Critiques of the Status Quo and Calls To Action

The Virtues of a Disorganized Resistance – Etresoi

American opposition movements have always focused on the notion of organization. It has always been their goal to organize the people. Their hope has been to wield the collective power of the disaffected, downtrodden, and exploited as a single unit against the concentrated power of the ruling class. While their hope has been noble, their methods have been foolish. Organized resistance has many drawbacks. These drawbacks have seldom been discussed by the opposition. I believe that the only effective resistance is a completely disorganized, decentralized, and leaderless opposition.

Human Nature Is the Enemy of the State – ThereAreNoSunglasses 7/20/09

A must-read

The Earth Is Hiring: Paul Hawken’s Inspiring Commencement Speech – Alternet 6/11/09

“Nature beckons you to be on her side. You couldn’t ask for a better boss. This is your century. Take it and run as if your life depends on it.”

Taking Shorter Showers Doesn’t Cut It: Why Personal Change Does Not Equal Political Change – Alternet 7/13/09

The Machinery of Hopelessness – Dprogram.net 5/19/09

Hopelessness isn’t natural. It needs to be produced. To understand this situation, we have to realize that the last 30 years have seen the construction of a vast bureaucratic apparatus that creates and maintains hopelessness. At the root of this machine is global leaders’ obsession with ensuring that social movements do not appear to grow or flourish, that those who challenge existing power arrangements are never perceived to win. Maintaining this illusion requires armies, prisons, police and private security firms to create a pervasive climate of fear, jingoistic conformity and despair. All these guns, surveillance cameras and propaganda engines are extraordinarily expensive and produce nothing – they’re economic deadweights that are dragging the entire capitalist system down.

The Coming Insurrection – Adbusters 7/14/09

Revolutionary movements do not spread by contamination, but by resonance.

The Five Stages of Collapse – Energy Bulletin 11/11/08

A consise and well thought out article that briefly lays out the probable course of the United States.

Let’s Stop Kidding Ourselves: Ten “Big Duh” Realizations about Our World That Need to be Stated – Natural News 6/23/09

Capitalism Under Assault – AdBusters 7/23/08

Prepare to Disengage – Global Research 7/25/09

Change in the 21st Century: Let’s Bring Love and Revolution Together – Alternet 7/24/09

Radical activist for more than sixty years, Boggs says a new generation of change-makers have embraced the idea of love to bring about revolution.

Reset: How This Crisis Can Restore Our Values and Renew America – BoingBoing 7/16/09

Who Should Resist, and Who Will Become Serfs? – Alternet 4/7/09

What if things just keep getting worse? – Metafilter 1/28/09

Lots of links

Humans Seem Hell Bent on Committing Mass Suicide — But There’s Still Hope – Alternet 5/15/09

Despite the endless human capacity for denial and self-destruction, the Earth can still be saved. But we must act now.

Dot Earth: Green Revolution, Values Revolution – NYTimes 5/1/09

Is a second green revolution without a values revolution sufficient?

Evil as the absence of empathy – Dissident Voice 7/26/08

For a New Green Society – via Metafilter 4/2/09

For a New Green Society Manifestos on bright green environmentalism. Bright green environmentalism, which is comparable to technogaianism, stands in contrast to light green environmentalism, which focuses on lifestyle changes, and dark green environmentalism, which focuses on political changes; sustainable technology. [via mefi projects]

That’s No Angry Mob, It’s a Movement – TruthOut 3/28/09

You’d think there would be a modicum of contrition but mostly it has been deny, deny, deny combined with shivers of revulsion as an angry citizenry freely expresses its opinion. Former Clinton SEC chairman Arthur Levitt sniffed to The Wall Street Journal this week, “It has reached extremes of incivility that are intolerable,” and on Friday the Journal editorially wrung its hands over “political Torquemadas” who would dare to prosecute Wall Street executives.

What the Antiwar Movement Should — and Shouldn’t — Do Now – Alternet 11/18/08

In the wake of Obama’s victory, the antiwar movement must be ready to identify new pressure points or it risks losing credibility and relevance.

Ashley Smith : Which Way Forward for the Antiwar Movement? – CounterPunch 6/26/08

Finding Our Collective Voice – The Progressive 1/14/09

Robert Roth : Can We Create a Movement for Change? – CounterPunch 11/28/08

Now Is the Time to Shake Up Society at the Roots –  Alternet 1/15/09

Millions can be inspired to oppose the status quo in this crumbling economy. It’s time to make big demands based on big ideas.

Non-Violent Response to US Sponsored Wars of Aggression – Global Research 9/25/09

Why Are We Unable To Resist? – Rense 10/4/09

Whether Secession or Nullification.We All Want Freedom and Independence – Lew Rockwell 9/1/09


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