The Technology of Fascism: Robots, Autonomous Drones and More

US Air Force says decision-making attack drones will be here by 2047 – EnGadget 7/28/09

Scientists Fear a Revolt by Killer Robots – Times, UK via Cryptogon 8/3/09

Ethics of robots that kill – BoingBoing 7/28/09

New Taser model can shock three people ‘simultaneously’ – Raw Story 7/27/09

Will Predator drones outsmart humans? – Raw Story 7/25/09

Microwave Weapon Will Rain Pain from the Sky – Cryptogon 7/24/09

U.S. Air Force Foretells Drone That Can Make Attack Decisions on Its Own – Prison Planet 7/30/09

Drone Aircraft Market Surges In The U.S.  – Forbes 7/30/09

Flying surveillance robots coming soon from Aeryon – CNet 7/29/09

U.S. Air Force Foretells Drone That Can Make Attack Decisions on Its Own – Prison Planet 7/30/09

How robot drones revolutionized the face of warfare – CNN 7/29/09

Researchers offer tools for eavesdropping and video hijacking – CNet 7/31/09

Warning:Electronically Cloning Cellular Phone Numbers  – NASA.gov

Commando Subs Sending Drones, Robo-Torpedos Into Combat – Wired via Cryptogon 7/28/09

Air Force ‘plans all-drone future’ – Raw Story 7/17/09

Robo-bats to be next eyes in the sky – Refreshing News 7/8/09

EATR robots are coming, this isn’t funny anymore – EnGadget 7/10/09

Implanting Microchips into Insects. US Military Develops “Cybug Spies” – Global Research 7/15/09

Lockheed Martin and Microvision developing wearable displays for DARPA – EnGadget 7/7/09



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I understand that the robots you mentioned here, the ones that use biomatter for fuel, are already deployed in depth in Iraq and Afghanistan. People were reassured by a commander that this monstrosity would be under human control via satellite. However, once the link is broken, it would go autonomous and continue to function its operational parameters.

What a lovely thought. A cold, amoral robot roaming around the countryside to prosecute war and eat dead animals and humans to function…

In an interesting yet disgusting tidbit, I have also heard from a reliable person I know that most of the dead bodies in Great Britain are no longer buried or cremated. Those dead bodies belong to the state and are, in effect, eaten up by machines for fuel…

Words cannot express the hideousness of this. Not even the phrase “Soylent Green is People” can encapsulate it. The closest I can come to it is cannibalism.

The United States isn’t far off from Britain in this regard. 2 out of 3 dead bodies are laying unclaimed in the morgue because, apparently, people do not want to mount the expense for a proper burial. It’s just a hop-skip away from our government reasonably saying that they will dispose of the bodies in a manner beneficial to all interested parties…

Also, another tidbit. Did you ever watch Terminator 3? Those “Terminators” at the end of the movie, the ones on track wheels, are very, very similar to the robots also deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

How strange that we took our worst science fiction horror stories and translated them into reality.

Comment by Thursday

I think it’s almost the other way around; they take their worst atrocities, and make TV shows and Hollywood blockbusters out of them. Then, when the fringe crazies talk about organ trafficking rings, or autonomous robots, we’re dismissed as having watched too much TV. “Law & Order” may be the worst, with its’ formulaic ‘ripped from today’s headlines’ scripts. The Truth is the best Lie, right?

Comment by hope2012


That no doubt is happening. There is a great deal of neuro-linguistic programing happening in the entertainment industry; so much so that Goebbels would have been proud. But I think the other is true as well.

For instance, when the first Terminator movie was released, the idea of “Skynet” was really far fetched. Our computing capacity at the time was not very formidable. In fact, during the first Desert Storm Iraq War, Central Command’s entire computing network was orders of magnitude less powerful than the average computer today.

I’m of the mind that men create these horrors out of a self-centered fear of death and their lust for power. We all know Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein– the name itself has become shorthand for science and technology going haywire once its elevated to the level of godhood– and yet our society are doing many things like what’s described in the book written over 100 years ago.

We are stitching ourselves up with the organs of dead men (note the hideousness of the movie 12 Pounds being portrayed as heroic). We’ve gone heavily into genetic engineer and eugenics. And our elites now dream of downloading their consciousness into a computer (ie. robot) in their drive toward immortality.

Mary Shelley could not have known that an entire civilization would plunge into the horrors she imagined and do so without a whimper or protest.

While the other, like you said does happen, and happen very, very frequently through their neuro-linguistic schemes, I think this happens as well. It’s as though in trying to create their utopia and have instead created monstrosities, despite all warnings passed down to us through the ages.

As an aside, I do get irritated when people look at me strangely for addressing these issues. As you pointed out, they think I’ve been deluded by too much TV and have lost contact with reality. Ah well, who’s John Galt?

Comment by Thursday

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