August 23, 2009, 8:01 pm
Filed under: Africa, Canada, empire, fascism, International news, news, politics

$49B foreign aid budget clears House – Politico 7/9/09

Photo-essays from around the world – via Metafilter 7/9/09

Gaia Photos is “Your global team of local photojournalists,” with contributions ranging from Nepal to Canada, and Mongolia to Texas. via The Press Photographer’s Year 2009.

I’ve Seen 1,200 Torture Photos  – Global Research 7/13/09

William Blum: Assassinations and Coups: Keeping Track of the Empire’s Crimes – CounterPunch 8/6/09

The Responsibility to Protect – Global Research 7/26/09

The International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty. Finally A Real Debate on RP2

The Rwandan Genocide: Result of a Carefully Planned Military Operation – Global Research 6/3/09

Congo candidates rip ‘totally false’ results – Raw Story 7/16/09

Genocide in Darfur: Psyops Deconstruction – Global Research 7/10/09

Straight Talk: Revealing the Real U.S.-Africa Policy – Global Research 7/9/09

Coup Leader Wins Election Amid Outcry in Mauritania – NYTimes 7/20/09

Canadian gov’t: you have no expectation of privacy on the Internet – BoingBoing 6/30/09

Canadians Take Notice, the U.S. Is Militarizing the Border – Alternet 5/26/09

VIDEO: Too Hard to Swallow. Restricting the Freedoms of Canadians – Global Research 4/27/09

Canadian Military Stages Martial Law Practice in Alberta! – Medicine Hat News, CA 5/5/09

U.S.- Canada Border Security and Military Integration  – Global Research 6/22/09

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