Knowledge is Power: News on Surveillance in the US

Obama passing new law to allow searching of PC’s, Laptops, and media devices – Russia Today TV via YouTube

Pervasive Surveillance Continuing Under Obama – Dissident Voice 7/11/09

Texas: Plans Show Magnitude of Proposed NSA Building – KSL5TV via Cryptogon 8/5/09

The NSA Wiretapping Story Nobody Wanted – Computer World via Cryptogon 7/18/09

World Wide Wiretap – Global Research 7/10/09

New reports of massive spying, criminality by US government – Global Research 7/13/09

Inspectors General Confirm Bush Admin Carried Out Massive Illegal Surveillance, More Than Previously Known – ThinkProgress 7/12/09

Pervasive Surveillance Continuing Under Obama. New DHS-NSA-AT&T “Cybersecurity” Partnership – AntiFascist Calling 7/6/09

Cable TV Workers Trained To Spy On Citizens – Prison Planet 7/23/09

Baltimore transit wants to use microphones to record all conversations on trains and buses – Boing Boing 7/21/09

Terrorism in Bulverde – A True Story of Satellite Surveillance – There are no sunglasses 8/4/09

Records key to cases against corrupt judges may get destroyed – Raw Story 7/28/09

Main Core, PROMIS and the Shadow Government (Pt. 4a) – Just Another Coverup 7/27/09

Main Core, PROMIS and the Shadow Government (Pt. 4b) by Ed Encho – Just Another Coverup 7/27/09



7/8/09: Black Ops in America and Around the World: Spying, Weaponry, Robots and More

7/9/09: Fascism Watch: Spying & Wiretapping News


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[…] I received a link to my site from Hope2012, a website that points out the many infractions of our constitutional rights and the ongoing spying […]

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