Fascism Watch: Spying & Wiretapping News

CIA and Pentagon Deploy RFID “Death Chips.” Coming Soon to a Product Near You! – AntiFascist Calling 6/10/09

Obama wants spy training at universities – Raw Story 6/20/09

Court lets cops track cars via GPS – Raw Story 5/9/09

Cell Phone Surveillance – Channel 13, Indianapolis via YouTube

Got a cell-phone? FCC claims the right to search your house – Boing Boing 5/21/09

The FCC claims that its powers to inspect radio equipment in order to catch pirate radio stations means that it can also enter and search any home that has a WiFi access point, a cordless phone, a baby monitor, or a cell phone.

“Anything using RF energy — we have the right to inspect it to make sure it is not causing interference,” says FCC spokesman David Fiske. That includes devices like Wi-Fi routers that use unlicensed spectrum, Fiske says.The FCC claims it derives its warrantless search power from the Communications Act of 1934, though the constitutionality of the claim has gone untested in the courts. That’s largely because the FCC had little to do with average citizens for most of the last 75 years, when home transmitters were largely reserved to ham-radio operators and CB-radio aficionados. But in 2009, nearly every household in the United States has multiple devices that use radio waves and fall under the FCC’s purview, making the commission’s claimed authority ripe for a court challenge.

“It is a major stretch beyond case law to assert that authority with respect to a private home, which is at the heart of the Fourth Amendment’s protection against unreasonable search and seizure,” says Electronic Frontier Foundation lawyer Lee Tien. “When it is a private home and when you are talking about an over-powered Wi-Fi antenna — the idea they could just go in is honestly quite bizarre.”

Bush FBI sent 18 armored agents to wiretap whisteblower’s home – Raw Story 6/5/09

The Harman-AIPAC Story: A Timeline – TPMuckraker 4/20/09

CQ’s blockbuster story, about a wiretap that picked up Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) discussing the AIPAC spying case with a “suspected Israeli agent”, picks up on a sequence of complex events from several years ago, and involves several moving pieces.

So we thought it would be worthwhile to put together a timeline of events laying out the major reported developments in this sprawling story.

This story TOTALLY dropped off the radar…could it be related to the post below?

Report: AIPAC Case Dropped – TPMuckraker 5/1/09

NSA program oversight ‘doesnt really exist,’ reporter reveals – Raw Story 4/17/09

Gonzales secretly dropped charges against Democrat who kept lid on wiretapping story – Raw Story 4/20/09

Powerful Democrat ‘caught on NSA wiretap;’ Allegedly promised to ‘intervene’ for AIPAC – Raw Story 4/20/09

Revealed: Spying Abuses ‘Systemic’ In Recent Months — Which Is Exactly What the 2008 FISA Law Was Designed to Do – Alternet 4/16/09

New reports about NSA spying are the inevitable result of last year’s FISA-gutting law, which the Democrats supported.

Obama DOJ invents radical authoritarian theory to defend Bush administration’s warrantless wiretapping – Boing Boing 4/7/09

The Obama administration has filed a brief in EFF’s lawsuit against the government for its program of illegal, mass wiretapping of Americans, defending the practice, arguing that the lawsuit should be dismissed, endorsing the Bush administration’s invented “State Secret” theory, and augmenting it with a new theory, that “the Patriot Act bars any lawsuits of any kind for illegal government surveillance unless there is “willful disclosure” of the illegally intercepted communications.” This brief was not written by Bush cronies left behind by the outgoing administration: this is an invention of the Obama administration.I don’t expect the guy to walk on water, but I’d sure like it if he’d stop wallowing in the mud.

The Spy Factory: The New Thought Police – Global Research 2/13/09

Judge axes Chicago police spying limits – Raw Story 6/8/09

Rules first set up in 1982 after suit over spying on activists.


7/8/09: Cyber-Warfare and the End of the Internet

7/8/09: Black Ops in America and Around the World: Spying, Weaponry, Robots and More

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