UK Government To Install Surveillance Cameras In Private Homes – Prison Planet 8/5/09

UK’s national ID card unveiled – BBC 7/30/09

UK national ID card cloned in 12 minutes – Computer Weekly 8/6/09

Revealed: Secret torture evidence UK tried to suppress – Raw Story 7/8/09

Big Brother state wants even more spy powers – Daily Mail, UK 7/22/09

Ministers were attacked by their own surveillance watchdog last night for wanting to make it easier for public bodies to spy on the public.

Sir Christopher Rose, Chief Surveillance Commissioner, also revealed Government organisations were using tracking devices and private investigators to snoop on residents.  And he warned that councils are still using covert tactics to check on suspected minor offenders, despite being banned by law from doing so.

2012 Olympics: Laws Allow Police to Enter Private Homes to Confiscate, “Advertising of a Non-Commercial Nature, and Announcements or Notices of Any Kind” – Cryptogon 7/24/09

Britain: Parents to Sign ‘Behaviour Contracts’ to Send Children to State Schools – Cryptogon 7/24/09

Pupils and their families will be required to agree to the deal – setting out minimum standards of behaviour and attendance – before the start of term. Contracts, known as Home School Agreements, will also establish parents’ responsibilities for the first time. They face court action and possible fines

BBC admit al qaeda never existed – Video – DoomDaily 8/6/09

Riots over expansion of US military base in Italy – Raw Story 7/5/09

Italy to Declare Independence from US Military – Global Research 7/1/09

From WW II To WW III: Global NATO And Remilitarized Germany – Global Research 7/15/09

The plans of the Mafia to undermine Italian democracy and destabilize State institutions – Global Research 7/27/09

List of Israeli Atrocities – SoundOfEgypt

Breaking the Silence: Israeli soldiers ‘used human shields’ in Gaza – Times, UK 7/15/09

A group of Israeli soldiers who fought in the recent war in Gaza have testified that the military allowed them to use reckless force.  The 26 soldiers published their anonymous accounts in a booklet compiled by Breaking the Silence, an Israeli soldiers’ organisation.  They describe the Israeli army’s use of human shields and deliberate targeting of civilian structures. 

Organ Trafficking: A Fast-Expanding Black Market – Traffiking Project

Romania: Israeli doctors questioned in human eggs trafficking case  – YNet, Israel 7/23/09

Israel Kills Palestinian Boys, Steals Organs For Transplants – Rense 7/23/09

The organ of last resort – UNESCO 7/23/09

Israel has recently become something of a pariah in the transplant world. Without a strong culture of organ donation and under the pressure of angry transplant candidates, the Ministry of Health has refused to crack down on the country’s multi-million dollar business in transplant tourism that arranges junkets from dialysis clinics in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to medical centres in Europe and the United States.
“Why should we Israelis be made to travel to third world clinics to get the kidneys we need to survive from the bodies of peasants, soldiers, or guest workers who may be in worse physical shape than ourselves?” a 71-year-old “kidney buyer” from Tel Aviv asked me rhetorically. “Organs should be seen as a human, not as a national resource.”

Z Street: The New Zionist Extremist Group  – Uruknet 7/22/09

High Tech Weaponry used in Gaza: Radiation contamination by Depleted Uranium – Global Research 8/14/09

FLASHBACK – Israeli doctors experimented on children – Guardian, UK

FLASHBACK – Moldova’s desperate organ donors – BBC, UK

FLASHBACK – Israeli organ traffickers shift operations to China – BioEdge

Judging the Iranian Elections – Consortium News 7/6/09

Powers won’t wait for Iran to build nuclear weapon: Obama – Raw Story 7/10/09

Iran police: Neda’s death ‘prearranged scenario’ – PressTV, Iran 7/1/09

Nineveh Kurds Threaten to Secede – Uruknet 7/20/09

Kurds Defy Baghdad, Laying Claim to Land and Oil – NYTimes 7/10/09

With little notice, Kurdistan’s leaders are moving forward on a new constitution, alarming some Iraqis and Americans.

Iraq invasion harmed historic Babylon – Raw Story 7/10/09

Steel stakes were driven into 2,500-year-old walls, ancient roads damaged

List of Iraqi Academics Assassinated in Iraq during the US-led occupation – No Killing.org

British Military Press Officer Quits, Got Tired of Lying About Iraq – Independent, UK via Cryptogon 8/6/09

Tests New Illegal Ammo By, Killing An Iraqi – Information Clearinghouse 12/1/03

U.S. Adviser’s Blunt Memo on Iraq: Time ‘to Go Home’ – NYTimes 7/30/09

Iraq: from breadbasket to dust bowl – Minneapolis Post 7/15/09

Private contractors replacing troops in Iraq, Afghanistan – Examiner 7/15/09

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