Police Versus Citizens: Oppression and Brutality as Police State Marches In
October 26, 2009, 6:33 pm
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Bioeffects of Selected Nonlethal Weapons, 20pp – There Are No Sunglasses 9/30/09

Battening Down the Hatches: Secret State Monitors Protest, Represses Dissent – AntiFascist Calling 10/11/09

Report: Pentagon’s burn weapon could end up in police hands – Prison Planet 10/1/09

Army Looking Into Monitoring of Protest Groups – NYTimes 8/2/09

The Military Spies on Anarchists in Olympia – The Progressive 7/28/09

U.S. Military Spy Was in Washington Antiwar Groups, Ran Their Email List – Cryptogon 7/29/09

City of Olympia: Illegal undercover spying on U.S. Citizens by Fort Lewis Military Employees (Obama Administration) – Fwix 7/31/09

Pentagon Caught Subverting Protest Group – Prison Planet 7/30/09

Air Force on the Hunt for ‘Subversive’ Behavior Online – Wired 7/30/09

“Truther” came out of the CIA Handbook on Psychological Guerrilla Warfare – Prison Planet 9/17/09

Fort Lee Troops And Police Take On Protesters in “Anti-Terrorism” Drill – Prison Planet 9/4/09 

Police Using Intimidation Techniques, Military Weapons To Break Up Peaceful Protests – Prison Planet 9/25/09

Abuse of Psycho-physical Weapons – There Are No Sunglasses 9/25/09

Sonic Weapons Used In Iraq Positioned At Congressional Town Hall Meetings – via Prison Planet 9/12/09

Secret Service Confirm “Bean Bags” Shot at Protestors – Economic Policy Journal 9/25/09

Preemptive Policing & the National Security State: Repressing Dissent at the Republican National Convention – Global Research 11/19/08

Curbing Social Dissent: “Non-Lethal” Weapons to be Used in “Homeland Security”? – Global Research 9/6/09

“Non-Lethal Weapons”: An Instrument of Social Control – Global Research 9/20/09

Compliance by Design: The Continuing Allure of “Non-Lethal” Weapons – Uruknet  9/21/09

San Diego Sheriff Buys Sonic Weapon Planned to be Used Against Civilians – EclippTV 9/20/09

DHS Doles Out Fed Cash to Deploy Military LRADs in U.S. Cities – Prison Planet 10/3/09

The LRAD devices used against protesters and the residents of Pittsburgh last month were a beta test for things to come. As reported by the Washington Times on October 1, the Department of Homeland Security is doling out federal money to get police departments around the country stocked up on the LRAD weapons.

According to San Diego-based American Technology Corp., the company that makes the devices, LRADs are not weapons. American Technology insists LRADs are to be used in order to “influence the behavior and gain compliance” from people.

In other words, as was the case in Pittsburgh, LRADs will be used prevent people from engaging in the First Amendment and the right to peacefully assembly and protest government policies.

Taser International’s six-shot Shockwave demonstration – EnGadget 9/30/09

If you’re looking to incapacitate with electricity, Taser International is your go-to source. And while single-shot (or even triple shot) weapons have their place, what do you do when faced with a whole crowd of no-goodniks? For instance, take that Travis County, Texas constable who zapped a 72 year old woman this spring (she dared him, remember). What if he was confronted by a whole van full of Ragin’ Grannies? That, dear readers, is what Shockwave is for. Each module holds six Tazers seated in a twenty-degree arc, and multiple units can either be stacked horizontally or daisy chained for simultaneous deployment. The unit is activated by a push-button control box that allows the operator to stand up to 100 meters away, and the maximum range is 25 feet. Never before has electrocution been this easy.

G-20 Protesters Faced New Weapons – Consortium News 10/1/09

Police Officer Charged Over G20 London Violence – NYTimes 9/28/09

G20 Police & Military Savagely Attack Peaceful Protesters In Pittsburgh Park – Prison Planet 9/26/09

Military Attacks American Citizens With Sound Weapons & Tear Gas At G20 – Global Research 9/26/09

Videos: G20 police break up assembly at University of Pittsburgh – Prison Planet 9/27/09

Solidarity Reigns Despite Police Repression at the Pittsburgh G20 – Dissident Voice 9/27/09

LRAD Mounted On Truck Terrorizes Pittsburgh Residents – Prison Planet 9/27/09

More on the LRAD sound cannon at Pittsburgh G20 protests – Boing Boing 9/29/09

Red Alert: Military attempts to frame Infowars reporters for terrorism at G20 summit – Prison Planet 9/24/09

FLASHBACK – G20 police ‘used undercover men to incite crowds’ – Guardian, UK 9/24/09

Military Attacks American Citizens With Sound Weapons & Tear Gas At G20 – Prison Planet 9/24/09

G20 protest in US: Police silence freedom of speech – Russia Today via Prison Planet 9/25/09

Watch The First Amendment Die On You Tube – via Prison Planet 9/25/09

Protesters confronted with LRAD Accoustic Weapons.

Military arresting G-20 protesters – Rys2Sense 9/25/09

Provocateur Cops Caught Disguised As Anarchists At G20 – InfoWars 9/29/09

Footage from Saturday night shows three burly older men who look completely out of place with black bandanas over their face walking alongside young protesters during a march against police brutality in a You Tube clip entitled “G20 Epic Undercover Police Fail”.

The clip would be hilarious if it was not so disturbing. Protesters walking behind what are obviously badly disguised cops claim they broke cameras and acted aggressively towards genuine protesters, as well as carrying gas canisters. During a peaceful demonstration on Saturday night, riot cops savagely attacked protesters with batons and rubber bullets while also assaulting and arresting students who weren’t even part of the demonstration.

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