H1N1 / Swine Flu News Outside the US, including Ukraine

England Chief Medical Officer Calls H1N1 Vaccine Resistors “Extremists”  – Prison Planet 10/30/09

‘Poisoning attempt’ charges filed against French H1N1 campaign – Prison Planet 10/26/09

Ireland: Swine flu jab boy rushed to hospital  – Pandemic Flu Online 10/28/09

Nurses to administer swine flu vaccine as GPs opt out  – Independent, Ireland 10/21/09

CANADA: Ask military to help with H1N1: Ottawa councillor  – Pandemic Flu Online 11/7/09

Mass Rejection Of Swine Flu Vaccine Continues Throughout Europe – Prison Planet 10/28/09

WHO recommends swine flu vaccine for wary Chinese  – Pandemic Flu Online 10/28/09

Chinese Join Worldwide Rejection Of Swine Flu Vaccine  – Pandemic Flu Online 10/28/09

Breaking News: Ukrainian Flu is not just H1N1  – SHTF411 11/4/09

Officials there believe this “new” disease is actually a combination of persistent flu’s being absorbed by a community already compromised by other ailments including the pollution caused from: mining regions, former Chernobyl province, Chernobyl cloud, etc), The Ukraine Government has looked into possibilities, and fear they are being given the vaccine, and medicine by parties who know that it will not work, and could do more harm than good to the people of those regions as they are already being of compromised health.

They feel it will end up killing more people, and could cause the virus mutate.

Has Baxter Released A BioWeapon In Ukraine?  – Rense 11/2/09

The Deaths of Four Ukraine Doctors Raising Suspicions of a Cover-Up in The Ukraine  – Prevent Disease 11/4/09

The above comments describe the death of four health care workers (HCWs) at two sites in western Ukraine. The government website shows a total of 53 deaths (see map), which is quite low if four HCWs have already died. HCW are trained in methods to minimize infections from parents, and they are likely to get prompt medical attention, yet four have already died. These numbers add to the confusion in Ukraine.

Initial reports denied the outbreak was due to H1N1 even though there was virtually no seasonal flu circulating in Europe (or North America). The explosion in cases of acute respiratory illness (ARI), in view of the exploding H1N1 pandemic throughout the northern hemisphere, would signal involvement in the cases in Ukraine.

Martial Law Declared In Ukraine Over Mystery Epidemic  – Pandemic Flu Online 11/6/09

UKRAINE: Vaccine Ban Blamed For Sweeping Epidemic  – Pandemic Flu Online 11/7/09

WHO Continues To Deceive: Assumes That Ukraine Plague Is H1N1 Swine Flu  – Global Research 11/7/09

Bioterrorism Tabletop Exercise Was Being Conducted In Ukraine One Month Ago – Now Country Is Gripped By Mystery Epidemic  – Prison Planet 11/7/09

Ukraine Hemorrhagic Flu – This is what a real pandemic looks like  – Flu Tracker 10/30/09

40,000 Contract Serious Virus in Ukraine, Kills 30  – Prison Planet 10/30/09

Ministry of Health plans to declare a quarantine on the entire territory of Ukraine  – Godlike Productions 10/30/09

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