Deepwater Horizon Blame Game: details on lack of permits, untested methods, decade-old safety warnings, and more

Gulf oil spill: BP has a long record of legal, ethical violations

Over the past two decades, BP subsidiaries have been convicted three times of environmental crimes in Alaska and Texas, including two felonies. It remains on probation for two of them.

BP’s Horrible Safety Record: It’s Got 760 OSHA Fines, Exxon Has Just 1

BP’s Oil Spill is Latest Crime in a History of Plunder

From the 1953 CIA Overthrow of Democracy in Iran, to the Iraq War, to the Criminal Gulf Catastrophe and Deaths, BP Was There

BP Has a History of Blasts and Oil Spills

Meet Anadarko, The Oil Company Struggling To Get Off The Hook For The Gulf Spill

Exclusive: BP Bills Anadarko $272 Million In Gulf Spill Response

BP oil spill caused by ‘negligence or misconduct’, says drilling partner [Anadarko]

BP warned of rig fault ten years ago

Gulf of Mexico oil spill: Transocean-BP rig had safety valve problem in UK

Attorney: Deepwater Horizon Managers Knew About Oil Rig Problem Before Explosion

BP Aware Of Cracks In Oil Well Two Months Before Explosion

BP Engineer, Five Days Before Explosion, Called Rig ‘Nightmare Well’ [Emails]

BP Smoking Gun? Oil Giant Skipped Critical Testing Hours Before Explosion

BP had 3 indications of trouble in hour before blast

BP ignored warnings on Gulf well: investigators

Oil regulator ignored red flags

Documents Show Earlier Worries About Safety of Rig

Killed Transocean oil worker was fiercely concerned about BP safety standards

BP didn’t test mud prior to critical pipeline procedure, driller testifies

Safety fluid was removed before oil rig exploded in Gulf

BP and Halliburton’s Role in the Gulf Oil Disaster– Well Casing Horror Story

BP Atlantis rig plans never received proper approvals, former contractor says

BP Used Riskier Method to Seal Oil Well Before Blast

Days before the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, BP officials chose a type of casing that it knew was the riskier [Ed: cheaper] of two options, a BP document showed.

Criminal Negligence: Despite Knowing It Had a Damaged Blowout Preventer, BP STILL Cut Corners By Removing the Single Most Important Safety Measure

16X Fewer Federal Safety Inspections on Deepwater Horizon Than Required

Oil inspectors let companies fill in own audits, while one admitted getting high on meth, report says

U.S. exempted BP’s Gulf of Mexico drilling from environmental impact study

The Cover-up: BP’s Crude Politics and the Looming Environmental Mega-Disaster

Dispersants Might Be INCREASING Damage From Gulf Oil Spill

Florida State scientist: NOAA ignores spill findings

BP To Gov’t Last Year: We Can Handle A 300,000 Barrels-Per-Day Spill Just Fine

BP’s Top Two Officials On Rig Are No-Shows At Crucial Hearing

BP’s spill plan: they knew where it would go, that ecology would never recover, “No toxicity studies” on dispersants

Why Is It So Hard to Stop the Oil Gusher, Why Was Such Extreme Deepwater Drilling Allowed in the First Place?

Contractor: BP Is Trying To Hide Dead Animals, Since The Ocean Will Eventually Wash Away The Evidence

In recent weeks, reporters and photographers for major news organizations around the country have been speaking out about the attempts by BP to prevent them from getting a first-hand look at the Gulf Coast oil spill. A CBS News crew was threatened with arrest when it tried to photograph the spill, and a BP representative in Louisiana told a Mother Jones reporter that she couldn’t visit the Elmer’s Island Wildlife Refuge without a BP escort.

BP Is Destroying Evidence and Censoring Journalists

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