US Economic Tailspin: States going bankrupt, unable to provide services

46 Of 50 States Could File Bankruptcy In 2009-2010 – Freedom Arizona blog 1/30/09

Collapsing States can’t pay UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE! People STARVING! – Implode Explode 1/24/09

No insurance for 90% of laid-off workers – Raw Story 1/24/09

Fannie to Tap U.S. for as Much as $16 Billion in Aid  – Implode Explode 1/27/09

US asks Arab nations for $300 Billion to fund auto bailout – Now Public 1/3/09

Giant US pension shortfall – Raw Story 1/7/09

US foreclosure filings up 81 percent in 2008 (AP)  – Yahoo 1/15/09

More than 2.3 million American homeowners faced foreclosure proceedings last year, an 81 percent increase from 2007, with the worst yet to come as consumers grapple with layoffs, shrinking investment portfolios and falling home prices.

Latest US housing, jobless figures far worse than economists anticipate – Global Research 1/23/09

California to Delay Tax Refunds; Cut Off Aid to Elderly, Blind and Disabled People – Mercury News via Cryptogon 1/18/09

State employees stunned by request for $250 million in concessions – Cleveland blog 1/18/09

The state has asked workers in its largest labor union to accept a 5 percent across-the-board pay cut, a shorter work week and unpaid holidays to help balance the state’s troubled budget, according to a document obtained by The Plain Dealer. 

Georgia unemployment claims surge 174 percent – Atlanta Journal Constitution  1/15/09

Ohio unemployment funds run out – Raw Story 1/13/09

U.S. governors seek $1 trillion federal assistance (Reuters)  – Yahoo 1/2/09

Unemployment up in every state  – Raw Story 1/27/09

Mich., R.I. hit double digits in Dec.; ‘end of the tunnel’ in 2010

And the scale of unemployment has been incredibly skewed since Clinton’s ‘end of welfare as we know it’.  Unknown thousands, possibly millions, fall off the rolls without finding a job, and then the only indicator is the soaring rise in homelessness, tent cities, foreclosures, and food pantry demands.

North Carolina unemployment claims crash website – USA Today 1/6/09 

Almost one in 10 Floridians are on food stamps  – PrisonPlanet 12/30/08

Texas jobless fund likely to have $447 million shortfall – Houston Chronicle 1/22/09

Nearly a year ago, Gov. Rick Perry trumpeted $90 million in savings to businesses by temporarily suspending some of the burden of paying unemployment insurance taxes — money meant to replenish the unemployment compensation trust fund.

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[…] US Economic Tailspin: States going bankrupt, unable to provide services […]

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