More Important H1N1 / Swine Flu News

Exposed: The Swine Flu Hoax – Prison Planet 8/26/09

Swine Flu: Natural Pandemic or Man-Made Pandemonium? – Lew Rockwell 8/31/09

Startling New Evidence That The ‘Swine Flu’ Pandemic Is Man-Made – DProgram.net 8/27/09

Setting the people up to die: A conspiracy of silence about swine flu natural remedies – Natural News 8/26/09

WHO expert says no doubt H1N1 vaccines will work – Reuters 9/2/09

Why swine flu vaccines just don’t add up: Doing the (fuzzy) math – Prison Planet 9/1/09

Recently Surfaced Video Shows Numerous Mass Grave Crypts in Houston – Prison Planet 10/3/09


French Government Document on Swine Flu Vaccination Program – Cryptogon 8/31/09

China says swine flu situation ‘grim’ – Agence France Presse via Prison Planet 9/8/09

The U.S. Is Planning for the Worst H1N1 Scenario – Washington Post 8/28/09

Swine flu spreading at ‘unbelievable’ rate: WHO chief – Agence France Presse via Khaleej Times 8/29/09

Officials: Swine flu reports may be overblown – Tulsa World 9/3/09

H1N1 behaving like ordinary flu bug – Vancouver Canada Sun 9/8/09

WHO Warns Of Severe Form Of Swine Flu – NYTimes 8/29/09

New flu hit estimated 10 percent of New Yorkers – Prison Planet 8/31/09

Napolitano: ‘Big Influx’ of new infections likely – Pandemic Flu Online 9/2/09

Emory moves students with swine flu into one dorm – Pandemic Flu Online 9/2/09

Arizona school closes with flu outbreak – Pandemic Flu Online 10/6/09

University of Kansas students isolated by swine flu – Pandemic Flu Online 9/2/09

H1N1: MAINE DECLARES CIVIL EMERGENCY – Bangor Daily News via Cryptogon 9/3/09

2,000 sick with swine flu at Washington State University – AP/Mercury News 9/4/09

84 OSU students have been treated for swine flu – Tulsa World 9/1/09

Federal Government teams with Sesame Street to spread swine flu awareness – Washington Post 9/1/09

Swine flu sends more blacks, Hispanics to hospital – Tulsa World 8/27/09

Colombian Leader Getting Over Flu – NYTimes 9/1/09

Sebelius Says It Will Be Thanksgiving Before the Majority of Americans Are ‘Fully Immunized’ Against H1N1 – Fox via Pandemic Flu Online 8/24/09

Swine flu immunity to take months – Tulsa World 8/25/09

The swine flu call centres where staff have nothing to do but play cards and Trivial Pursuit -Daily Mail, UK 8/29/09

Company Tables Medical Marijuana for Swine Flu – Pandemic Flu Online 8/31/09


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