Fort Hood News Round-Up: Something’s Not Right
November 8, 2009, 7:27 pm
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Fort Hood Shooting ‘Oddities’ – Citizens for a Legitimate Government 11/9/09

Fort Hood Shooter Information Not Adding Up  – Prison Planet 11/6/09

What Happened To The Accomplice Shooters? – Prison Planet 11/6/09

More articles claiming 2nd gunmen at Ft. Hood  – via Cryptogon 11/7/09

And Now… Texas Army Killer Linked to September 11 Terrorists  – Telegraph, UK via Cryptogon 11/7/09

Everything About Nidal Malik Hasan Screams “Patsy”  – Prison Planet 11/6/09

Fort Hood Shooting ‘Oddities’  – Prison Planet 11/7/09

Fort Hood: DoD Experimental PTSD Therapy Backfires? – Alex Constantine’s Blacklist

[Major Hasan’s] past training, paid for by the US Military, [was] at Virginia Tech University … “…most likely” one of the US Department of Defenses top PSYOP training centers and where in April, 2007, it suffered the worst school massacre in US history….Even more interesting to note is that… [there] were three other “alleged” gunmen….

Major Hasan… [was] one of the originators of what is called the US Army’s “Warrior Combat Reset Program” set up to help American soldiers … [with PTSD], and which according to these reports led to his being at Fort Hood to “electronically prepare” an experimental group of US Soldiers for their return to the Iraq war zone….

So strong was the American Military and Intelligence establishments’ belief that only by “erasing” the previous “battle stained” memories of their Soldiers could they be made to continue killing and dying that in 2007 they contracted with Russia’s Psychotechnology Research Institute in Moscow to purchase a system [which] was used by the Soviet Military on Russian troops being redeployed to Afghanistan.

Unfortunately for the Americans, … the previous Soviet experiments… had a very dangerous side-effect of “triggering immediate battle memories” instead of “erasing” them and resulting in masses of Russian troops … to “erupt” in “immediate violence” which left an estimated 37 of them dead when they began (for no apparent reason) to begin firing upon each other….

Will Ft. Hood Assault Be Used to Fuel “Homegrown Terrorism” Bill, or “Islamaphobia”?  – There Are No Sunglasses 11/7/09

Orlando shooter, US army Fort Hood shooter both linked to psychiatric drugs – Natural News 11/7/09

Was Fort Hood Psychiatrist/Shooter on drugs that cause homicidal/suicidal reactions? 16% of psychiatrists “self medicate” – Prison Planet 11/6/09

Was Fort Hood Killer On Psychotropic Drugs?  – Prison Planet 11/6/09

NSFW: After Fort Hood, another example of how ‘citizen journalists’ can’t handle the truth  – Tech Crunch 11/7/09

How Salacious Media Coverage Glorifies And Encourages Mass Shootings  – Prison Planet 11/6/09


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