Deepwater Horizon Blame Game Continues: More Violations and Corruption Emerges

Oil Rig’s Owner Had Safety Issue at Three Other Wells

What the Oil-Rig Cook Saw: Corruption, Mostly

Transocean gets 249 lawsuits, claims over oil spill

BP Adviser: “Not sure” if it’s their job to deal with long-term effects of toxic dispersants; Shifts blame to Thad Allen and EPA

BP Expected to Be Fined 21 Billion for Deepwater Horizon Disaster

U.S. Puts Oil Spill Total at Nearly 5 Million Barrels

As federal panel probes oil spill, picture emerges of a series of iffy decisions

If there is no smoking gun in the Deepwater Horizon disaster, it is because there is smoke coming from so many places.

Contractor: BP Pumped Unusual Chemicals Into Well Before Explosion

Deepwater Horizon Survivors Kept in Seclusion After Rig Explosion, Coerced Into Signing Legal Waivers

A Key Piece in the Oil Leak Story: Two Sections of Drill Pipe Lodged in the Blowout Preventer

BP testimony: Officials knew of key safety problem on rig

BP Coverup and the Criminal Pursuit of Profit: Deepwater Horizon Workers knew of Problems before Explosion

Matt Simmons latest: Cap test a “total diversion”; “Biggest environmental coverup ever” (4 Interviews)

Oil Rig’s Siren Was Kept Silent, Technician Says

BP Continued Drilling Despite Report of Leak, Official Says

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