Good News: There are alternatives to this suicide economy

Is it time for an American Jubilee? – WhatReallyHappened

Food-backed Local Money – The Oil Drum 3/4/09

Creative Food Economy Emerges in Ontario – Treehugger 3/9/09

It Is Time to Dissolve All Central Banks, a Cancer on their Nations’ Real Economies – Alternet 4/19/09

Time for a Social Movement to Nationalize U.S. Banks – Global Research 1/26/09

A Simple Solution to the States’ Budget Crises – Global Research 2/19/09

To End This Financial Crisis, Americans Are Going to Have to Get Angry – Alternet 2/11/09

Reform the Monetary System – Global Research 2/18/09

Sign of the Times: A Citizens Guide to Dumpster Diving – Democratic Underground 2/1/09

Three Underlying Systemic Defects in our Political Economy that Must be Dealt with – Dissident Voice 1/26/09

8 Things That Must Happen Now to Salvage the Economy — and the Country – Alternet 12/30/08

An Alternative Program for Economic Recovery – Global Research 3/20/09

Defeating the Multinationals Is Just the Start of the Problem for Anti-Globalization Movements – Alternet 1/9/09

Congresswoman to constituents: Stay in foreclosed homes – Raw Story 1/30/09

How to Stimulate the Economy – The Progressive 1/11/09

Resistance to Housing Foreclosures Spread Across the Land – Alternet 1/23/09

Community-based movements to halt the flood of foreclosures have been building across the country. And they’re not the usual suspects.

Getting the Recovery Right – Alternet 2/5/09

How to achieve environmental sustainability, social justice and economic recovery.

Fair Game: The End of Banking as We Know It – NYTimes 1/18/09

The crisis is an opportunity to go back to a banking model designed to do more than simply enrich folks at the top.

What Solutions to the Current Economic Crisis? – Global Research 1/18/09

Bolivia ignited anti-globalization supporters by ousting the company that controlled its water. But that was just the beginning of its problems.

How to print your own money, legally – Raw Story 1/27/09

There’s plenty of easy to find information on local currencies.  It seems to be a natural path to go down.

The Economic Crisis Isn’t All Bad; It’s a Chance for Us and Obama to Reimagine How We Live Our Lives – Alternet 1/28/09

Capitalism is on its knees and now we have a chance to create higher ideals beyond career climbing and mindless consumerism.

The Financial Crisis Is Too Dire to Be Left to Politicians – Alternet 1/28/09

Current leaders of the world’s nations have utterly failed to develop a solution. Now it’s up to ordinary citizens.

Possible Economic Scenarios – Global Guerillas 2/4/09

Farmers Call For Restructuring of Global Food System – Treehugger 1/26/09

A coalition of peasant farmer groups are protesting their meaningful exclusion at the High Level Conference on Food Security taking place in Spain on January 26-27. In response to their exclusion 49 groups, including La Via Campesina, GRAIN, and ETC Group have signed a declaration, “Accelerating into disaster – when Banks manage the Food Crises”.

The “Nouveau Poor” – How They Can Be Heard And Actually Have “Clout” – JustAnotherCoverUp 1/18/09

We have reached the tipping point in the United States where the poor, disabled and disadvantaged are now second-class citizens. We have no rights, and America is feeding it’s prison systems with those who cannot afford proper legal representation. Prisons are being privatized, some co-owned by Dick Cheney and his cabal of criminal accomplishes – so incarceration for even the most minimal of crimes is helping to make hundreds of millions of dollars from those who profit on the misery of others.

Depression Cooking Teaches You To Cook Really, Really Cheaply [Cooking] – Lifehacker 2/26/09

MicroPlace and How Micro Loans Make a Big Difference (Video) – Treehugger 4/16/09

‘Too Big to Fail’ Is Too Big — Period – Jim Hightower, Alternet 4/4/09

The “too big” claim forms the rationale for the diversion of regular people’s money into rich people’s pockets.

Bill Moyers Journal reveals to the world the true root of the US banking crisis: FIRE Economy Oligarchs – Implode Explode 2/15/09

” This is a decisive moment, either you break their power or we are stuck for a long time with this arrangement.”

Screw Big Chain Franchises: Support Your Local Bar! – Alternet 2/21/09

A Scary Corporate Coup Is Under Way — We’ve Got to Stop It – Alternet 3/31/09

If Wall Street gets its way, Washington will pass new “reforms” that consolidate power and ratify a corporate state.

Nader: Tax the speculators – Raw Story 2/5/09


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