractor KBR.

Gentry’s death from lung cancer last week is being recorded as the US’s first fatality from exposure to a cancer-causing toxin in Iraq, according to the Evansville, Indiana, Courier & Press.

In 2003, Gentry commanded a 600-strong force providing security for KBR’s refittal of the Qarmat Ali water-pumping plant, which provided water needed for oil extraction. Gentry and others claim that during that time they were exposed to hexavalent chromium, a cancer-causing toxin that the Iraqis who had built the plant had used as anti-corrosive material.

In a lawsuit filed last year, Gentry and 15 other plaintiffs said KBR, at the time a subsidiary of Halliburton, was aware that soldiers and civilian contractors were being exposed to hexavalent chromium months before they told the people working at the site.

Researchers have linked hexavalent chromium to lung cancer and leukemia, as well as a variety of liver and kidney problems. It’s the same compound that poisoned residents of Hinkley, California, in a case that was made famous by the movie Erin Brockovich.


News Round-Up: American Imperialism Around the World

News Round-up: American Imperialism in AfPak Region

UK & EU Fascism News Round-Up

Steps Toward The American Police State are Always Tried-Out in Britain First – There Are No Sunglasses 10/27/09

Now safety police want to check all our smoke alarms  – Daily Mail, UK 11/9/09

Family homes could be invaded by health and safety inspectors checking that parents are keeping their children safe.

Whitehall is recommending that inspectors make sure parents have fitted smoke alarms, stair gates, locks on medicine cupboards, windows and ovens, and temperature controls to stop bath water getting too hot.

The proposed scheme was condemned by critics yesterday as a nightmarish intrusion into family life

Police report pregnant woman to social services over half-decorated home  – Prison Planet 11/10/09

DNA of innocent still to be retained for six years  – Prison Planet 11/11/09

Britain: State to ‘Spy’ on Every Phone Call, Email and Web Search  – Telegraph, UK via Cryptogon 11/11/09

Citizen snoopers recruited to spy on Londoners  – Prison Planet 11/13/09

Sacked – for telling the truth about drugs  – Alethon News 11/2/09

The Government’s drugs tsar was forced to resign last night for stating his view that cannabis, ecstasy and LSD were less harmful than the legal drugs tobacco and alcohol.

The outrageous truth slips out: Labour cynically plotted to transform the entire make-up of Britain without telling us  – Daily Mail, UK 10/29/09

Report: UK police categorize political activists as ‘domestic extremists’  – Raw Story 10/25/09

Police in £9m scheme to log ‘domestic extremists’  – Guardian, UK 10/25/09

Police are gathering the personal details of thousands of activists who attend political meetings and protests, and storing their data on a network of nationwide intelligence databases.

Europe’s own surveillance state  – Prison Planet 11/2/09

Netherlands to Tax Drivers by the Kilometer; GPS Trackers in Every Vehicle  – AFP via Cryptogon 11/14/09

Colour-Coded Revolutions and the Origins of World War III   – Global Research 11/3/09

International News Round-up: UK Fascism, Israel & Palestine, genocide in Sri Lanka, and more

atrocity archives – via Metafilter 2/21/09

EU, NATO, US: 21st Century Alliance For Global Domination – Global Research 2/19/09

CSTO – a NATO for the East? – Global Research 2/9/09

War without Borders: A Geopolitical Assessment of NATO – Global Research 4/2/09 

NATO’s Sixty Year Legacy: Threat Of Nuclear War In Europe – Global Research 3/31/09

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Unveils Global Governance Agenda  – Global Research 3/31/09

Human Slavery Thriving in the Shadows – Alternet 2/23/09

Over 10 million people around the world are victims of human trafficking.

Bolivia: National Revolution and “Communitarian Socialism” – Global Research 4/25/09

Exclusive Interview with El Salvador’s New President on Ending 130 Years of Oligarchy and Military Rule  – Alternet 3/18/09

El Salvador’s Quiet Revolution – Mother Jones 3/16/09

Sri Lankan Humanitarian Crisis Deserves Attention – The Progressive 4/24/09

Killings and Concentration Camps: A Colossal Humanitarian Tragedy is Underway in Sri Lanka and No One is Saying a Word – Alternet 4/1/09 

US, China and the war in Sri Lanka – Global Research 3/24/09

Secret Aussie blacklist leaked – The Register, UK 3/30/09

The inevitable has happened – the secret Australian blacklist of banned websites has been published on the internet.

The list contains some 2,395 sites about half of which do not contain child sexual abuse images. It includes online poker sites, fetish, satanic and Christian sites, Wikipedia pages, gay and straight pornography, a travel operator and even the website for a Queensland dentist.

UAE royal caught torturing man on video – Boing Boing 4/23/09

A video showing a member of the United Arab Emirates’ royal family torturing a man with whips, electrocution and a nail-spiked board has been released. The Minister of the Interior (one of the torturer’s brothers) reviewed the recording and concluded “all rules, policies and procedures were followed correctly by the Police Department.” A man in a UAE police uniform is seen on the tape tying the victim’s arms and legs, and later holding him down as the Sheikh pours salt on the man’s wounds and then drives over him with his Mercedes SUV.

In a statement to ABC News, the UAE Ministry of the Interior said it had reviewed the tape and acknowledged the involvement of Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al Nahyan, brother of the country’s crown prince, Sheikh Mohammed.

Coca-Cola Crisis in India – Desert Peace 4/21/09

Communities across India are under assault from Coca-Cola practices in the country. A pattern has emerged as a result of Coca-Cola’s bottling operations in India.  

Somalia: You Are Being Lied to About Pirates – Global Research 4/15/09 

A Taste of AFRICOM: Somalia did find peace and tried to stop piracy until the US bombed the shit out of it in 2006  – Blog Catalog 4/17/09

In 2006 “the CIA propagated that Al-Qaeda had made its base in Somalia where three senior leaders were residing. CIA then encouraged Ethiopia to invade Somalia in support of weak TFG forces (Transitional Federal Government) against UIC fighters (Union of Islamic Courts) and promised to provide intelligence and air cover. Ethiopian troops backed by USA invaded Somalia on 28 December 2006. The UIC was quickly defeated in a sweeping offensive and the six-month peace period was shattered. It was believed that the UIC leadership fled into Kenya or to Yemen and the hard-line fighters cached their arms and melded back into their clans leaving the mostly untrained, new recruits to face the Ethiopian troops.

Why Spain Can Actually Prosecute Bush and Co. for Their Crimes – Alternet 4/10/09



Israeli army ordered to devise Iran war  – Global Research 3/17/09

US Army Confirms Israeli Has Nukes – Military.com 3/18/09

Israel Treated Gaza Like Its Own Private Death Laboratory – Alternet 2/13/09

Israel tested out a “focused lethality” weapon that minimizes explosive damage to structures while inflicting catastrophic wounds on its victims.

War and Natural Gas: The Israeli Invasion and Gaza’s Offshore Gas Fields – Global Research 2/20/09

Israel engaged in covert war inside Iran: report (Reuters)  -Yahoo 2/17/09

A Short History of the Israeli – Palestinian Conflict: Past Is Prologue– Global Research 2/8/09 

Israeli FM: US Will Accept Any Israeli Decision – AntiWar 4/24/09

In particular, Lieberman insisted that despite America’s support for the “two-state solution” which the Israeli administration has rejected, President Obama will not put forth any new peace initiatives unless Israel wants them to. “Believe me,” Lieberman declared, “American accepts all our decisions.” 



Spy chief: We risk a police state – Telegraph, UK 2/19/09

Dame Stella Rimington, the former head of MI5, has warned that the fear of terrorism is being exploited by the Government to erode civil liberties and risks creating a police state.

We are all extremists now – Guardian, UK 2/21/09

The government is criminalising legitimate dissent under the guise of fighting ‘extremism’, a word for which it has no definition.

Secret Police Unit to Spy on British ‘Domestic Extremists’– Daily Mail , UK via Cryptogon 2/9/09

A secret police intelligence unit has been set up to spy on Left-wing and Right-wing political groups. The Confidential Intelligence Unit (CIU) has the power to operate across the UK and will mount surveillance and run informers on ‘domestic extremists’.

Activists: UK nearly a police state – Raw Story 2/28/09

DNA of 1.1m children on database – Guardian, UK 2/26/09

Schools use ‘crowd control’ bouncers – Guardian, UK 4/12/09

Bouncers, ex-soldiers and former police officers are being brought into schools to provide “crowd control” and cover absent teachers’ lessons, a teacher has revealed.

One school, thought to be in London, employed two permanent cover teachers through an agency for professional doormen, the National Union of Teachers annual conference in Cardiff heard today.

Bouncers, who more usually work nights keeping order in pubs and clubs, are being employed in schools because they are “stern and loud”, said Andrew Baisley, a teacher at Haverstock school in Camden, north London.

“I know of bouncers being employed specifically because they are bouncers to cover lessons,” he told the conference.

Recruitment agencies are advertising for people with “ex-marine, prison officer, bouncer, policeman, fireman” backgrounds to become supervisors, who do not need to have any teaching qualifications to oversee lessons.

‘Will you open fire on UK citizens?’ Army personnel being asked – Green Gorilla47 4/9/09

European News Round Up
February 21, 2009, 2:14 pm
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European leaders ‘tremble’ at protests – Raw Story 1/31/09

Greece paralysed as farmers ratchet up protests – Global Research 1/28/09

A million on strike as France feels pinch – Guardian, UK 1/30/09

French left forms anti-capitalist party – Raw Story 2/7/09

Icelandic government becomes first to be brought down by the credit crunch – Daily Mail, UK 1/23/09

World Agenda: riots in Iceland, Latvia and Bulgaria are a sign of things to come – Times, UK 1/21/09

Economic Crisis and Social Turbulence in the Baltic States – Global Research 1/18/09

Ukraine prepares national program of integration into NATO – Global Research 1/28/09

UK Cabinet Minister: ‘The banks are fucked, we’re fucked, the country’s fucked.’  – Guardian, UK via Cryptogon 1/22/09

Second Danish bank bailout in four months – Global Research 1/23/09

Government urged to come clean on co-operation over CIA secret prisons – Guardian, UK 1/23/09

Sunny Hundal: Did you know … live music events could pose a terrorist threat? – Guardian, UK 1/23/09

Children throwing snowballs in public could be arrested or fined  – Telegraph, UK 2/3/09

UK to introduce “photograph a cop, 10 years in jail” law – BoingBoing 2/3/09

Taxpayers could be liable for £200bn in toxic bank loans – Independent, UK 1/18/09

It’s time to rattle and bang in protest at this outrage – Guardian, UK 1/31/09

On Monday the Guardian reports on its investigation which reveals corporate tax avoidance on a gargantuan scale. Respectable FTSE 100 companies, household brands that are cornerstones of Britishness, have for years deprived British citizens of potentially billions – all done legally by battalions of super-accountants and lawyers.  As company wealth ballooned during the boom, the money going into Treasury coffers should have grown proportionately. But between 2000 and 2007 the proportion of tax paid by top companies fell. Where did it go? The very clever people who devised fiendish debt devices that blew up the banks also applied their brains to byzantine new tax avoidance strategies.

Willem Buiter: US & UK as Banana Republics – via Naked Capitalism 2/6/09


The only element of a classical emerging market crisis that is missing from the US and UK experiences since August 2007 is the ’sudden stop’ – the cessation of capital inflows to both the private and public sectors. There has been a partial sudden stop of financial flows, both domestic and external, to the banking sector and the rest of the private sector, but the external capital accounts are still functioning for the sovereigns and for the remaining creditworthy borrowers. But that should not be taken for granted, even for the US with its extra protection layer from the status of the US dollar as the world’s leading reserve currency. A large fiscal stimulus from a government without fiscal credibility could be the trigger for a ’sudden stop’


Bankrupt Britain and other International Economic News

Systemic Economic Crisis: The Sequence of Global Insolvency Begins – Global Research 1/17/09

World economic outlook on downward trend, IMF – Global Research 1/23/09

Globalization and Poverty – Global Research 12/30/08  

Declaration of the Assembly of Social Movements at the World Social Forum 2009 – Global Research 2/4/09

Global Depression. This Doesn’t Look Good: Taiwan, Korea and China Exports Tank – Global Research 1/18/09

Obama team accuses China of manipulating its currency – Global Research 1/24/09

Corporate Profits Plummet In Japan  – Forbes 1/1/09  

Operating profits slump 23% after peaking in early 2007. 

Hyperinflation will begin in China and it will destroy the dollar – Market Skeptics 1/18/09

Riveting narrated slideshow of the world’s slums: The Places We Live – Boing Boing 1/27/09

Europe’s economy contracts at rates not seen since 1930s – Telegraph, UK 1/9/09

Bankrupt Britain – Sunday Herald, Australi 1/24/09

We’ll have to go begging to the IMF, says Cameron – Independent, UK 1/23/09

Britain risks bankruptcy and a humiliating bailout by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) because of Gordon Brown’s borrowing, David Cameron said yesterday.

Will the UK Lose its AAA Credit Rating? – George Washington blog 1/20/09

First Iceland, Greece and Spain lost their AAA sovereign credit rating.  Now, Bloomberg notes:  “The U.K. government may lose its top AAA credit rating after taking a 70 percent stake in Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc, credit-default swaps show.”

British banks are ‘technically insolvent’ (and other secrecies) – Global Research 1/20/09

UK throws banks a lifeline as RBS posts record loss (Reuters)  – Yahoo 1/19/09

Britannia and Co-operative to create £70bn ‘super-mutual’ – Guardian, UK 1/21/09

Britannia building society and the Co-operative’s financial arm yesterday agreed a £70bn “super-mutual” merger with the financial muscle to acquire other societies and insurers in the first new-model institution to emerge out of the rubble of the credit crisis.

Britian Banks Just Hours From Collapse – Implode Explode 1/25/09

“Narrow escape: The Bank of England was forced to contact RBS’s creditors abroad to persuade them not to withdraw their funds Britain was just three hours away from going bust last year after a secret run on the banks, one of Gordon Brown’s Ministers has revealed.”

Dublin nationalises Anglo Irish Bank – Implode Explode 1/16/09

“The Dublin government on Thursday night nationalised Anglo Irish Bank, the Irish Republic’s third largest lender, which has seen the collapse of its share price accelerate in recent days amid fresh reports of large-scale deposit withdrawals.” 

Bank cuts rates to 315-year low to boost lending – Financial Times, UK 1/8/09

Lloyds forfeits $350m for disguising origin of funds from Iran and Sudan – Guardian, UK 1/9/09 

Rioting Greeks, angry Germans and why the euro may well collapse – Daily Mail, UK 1/28/09

Germany agrees 50bn euro stimulus – BBC 1/12/09

Deutche Bank racks up $6 million loss – CNN 1/14/09

Spain’s unemployment swells to 3.2 million – Raw Story 1/23/09

Economic Crisis: Confronting Industry Shutdowns in Canada – Global Research 1/14/09

Brazil holds ‘alternative Davos’ – BBC 1/28/09

European News Round-Up

Journalists worry Big Brother law will kill press freedom – Der Spiegel 12/17/08

A new law working its way toward passage in Germany has journalists worried. Certain provisions, they say, could eliminate the ability for reporters to protect their sources. Still, the measure is likely to go into effect early next year.

It has been called the “Big Brother” law in the German media due to its provisions allowing online and telephone surveillance. The Interior Ministry in Berlin describes it as a necessary step to protect the country from the dangers of international terrorism.

Greek Riots 2008 – Agent Provocateur Cops Caught Red Handed – No One Has to Die Tomorrow 12/28/08

KILLER VIRUS GRIPS BRITAIN  – Daily Express, UK 12/15/08

Britain to pull troops from Iraq next year – USA Today 12/10/08

UK’s Brown defiant on economy, sees new U.S. alliance (Reuters)  – Yahoo 12/28/08

Britain’s Gordon Brown will use his New Year address to call for a “coalition for change” with U.S. President-elect Barack Obama in a speech intended as a rallying call to Britons.

UK sells nuclear stake to US – Raw Story 12/20/08

US now produces, maintains UK’s nukes, sale ‘under market value.’

Ministers ordered 5,000 stun guns – Wales Online, UK 1/5/09

UK: Face Scanners to be Installed in Schools – Cryptogon 1/9/09 

UK Culture sec. wants ‘rated’ Web with filters – Raw Story 12/27/08

Big brother police to get power to stop you in the street to demand ID… refuse and you’ll face jail – Daily Mail, UK 12/2/08

Max Hastings: British troops are stuck in Afghanistan until Obama sees the war is unwinnable – Guardian, UK 12/21/08 

CCTV used to ‘spy’ on pupils in schools, as young as four  – Telegraph, UK 12/27/08

New powers for police to hack your PC – Independent, UK 1/5/09

The private sector will be asked to manage and run a communications database that will keep track of everyone’s calls, emails, texts and internet use under a key option contained in a consultation paper to be published next month by Jacqui Smith, the home secretary.

A cabinet decision to put the management of the multibillion pound database of all UK communications traffic into private hands would be accompanied by tougher legal safeguards to guarantee against leaks and accidental data losses.

Labour forced to abandon plans to make police more accountable to local communities through direct elections – Guardian, UK 12/19/08

Belgian PM ‘offers government’s resignation’ (AFP)  – Yahoo 12/19/08

Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme on Friday offered his government’s resignation after it was accused of meddling in a court case linked to the break-up of major bank Fortis

Urban Singapore Prepares to Gobble Up Its Last Village – NYTimes 1/4/09

The demolition of Singapore’s last rural village is a final step in an extreme national makeover.

Ireland Props Up Three Banks and Takes Control of One  – NYTimes 12/21/08


World News Round-Up: Europe
December 18, 2008, 6:14 pm
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Pictures from Inside the University of Athens – Vice 12/12/08

Greek-inspired protests spread across Europe – AP/Yahoo 12/11/08

Banks gas-bombed in Athens – AFp 12/12/08

In Athens, middle-class rioters are buying rocks. This chaos isn’t over – Guardian, UK 12/14/08

Helena Smith has reported from Greece for two decades, but had never seen anything like the riots that swept the country last week. Here she tries to make sense of an eruption of anger

Paris protesters block Champs-Elysees – USA Today 12/12/08

Demonstrators are blocking Paris’ most famous avenue after gathering in protest at the Greek embassy.

Britain to pull troops from Iraq next year – USA Today 12/10/08

Kosovo: A European Narco State – Global Research 12/7/08

Nato snubs US by resuming Russia contacts – Guardian, UK 12/2/08

How an Italian Judge Made the Internet Illegal – Cryptogon 11/28/08

Berlusconi plans to use G8 presidency to ‘regulate the internet’ – The Register, UK 12/3/08

ITALY: Ex-Head of Bank of Italy to Go on Trial  – CorpWatch 11/29/08

Now, three years after his time at the helm of the central bank ended in scandal, he goes on trial in Milan on Thursday, accused of rigging markets in order to keep Italian banks in Italian hands.

Bank cuts UK rates to 57-year low – BBC 12/4/08

The Bank of England cuts interest rates by one percentage point, from 3% to 2% – their lowest level since 1951.

France plans 20bn euro stimulus – BBC 12/4/08

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is set to unveil 20bn euros of support for the car industry, housing and household spending.

Kosovo: A European Narco State – Global Research 12/7/08

Irish papers gagged over corruption reports – Guardian, UK 12/1/08

Cameron anger at ‘Stalinesque’ arrest of Tory MP in leak inquiry – Guardian, UK 11/27/08

Postcode lottery in care for those approaching death, says NAO – Guardian, UK 11/26/08

17 judges, one ruling – and 857,000 records must be now wiped clear – Guardian, UK 12/4/08

The fingerprints and DNA samples of more than 857,000 innocent citizens who have been arrested or charged but never convicted of a criminal offence now face deletion from the national DNA database after a landmark ruling by the European court of human rights in Strasbourg.

In one of their most strongly worded judgments in recent years, the unanimous ruling from the 17 judges, including a British judge, Nicolas Bratza, condemned the “blanket and indiscriminate” nature of the powers given to the police in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to retain the DNA samples and fingerprints of suspects who have been released or cleared.

Polly Toynbee: It is suddenly safe to tax the rich and spend to protect jobs – Guardian, UK 11/24/08 

British may ban ‘happy hour’ as drink deaths rise – USA Today 11/22/08

People who fail to tell authorities of amendments to personal details will face civil penalty fines – Guardian, UK 11/21/08

Belarus warns of new arms race – Raw Story 11/24/08

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko warned of a new arms race in Europe and derided his opponents in an interview with AFP on Monday that also left the door open to better ties with the West

Video: Barack Obama and Alistair Darling’s economic plans compared – Guardian, UK 11/25/08

Businesses hit by huge bank charges – Independent, UK 11/24/08

High-street banks are continuing to hit businesses with punitive interest rates for loans and overdrafts and are resorting to more severe measures to ensure they are paid.

Some are demanding that owners of small businesses put up personal assets as collateral in return for a business loan. Others are changing conditions of loans by sending emails rather than meeting in person, and giving borrowers just 48 hours to comply with unilaterally-rearranged overdraft and lending agreements.

The Spanish Crisis In A Nutshell – Roubini Global Economics Monitor 11/19/08

Greenland: Further cracks in ties with Denmark? – Int’l Herald Tribune 11/24/08

Greenland, the world’s largest island, is to vote Tuesday on whether it wants greater independence from Denmark, which colonized it nearly 300 years ago…Perhaps more importantly, a “yes” vote would allow Greenland the opportunity to wean itself from its annual grant of $550 million by giving it control of the revenues from potential oil, gas and mineral finds. Experts say that huge quantities of natural resources are lurking offshore and under Greenland’s melting ice cap, but it remains to be seen exactly what is there and how much it is worth.

German intelligence agents caught staging false flag terror – PrisonPlanet 11/24/08

German intelligence agents have been caught staging a false flag terror attack against an EU building in Kosovo, apparently in an attempt to create a pretext for EU police to be deployed in Kosovo after government leaders rejected the UN-mandated proposal.

“Germany declined to comment on on Saturday on reports that three Germans arrested on suspicion of throwing explosives at an EU office in Kosovo were intelligence officers,” reports Reuters.

UK ‘closer’ to adopting the euro – BBC 11/30/08

Europe Criticizes Bush; Follows His Lead in “War on Terror” – Alternet 11/25/08

French Socialists investigate voting allegations after Segolene Royal’s narrow defeat – Guardian, UK 11/25/08

Britain begins national identity card plan (AP)  – Yahoo 11/25/08

A Fiery Czech Is Poised to Be the Face of Europe – NYTimes 11/24/08

The rotating presidency of the European Union is about to be Czech, and there is fear that President Vaclav Klaus will embarrass the world’s biggest trading bloc.