Afghanistan Posts

7/31/10: Update on the War of Terrorism: Afghanistan

7/26/10: Wikileaks Exposes: Afghanistan War Logs

2/3/10: US IMPERIALISM UPDATE: Global War of Terror Continues Under Obama

12/27/09: American Fascism News Round-Up: The Police State is Here – What They’ve Done Is Nothing Compared To What They’re Prepared To Do

12/26/09: News Round-Up: American Imperialism Around the World

12/26/09: News Round-Up: American Imperialism in the Middle East

12/26/09: News Round-up: American Imperialism in AfPak Region

11/18/09: INT’L NEWS ROUND-UP: Afghanistan, Russia and Pakistan

10/18/09: Top International News Round-Up


7/11/09: Global War of Terror Update: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and More

5/7/09: American Empire Update: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Beyond

2/22/09: Global War of Terror Update: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and beyond

1/18/09: Global War Of Terror Update: Iraq & Afghanistan

12/7/08: Support the Troops – Stop the Atrocities!

11/24/08: The Global War of Terror: Superpowers Prepare for WWIII and Clamp Down on Humanity

11/23/08: The Global War of Terror: US Plans for Global Dominance

11/23/08: The Global War Of Terror: News from US occupied Iraq & Afghanistan

8/28/08: News & Analysis Of The Ever-Widening Global War Of Terror

8/12/08: The Grisly War Profiteers of the Global War Of Terror


7/4/08: This is WWIII: Biological, Chemical and Nuclear Weapons already being used in US and abroad

7/2/08: Global War of Terror Update: This is WWIII

6/11/08: Evil, profit-motivated criminals are killing US troops and innocents abroad

5/29/08: Halliburton / KBR’s WorldWide War Crimes – since the 1940′s

5/9/08: Bush & Top Administration officials approved and encouraged torture – and know you won’t do anything about it

5/8/08: Say It Loud: This is a World War and it must stop! – Update on the Global War of Terror

5/6/08: Depleted Uranium: The Salting of the Earth


3/31/08: A Look Back at Winter Soldier 2008: Testifying to War Crimes

3/4/08: Global War of Terror Update

1/28/08: Military, Veteran and Mercenary News

1/22/08: DubyaDubyaThree: War of Terror Update

1/12/08: Iraq and Afganistan News Round Up

1/1/08: Global War of Terror Update: Afghanistan

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