Environment & Health Round-Up: Food revolution, Geo-engineering, Hidden Cures for Cancer and more

13 Ways to Create a Sustainable Food Tipping Point – Mother Nature Network 9/12/09

CliffsNotes to the food revolution – Salon 8/3/09

Prince Philip Implies World Needs 95% Population Reduction – Prison Planet 9/30/09

“The best thing to save the Amazon…bomb all the roads”– Treehugger 8/31/09

Quote from Brazilian scientist Eneas Salati; Article on why something as simple as a new road can ruin a rainforest

Ten Things You Can Do to Start a Community Garden – The Nation 9/9/09

DIY Biochar: Centre for Alternative Technology Explores Terra Preta (Video) – Treehugger 9/8/09

“Fertilizer Tree” May Revive African Farmlands – National Geographic 9/3/09

How to treat and store emergency water: Part 1, 2 and 3 – via There Are No Sunglasses

UK Royal Society: Engineering Earth ‘is feasible’ – Prison Planet 9/1/09

Royal Society Says Geoengineering Humanity’s Last Hope – But Emissions Reductions Must Be Top Priority (UPDATED) – Treehugger 9/2/09

FL Weatherman’s Radar Gets Jammed by Chemtrails – Prison Planet 9/30/09

10 intriguing environmentalists – Mother Nature Network 9/30/09

Organic water treatment system has cleaned up one-fifth of Tar Creek contaminates – Tulsa World 10/8/09

Garlic is natural medicine for treating high blood pressure – Natural News 10/8/09

Selenium Helps Remove Mercury from the Body -Natural News 10/5/09

New book reveals secret Brazilian Aloe recipe for curing cancer using just three ingredients – Natural News 10/2/09

Cancer Cured in Canada, But Big Pharma Says NO WAY! – EclippTV 9/20/09

A World Without Cancer – Vitamin B17 – Google Video via WRH 9/30/09

Cannabis Oil Cures Cancer: “Run From The Cure” The Rick Simpson Story – Cryptogon 9/22/09

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