Fascism in the US: assasination programs, indefinite detention, torture and more

Obama weighing ‘special interrogation squad’ – Raw Story 7/18/09

First steps taken to implement preventive detention, military commissions – WhatReallyHappened 7/23/09

Obama seeks to institutionalize indefinite detention – Prison Planet 8/5/09

 White House: Acquitted detainees may not be released – Raw Story 7/7/09

New Info Brings More Questions On Secret CIA Program – TP Muckraker 7/13/09

Yes, the U.S. DID Carry Out Foreign Assassinations . . . And STILL DOES – Prison Planet 7/15/09

It’s Wasn’t Only Cheney Who Had Assassination Programs: Clinton Did It, and Obama Does It, Too – Alternet 7/16/09

Report: CIA assassins cleared to operate in US – Raw Story 7/16/09

The Secret Program CAN’T Be Foreign Assassinations, Because Congress Was Briefed on that in 2001 and the New York Times Wrote About it in 2002 – Washington’s blog 7/15/09

Lawmaker says CIA director ended secret program – Yahoo 7/11/09

CIA Director Leon Panetta has terminated a “very serious” covert program the spy agency kept secret from Congress for eight years, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, a House Intelligence subcommittee chairwoman, said Friday.

Lawmaker won’t deny secret CIA program was ‘Cheney assassination ring’ – Prison Planet 7/10/09

Cheney Is Linked to Concealment of C.I.A. Project – NYTimes 7/11/09

Special “Q Group” security wing inside US National – Kenny Sideshow 7/11/09

The NSA tasked with covering up the real story of 9/11? Another nail in the coffin of the official story? Untold millions of dollars of taxpayer money have been spent to hide the truth and it still continues. This is how our criminal government works.

The CIA, licensed to kill – LA Times 7/25/09

The agency has been involved in planning assassinations since at least 1954.

CIA’s History of Lying to Congress – Consortium News 7/10/09

UK weapons inspector who was found dead was writing expose: paper – Raw Story 7/6/09

British weapons inspector Dr. David Kelly was writing an expose about his work with anthrax and his warnings that Iraq possessed no weapons of mass destruction at the time of his death in July 2003, according to a report published in a British newspaper.Kelly’s death — said to have been a suicide — has stirred controversy, as it came on the heels of testimony to the House of Commons about a memo which purported that Britain had “sexed up” a dossier on Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction. A Parliamentary inquiry ruled that the death had been suicide, though it also included testimony from a former British ambassador who quotes Kelly as having said, “I will probably be found dead in the woods” if Iraq were invaded.

The Torture Tape Summaries – Mother Jones 7/27/09

U.S. Defence releases torture documents – WebDiary, Australia 7/4/09

The Department of Defence released redacted documents Thursday related to abuse and torture of detainee held e in U.S. custody at Guantanamo Bay and other overseas prisons.  The 12 documents were released as part of the American Civil Liberties Union’s long-running Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the government.

“These documents provide still more evidence of the widespread and systemic abuse of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay and other overseas locations,” said Amrit Singh, an ACLU staff attorney. “They further underscore the need for a congressional select committee to examine the roots of the torture program as well as an independent prosecutor to investigate issues of criminal responsibility

Is Texas Harboring Torture Decider? – Consortium News 7/8/09

Seldom does a crime scene have so clear a smoking gun. A two-page presidential memorandum of Feb. 7, 2002, leaves no room for uncertainty regarding the “decider” on torture. His broad-stroke signature made torture official policy.

COINTELPRO – WhatReallyHappened

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