Everyday Toxins in Your Backyard and Consumer Products: Environmental News Round-up

NAFTA and the Unmanning of North America – Miller McCune 2/24/09

A trade case with Canada highlights the evidence linking everyday products to the feminization and outright disappearance of males from every species — including ours. 

Everyday Products Are Filled With Toxins — And We’re Not Doing a Thing About It – Alternet 2/25/09

Salmonella in Peanut Butter, Melamine in Milk, Mercury in Corn Syrup — How Do We Know What’s Safe to Eat? – Alternet 2/24/09

Perchlorate Chemicals Found in 100% of Tested Infant Formula Products – Natural News 4/4/09 

Illinois River Closed Due to Caterpillar “Oil Sludge” Spill  – Charting Stocks 2/9/09

The US Coast Guard is reporting that 6,000 gallons of “Oil Sludge” spilled into the Des Plaines River from a container at Caterpiller’s hydraulics plant in Illinois . It is estimated that the Caterpillar container spilled 65,000 gallons of the sludge while 6,000 made its way into the river.

Leaked document shows Pentagon knowingly exposed troops to cancer-causing chemicals in Iraq, while saying they were safe – Raw Story 3/9/09

The Flawed Theory Behind Vaccinations, and Why MMR Jabs Endanger Your Child’s Health – Natural News 2/11/09

Why Vaccinations Harm Children: Fifty Health Experts Sound Off – Natural News 2/11/09

Neurosurgeon warns of Aspartame danger to pilots – OpEdNews 4/10/09

I have reviewed reports from airline and private pilots concerning effects of aspartame on various physiological systems. Several of these are related to the nervous system, which puts this in category of great concern to the pilot as well as the general public. The more common complaints include disorientation, difficulty thinking and concentrating, visual blurring or even monocular blindness, seizures and heart failure. It is well known that the ingredients in aspartame, as well as its breakdown products, have deleterious effects on the nervous system and retina.

Missing Wal-Mart signs could generate genetic abnormalities – Raw Story 2/15/09

Tales of Vanishing Tritium Exit Signs Prompt Health Concerns – Treehugger 2/9/09 

Plan to Import 20,000 Tons of Italian Nuclear Waste into Utah Approved by US Gov– Treehugger 4/14/09

Army: No plan to move sea-dumped munitions – Army Times 4/8/09

The U.S. military dumped some 2,500 tons of weapons containing lethal mustard, cyanide, lewisite, cyanogens and chloride at three deep-sea sites several miles off Oahu. More than 16,000 individual bombs were dumped there. 

Three Mile Island: Exposing the Government’s Cover Up of Our Most Infamous Nuclear Accident – Alternet 3/30/09

Cell Phone Scare: What Do We Really Know About the Health Risks? – Alternet 3/27/09

Toxic ash used to make bridges, buildings – CNN 3/20/09

Healthy teenager killed by acne pill – Guardian, UK 2/27/09

Common Mouthwash Products Boost Risk of Oral Cancer by 900 Percent – Natural News 2/26/09


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