US Voter Fraud & Election Fraud Update

Diebold Quietly Patches Security Flaw in Vote Counting Software – Wired 8/17/09

Computer scientists reveal new voting machine hack successfully changed votes – Raw Story 8/12/09

E-Voting’s Continuing Scandals – Boing Boing 3/21/09

The Unreported Story of Obama’s Election – Global Research 4/17/09

CIA: Most electronic voting systems can be hacked – Raw Story 3/25/09

“You can very easily erase entries” – Cleveland State University Finds Problems In Election Machines – Cleveland Plain Dealer 3/24/09

The Premier software does not keep track of ballot deletions, according to a recent report by the California secretary of state. The software also records the wrong entry date and time for some ballots and allows audit logs to be deleted.

Such flaws mean that insiders could tamper with election results, then erase their electronic trail.

Diebold admits all versions delete ballots – Raw Story 3/18/09

Machines are bad at counting votes – Guardian, UK 4/29/09

Head of CA GOP Voter Registration Firm Pleads Guilty to Voter Registration Fraud – BradBlog 6/18/09

Voting System Adds Nearly 5,000 Ballots to Tally – Wired 6/8/09

A software glitch in an optical-scan voting system added nearly 5,000 ballots to the tally of a South Dakota election this week. The error was discovered only after the election results were called, according to the Rapid City Journal.

FLASHBACK – Was the 2004 Election Stolen? – Rolling Stone


Report says Obama’s small-donor base claim is off – USA Today 11/24/08

Despite attracting millions of new contributors to his campaign, President-elect Barack Obama received about the same percentage of his total political funds from small donors as President Bush did in 2004

Obama to be next neocon US president? – Global Research 12/1/08

In Barack we trust?– Salon 11/29/08

Wielding his campaign’s massive e-mail list, the new president could mobilize supporters to press Congress for a new New Deal. Or, he could mobilize that army to blunt pressure on his government for a new New Deal. The point is that Obama alone gets to choose — that for all the talk of “bottom-up” politics, his movement’s structure grants him a top-down power that no previous president had.
For better or worse, that leaves us relying more than ever on our Dear Leader’s impulses. Sure, we should be thankful when Dear Leader’s whims serve the people — but also unsurprised when they don’t.

The U.S. will work “with India and nations around the world to root out and destroy terrorist networks,” Obama’s transition team said in a statement – Bloomberg 11/27/08

Barack Obama plans 20,000 troop surge to boost Afghan effort  – Telegraph, UK 11/27/08

Major Green Groups Offer Plan to Obama   – Alternet 12/1/08

How should Obama act on the environment? A report by 29 major enviro groups gave Obama a list of actions and policies.



Obama’s Treasury Pick Is Making Bad Economic Decisions Right Now – Alternet 11/25/08

Obama is too smart to allow the past to define his presidency. But Timothy Geithner is an architect, and now an enabler, of the unfolding crisis.

Obama picks a budget chief – CNN 11/25/08

President-elect Barack Obama on Tuesday nominated Peter Orszag to head the White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB), which is the president’s chief number-crunching department.

Obama Crushes Hopes of Progressives with Rubinesque Economic Team – The Progressive 11/24/08

Obama Proposes New Economic Stimulus Plan – NYTimes 11/22/08

Barack Obama offered a broad sketch of a plan to put Americans back to work through infrastructure and energy projects. 


Would appointing Sen. Clinton to State be unconstitutional? – Raw Story 11/26/08

This is Change. 20 Hawks, Clintonites and Neocons to Watch for in Obama’s White House – Global Research 11/22/08

The war Cabinet at a glance – Politico 12/1/08

5 things the war Cabinet says about Obama – Politico 12/1/08

Obama’s odious entourage – Global Research 11/26/08

McCain and Obama Camps Coordinated on Building Staff Rosters for Next Government – Washington Note 11/23/08

A senior Obama campaign official shared with The Washington Note that in July 2008, the McCain and Obama camps began to work secretly behind the scenes to assemble large rosters of potential personnel for the administration that only one of the candidates would lead.
Lists comprised of Democrats and Republicans were assembled, sorted into areas of policy expertise, so that the roster could be called on after the election by either the Obama or McCain transition teams.
This kind of out-of-sight coordination is rare between battling presidential camps and provides some indication that both Obama and McCain intended to draw expertise into their governments from both sides of the aisle — or at least they wanted to appear interested in doing so if the information leaked out about the list development process.

22 to Know: Pick for an Obama Cabinet – In These Times 9/26/08

Obama Cabinet Picks: A Who’s Who of Establishment Insiders – Charting Stocks.net 11/24/08

Obama Crushes Hopes of Progressives with Rubinesque Economic Team – The Progressive 11/24/08

Barack Obama decided to please Wall Street instead of deliver on his promise of change.

Ramzi Kysia : An Administration in Search of a Progressive: the Team Obama Should Have Picked – CounterPunch 11/24/08

Hillary Clinton’s Disdain for International Law – Parts 1 & 2 – Alternet 12/1 & 12/2/08

Are Key Obama Advisors in Tune with Neocon Hawks Who Want to Attack Iran? – Alternet 12/3/08

Leaked Memos Reveal Holder’s Involvement In OKC Murder Cover-Up  – Prison Planet 12/4/08

More on the unanswered questions of the Murrah bombing here

Berkeley economist to head Obama economic council – Politico 11/24/08

Holder and the Marc Rich pardon – Raw Story 11/23/08

Players emerge in Obama national security team – CNN 11/24/08

Obama’s Treasury Pick Signals Continuity with Bush’s Failed Economic Policies – Alternet 11/25/08

Obama’s Treasury Pick Is Making Bad Economic Decisions Right Now – Alternet 11/25/08

Obama is too smart to allow the past to define his presidency. But Timothy Geithner is an architect, and now an enabler, of the unfolding crisis.

New AG Choice Advocated To Stifle Speech On Web – NewsBusters 11/21/08

Damien Millet / Eric Toussaint : Obama’s Economic Team: Records of Failure – CounterPunch 12/1/08

Why Robert Gates is a Terrible Pick – Alternet 12/1/08

The appointment of Robert Gates — a vocal critic of Obama’s Iraq withdrawal plan who will undoubtedly shape policy– is alarming.

With Gates, Obama Opts for Empire – The Progressive 11/26/08

Obama’s OMB Head Would Cut Social Security – The Progressive 11/25/08

Obama’s Treasury Pick Signals Continuity with Bush’s Failed Economic Policies – Alternet 11/25/08

Video: Barack Obama and Alistair Darling’s economic plans compared – Guardian, UK 11/25/08

Obama’s Choices Show the New Boss is the Same as the Old Boss

“Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.”  – Douglas Adams

Obama’s Foreign Policy: No Sharp Break From Bush – Global Research 11/11/08

The Foreign Policy of an Obama Administration – Global Research 11/12/08

Obama may turn out to be less red in the practice of his presidency than his words and aspirations would imply – BBC 11/5/08

Richard Rhames : Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss – CounterPunch 11/7/08

Obama’s Council on Foreign Relations Crew – Global Research 11/9/08

War in Afghanistan could Doom Obama Presidency – Global Research 11/7/08

Why Iraqis, Afghans, Palestinians, and Others Might Be Nervous About President Obama – Alternet 11/7/08

A Progressive Agenda for Obama – Alternet 11/8/08

Ron Paul Warns of Great Shift Toward Global Government Under Obama – InfoWars via Cryptogon 11/8/08

Obama transition points to more war and repression – Global Research 11/14/08

Obama Meets With New Econ Team — How Populist, How Corporate? – Mother Jones 11/7/08

VIDEO: Obama Supports Interests of Big Business – Global Research 11/6/08

Three Things Obama Should Do First – Alternet 11/6/08

Eight Ways Obama Can Make Change Immediately – Alternet 11/10/08

Obama Pushes for $50 Billion for Automakers, Oversight Czar  – Bloomberg 11/13/08

60 groups ask Obama to revoke Bush secrecy orders – Raw Story 11/12/08

Obama ‘to honour’ missile plans – BBC 11/8/08


Obama to use executive orders for immediate impact (AP)  – Yahoo 11/10/08

Obama vows far-reaching review of US government (AFP)  – Yahoo 11/12/08

An army of top-notch specialists is set to fan out across US government agencies to delve deep into the records and prepare for the arrival of president-elect Barack Obama on January 20.

Ralph Nader : Obama and the Rogue Regime – CounterPunch 11/13/08

Beware The Obama Hype – Global Research 11/13/08

Obama and the Crisis of Expectation – Global Research 11/13/08

Obama Website Scrubs Mandatory Community Service Call  – InfoWars 11/10/08

Agendas vanish from Obama’s transition Web site  – CNet 11/10/08

Last week, President-elect Barack Obama launched a Web site detailing his plans for tech, Iraq, and health care. Now those plans are gone, and the campaign isn’t saying why. 

Obama’s Change.gov revs up – Raw Story 11/6/08

Is the Nation Ready for Obama’s Energy Plan? – Alternet 11/13/08

Obama’s 30-point energy agenda calls for big changes to address carbon emissions, fuel efficiency, renewable power and efficiency

Can Obama Stop the Bush Administration’s Final Economic Heist?  – Alternet 11/6/08

Terrible looting of public capital has a habit of taking place during periods of dramatic political transition, and Bush has one underway.

Obama versus Medvedev: Nuclear Standoff in New Europe – Global Research 11/9/08

Brzezinski in Deutsche Welle: Obama may be tested – via PressTV Iran 11/8/08 



Obama Cabinet: Good and Bad News – Global Research 11/7/08

Mary Lynn Cramer : Obama’s Brain Trust: Seems Like Old Times – CounterPunch 11/14/08

Obama’s Intelligence Agenda: More of the Same from the “Change Administration” – AntiFascist Calling 11/14/08

Is Obama Screwing His Base with Rahm Emanuel Selection? – Alternet 11/7/08

Obama has asked conservative Clinton vet Rahm Emanuel to be his chief of staff — it’s not a good sign for progressives.

Emanuel Was Director Of Freddie Mac During Scandal – ABC 11/7/08

The Brothers Emanuel – NYTimes 6/15/97

Rahm Emanuel: One of the Biggest Recipients of Wall Street Money in Congress – Cryptogon 11/7/08

Kissinger backs Clinton for top US cabinet job  – Financial Times, UK 11/16/08 

In light of all of the corruption and cronyism that have marked the career of Lawrence Summers, why is Obama considering him for treasury secretary?

Obama readies DoD transition – Raw Story 11/12/08

Obama hires Sam Nunn, Stephanie Cutter to lead Pentagon transition.

Former Goldman Sachs CEO Corzine is being considered for Treasury secretary – New Jersey Star-Ledger 11/5/08

Keep Larry Summers as Far as Possible from the U.S. Treasury – Alternet 11/12/08

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