Recent News about 9/11/01
September 13, 2009, 10:46 am
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President Obama extends 9/11 national emergency – WhiteHouse.gov via Prison Planet 9/12/09

9/11 Commission Members Doubt Official Story – Prison Planet 9/11/09

VIDEO: Former General of all American Intelligence: An Aircraft did not hit the Pentagon on 9/11 – Global Research 7/5/09

80,000 New Yorkers demand a new investigation into 9/11 – Snardfarker via WRH 9/9/09

On Friday, September 4, the New York City Coalition for Accountability Now (NYC CAN) submitted 28,000 petition signatures as a supplement to the 52,000 signatures submitted on June 24 calling for a citywide referendum on the creation of a local, independent commission to investigate 9/11.

New Video Of 9/11 Jet Hitting Twin Towers – Prison Planet 9/11/09

Time to rescue our 9/11 heroes ill from Ground Zero cleanup – Prison Planet 9/10/09

Major 9/11 Breakthrough in Japan Spectacular Support for Yukihisa Fujita – What Really Happened 8/31/09

Councilor Fujita is a current member and former director of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense. In this function he questioned 9/11 three times in parliament. Fujita claims that 9/11 as the main reason for the “War on Terror” needs to be newly investigated in order to find peaceful solutions.

Hundreds of 9/11 first responders die of cancer – Prison Planet 8/24/09

9/11 Truth Cannot Be Stopped – Prison Planet 9/11/09

Badillo: New York Allows Petition for 9/11 Investigation to Go Forward – Prison Planet 9/11/09

Richard Gage article on 911 WTC contolled demolitions appears in World Architecture News – Prison Planet 9/10/09

9/11 and Cyberterrorism – Global Research 7/17/09

NSA Security running amok to plug leaks about 9/11 – Online Journal 7/8/09

Government censor cuts court audio during 9/11 hearing – Raw Story 7/16/09

Soros funds infiltration of 9/11 truth, election protection, and “independent” journalism – Online Journal 7/10/09

9/11 FLIR Infrared Camera proves NIST and 9/11 Commission Lies – YouTube 7/8/09

New program will teach students about 9/11 – MSNBC via WRH 9/9/09

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani joined Sept. 11 family members and college professors on Tuesday at a hotel blocks from the World Trade Center site to unveil a plan to teach middle and high school students about the 2001 terrorist attacks.
The 9/11 curriculum, believed to be the first comprehensive educational plan focusing on the attacks, is expected to be tested this year at schools in New York City, California, New Jersey, Alabama, Indiana, Illinois and Kansas.

MORE ABOUT: The Search for the Truth About 9/11/01

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