Notable Articles on the Economy

True unemployment rate already at 20% – MSNBC 7/6/09

Evolving Economic Crisis: Review of Market Trends – Global Research 7/9/09

A dizzying compilation of market indicators 

Breadline USA: Why People Are Going Hungry in the Land of Plenty – Alternet 7/4/09

Rolling Stone Expose Declares Goldman Sachs Behind Every Market Crash Since 1920s – Alternet 7/2/9

Banks own the US government – Global Research 7/2/09

VIDEO: Market continues to be propped up by government intervention and manipulation  – Global Research 7/2/09

The Looting of America: How Wall Street Fleeced Millions from Wisconsin Schools – Alternet 6/3/09

Your Credit Card Company Is Building A Psychological Profile Of You – Consumerist 5/16/09

The Great Bank Robbery: How the Federal Reserve is destroying America – Global Research 6/30/09

Bullion and Bandits: The Improbable Rise and Fall of E-Gold – Wired 6/9/09

Green Shoots, Red Ink, Black Hole – Eliot Spitzer on Slate 6/3/09

The Secrets of the Federal Reserve – Global Research 5/13/09

They are shutting down Detroit – Freedom’s Phoenix 4/13/09

In this music video, which features Mickey Rourke and Kris Kristofferson, you will see the plight of many in this area. In this Video are actors, But the situation being portrayed in this movie, is the reality of many in this area.

Group names 25 lenders responsible for economic meltdown – Raw Story 5/7/09

Worldwide Depression: Review of Global Markets  – Global Research 6/29/09

International Bailout Brings Us Closer to Economic Collapse  – Global Research 6/24/09

The Bilderberg Plan for 2009: Remaking the Global Political Economy – Global Research 5/26/09

Leaked Agenda: Bilderberg Group Plans Economic Depression – PrisonPlanet 5/6/09

Details of the economic agenda were contained in a pre-meeting booklet being handed out to Bilderberg members. On a more specific note, Estulin warns that Bilderberg are fostering a false picture of economic recovery, suckering investors into ploughing their money back into the stock market again only to later unleash another massive downturn which will create “massive losses and searing financial pain in the months ahead,” according to a Canada Free Press report.


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