It Matters For Everyone: Threats to Our Food Supply and What to Do About It

The Ugly Truth Behind Organic Food – Alternet 5/14/09

Soy’s Negative Effects: Is This the Most Dangerous Food for Men? – via Cryptogon 6/7/09

Food Companies Are Placing the Onus for Safety on Consumers – NYTimes 5/15/09

McDonald’s Is Poisoning Consumers — And Blaming Everyone Else for the Catastrophic Societal Costs – Alternet 6/24/09

Food Inc: Michael Pollan and Friends Reveal the Food Industry’s Darkest Secrets – Alternet 6/25/09

Vandana Shiva: Our Corporate Farming System Is to Blame for Massive Farmer Suicides – Alternet 5/20/09

Food Safety Bill HR 2749 Requires Immediate Opposition  – Natural News 6/23/09

Catastrophic Fall in 2009 Global Food Production – Global Research 2/10/09

Numbers and perspective

High-tech future of California farming – Raw Story 5/14/09

A ‘time bomb’ for world wheat crop – LA Times 6/14/09

Why You Should Avoid Fructose Sweetened Beverages – Natural News 5/6/09

A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation (April 20th, 2009) shows the difference in how the sugars fructose and glucose affect the body. Fructose showed more harmful effects such as increasing belly fat, higher cholesterol levels and increased insulin resistance.

Biopiracy, GM Seeds & Rural India – Global Research 6/2/09

GMO-Free Regions: A Growing Global Trend, Except In The United States? – Treehugger 5/14/09

GM-Soy: Destroy the Earth and Humans for Profit – Natural News 5/27/09

Scientists Say GE Crops Encourage Stronger Weeds – New Zealand Herald via Cryptogon 5/29/09

“They knew and didn’t tell” – 10 minute video, Brasscheck TV

The FDA gave Monsanto and it friends a free pass on genetically modified organisms. They’ve helped suppress the science that shows food produced this way is dangerous.

Beyond Golden Rice: The Rockefeller Foundation’s long-term agenda behind Genetically Modified Food  – Global Research 6/11/09

Doctors Warn: Avoid Genetically Modified Food – via Cryptogon 6/10/09

The Monsanto Connection – Dissident Voice 5/2/09

Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero : Puerto Rico: Biotech Island – CounterPunch 6/23/09

A Moratorium on Genetically Manipulated (GMO) Foods – Global Research 5/21/09

AAEM’s position paper stated, “Several animal studies indicate serious health risks associated with GM food,” including infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, insulin regulation, and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system. They conclude, “There is more than a casual association between GM foods and adverse health effects. There is causation,” as defined by recognized scientific criteria. “The strength of association and consistency between GM foods and disease is confirmed in several animal studies.”

“So what can I do?”

Michael Pollan: “Don’t Buy Any Food You’ve Ever Seen Advertised” – Alternet 5/15/09

“The real food is not being advertised. And that’s really all you need to know.”

Square Foot Gardening – via Metafilter 5/24/09

Can US urban food deserts bloom? – Raw Story 5/27/09

Wild Girl Goes Urban Foraging in Portland – Treehugger 5/28/09

Get to Know Your Edible Outdoor Greens [Food Hunting]  – LifeHacker 5/22/09

I Saw ‘Food Inc.’ — Now What? – Alternet 7/3/09

Here’s how to transition off of a corn-based diet, lessen your carb(on) footprint, support local farmers and humanely raised meats.


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