Consumption: It’s Killing You, Your Family, Humanity and the Earth

Consumption, Not Population Is Our Main Environmental Threat – Alternet 4/14/09

Let’s challenge the convenient notion that “over-consumers” in rich countries can blame “over-breeders” in distant lands.

Database of all the toxins in your cosmetics and personal care products – via BoingBoing 6/5/09

Everyday products that may be harmful to your family – Mother Nature Network 6/23/09

Good News: Most Ecosystems Can Recover in One Lifetime from Human-Induced or Natural Disturbance – Treehugger 5/27/09

Burt’s Bees, Tom’s of Maine, Naked Juice: Your Favorite Brands? Take Another Look — They May Not Be What They Seem – Alternet 3/17/09

Confident that you are buying good, socially conscious brands? Find out the real story behind all that marketing money and store visibility.

U.S. Baby Products Contain Cancer-Causing Contaminants – Natural News 4/27/09

MSG Now Used to Spray Crops – Natural News 4/29/09

Arresting photographs of pollution. – Metafilter 5/22/09

Coal ash damaging health in 34 states – Raw Story 5/8/09

RFK Jr. Explains Vaccines and Autism Coverup – YouTube 6/22/09

Cancers Threaten Wild Animal Populations – Treehugger 6/24/09

EPA: 2.2 million at higher cancer risk – Raw Story 6/24/09

FDA Approval of Antipsychotics for Children Mirrors Bayer, AMA Approvals of Heroin as Cough Medicine for Children – Natural news 6/11/09

Ritalin ADHD Drug Linked to 500 Percent Increased Risk of Sudden Death in Children – Prison Planet 6/17/09

1300 Girls Harmed by HPV Vaccines in UK; Bizarre Side Effects Like Paralysis and Epilepsy – Natural News 5/18/09 

Deadly Salmonella: Frozen Food’s Newest Ingredient – Alternet 5/28/09

Child Leukemia Rates Increase Near U.S. Nuclear Power Plants – Global Research 6/2/09

The Health Risks of Nuclear Radiation: Toxic link: the WHO and the IAEA  – Global Research 5/28/09

Supreme Court Shock: Ruling Says Lethal Mining Waste Can Be Dumped in Lakes – Treehugger 6/23/09

Breathing Polluted Air May Wreak Havoc on our DNA, Reprogramming Genes in as Few as Three Days – National Geographic via Cryptogon 5/19/09 

The Corruption Continues: FDA Approves Antidepressants for Children, Even After Revelations of Bribery – Natural News 6/13/09

“Inert” Pesticide Ingredients Toxic To Human Cells – Treehugger 6/25/09

F.D.A. Warns Against Use of Popular Cold Remedy – NYTimes 6/17/09

In 2006, the maker of Zicam paid $12 million to settle 340 lawsuits from the product’s users who claimed that it destroyed their sense of smell.

Hormone experts worried about plastics, chemicals – Reuters 6/11/09

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