Swine Flu News: On Origin & Continued Spread

Virologist to Make His Case for Lab Origin of Swine Flu – via Cryptogon 7/1/09

Back in April, when the first cases of swine flu were diagnosed in Mexico, Gibbs examined the genetic structure of the virus that had been posted on a public database. His analysis led him to speculate that the virus may have been the result of a laboratory error.

Swine flu makes a comeback – Tulsa World 7/3/09

Swine flu is running wild in the Southern Hemisphere and is spreading rapidly through Europe, with Britain projected to reach 100,000 daily cases by the end of August.

Yet another new flu virus emerges in Canada – Yahoo 7/8/09

Canadian officials said on Tuesday they had identified yet another new flu virus, this one a mixture of human and swine influenzas, in two farm workers in Western Canada.

PITT STUDY: Accidental release blamed in swine flu outbreak – Pittsburgh Live 7/1/09

Sick pigs at the 1918 Cedar Rapids Swine Show in Iowa and scientists’ accidental release of an “extinct” flu virus in 1977 played key roles in creating a strain that has swept the globe and sparked fear of a more deadly flu season this winter.

W.H.O. Says It Plans to Stop Tracking Swine Flu Cases – NYTimes 7/17/09

NHS Instructed to Plan For Up to 65,000 Swine Flu Deaths – Medical News via Cryptogon 7/17/09

Major swine flu out- break ‘likely’: Obama – Raw Story 7/9/09

WHO says new flu virus ‘unstoppable’  – Raw Story 7/14/09

Swine flu resembles feared 1918 flu, study finds – MSNBC 7/13/09

Obese Exposed as Swine Flu Collides With Fat Epidemic  – Bloomberg 7/10/09

Swine flu sweeping world at ‘unprecedented speed’: WHO – Prison Planet 7/18/09




The New Swine Flu / H1N1 – It Isn’t Over Yet: Pandemic Preparedness, Mandatory Vaccinations, Quarantines and More – 7/6/09

Before the ‘Swine Flu’: Previous Pandemics and Plans to Resurrect Them, Mysterious Deaths of Microbiologists, 1976 Swine Flu Vaccinations and More – 7/5/09

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