Art & Resistance: Political Art in the 21st century
October 26, 2009, 6:04 pm
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Political art is as diverse as its’ creators…

Anti-War Voices: Art as Resistance – Global Research 9/8/09

Songs of Survival and Hope – Dissident Voice 4/9/08

Songs about liberty – Guardian, UK 4/8/09

From Crass to Godspeed You! Black Emperor, artist Mark Titchner selects a soundtrack to state control, corruption and the struggle for freedom

Phone is Tapped (And I Don’t Care): old-timey string band song about surveillance – BoingBoing 1/27/09

David Rovics: Songs of Social Significance

Protest and politics – Guardian, UK 3/11/09

1,000 must-hear songs: Are you happy with our list of political tunes? Here’s your chance to protest

Bread & Puppet: Cheap Art and Political Theater out of Vermont

GUERRILLA – INTERVENTIONIST – SOCIAL – POLITICAL Art Links – Washington University in St Louis

Are you following Banksy yet?

WWII propaganda posters remixed for WWIII – Boing Boing 7/7/09

Frugal Green Living: Posters for the Movement – Treehugger 11/11/08 

Graffiti & Street Art – Washington University in St Louis

Anti-Bush Graffiti – 25 countries, 6 continents – Matador Pulse

[analysis] Street Art in Revolutionary Venezuela – VenezuelAnalysis 7/30/09

Reverse Grafitti in San Francisco: Dirty Art – Treehugger 6/13/08

The Reverse Grafitti Project in San Francisco is creating environmental art by cleaning up dirt and grime from walls. In the video above, you can see them making a 140 feet long mural in the Broadway tunnel. It shows native species of native plants that would be living in the area of that tunnel if it wasn’t currently the city’s downtown.

Seeds of Change: sf anthology of stories confronting important social issues – BoingBoing 8/13/08

Dystopian Evolution: Imagining an Envirogeddon – via Metafilter 7/7/08

Dystopian storytelling is pillar of Western narrative tradition, but this decade has seen a significant shift in the way our apocalypse is told. Orthodox tales of government tyranny are giving way to visions of humans running helpless in the wake of environmental meltdown. From the plausible to the fantastic, most of this fiction remains hauntingly real while the non-fiction can get downright scary. In 2008, the 20th anniversary of climatologist James Hansen’s landmark speech before Congress, popular art is beginning to reflect an increasingly bleak public sentiment on the future, playing out some of our worst nightmares. It may be that these writers and directors are wishing for the end of the world, but even so, they are certainly giving voice to the creeping feeling that indeed, we might not make it.

Ghost luxury hotels, half-built and rotting in the desert – Boing Boing 4/23/08

Contemporary city photoshopped with war-scenes from history – BoingBoing 1/29/09

Anti-war veterans deploy 4,171 toy soldiers at gas station – Raw Story 11/17/08

City Room: Pranksters Spoof The Times – NYTimes 11/12/08

Human Shrub Attacks English Town – Treehugger 7/13/09

A masked man, dressed like a creature from the swamps has been filling empty planters and baskets with brightly-coloured marigolds and begonias. He was last seen wandering the streets carrying a sign saying “Save the Roses” after Colchester, England council threatened to bulldoze its rose beds to save money. He waved a banner urging people to “save his brothers the shrubs, and sisters the roses”. Now he has returned to carry out random acts of planting throughout the town

B’eau Pal: the Yes Men Offer the Refreshing Taste of Toxic Disaster – Treehugger 7/17/09

“The unique qualities of our water come from 25 years of slow-leaching toxins at the site of the world’s largest industrial accident.” One swig and you’re whisked away to Bhopal, India where in 1984 an explosion at a Union Carbide pesticide factory killed thousands and released a health nightmare that still persists. B’eau Pal bottled water (“not fit for human consumption,” by the way) is not the first time the Yes Men have wagged a shaming middle finger at Dow, the company that bought Union Carbide and denies responsibility for the disaster’s fallout

Eco-protesters get creative – Raw Story 1/31/09  

Protestors Paintbomb Rakon Corporate Headquarters – WUFYS 1/23/09

This video shows a protest against a firm Rakon which exports components for munitions to the U.S. used by Israeli military (including ‘smart bombs’).

God Hates Signs protest waged against Westboro Baptist Church  – BoingBoing 10/29/08


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