Toxic Danger Round-Up: Industrial Contamination of Environment

Recognize Toxic Chemicals in Body Care Products – Natural News 2/3/09

No More Shiny, Silky Hair in Canada: Shampoo Ingredients Declared Toxic  – Treehugger 2/4/09

Hundreds of Birds Fall From Iowa Sky – WUFYS 1/28/09

Federal Agency Kills Thousands of Birds with Pesticide – Natural News 2/2/09

Imagine going outside and counting 150 dead birds on your property. On January 24, 2009, New Jersey resident, Andrea Kepic, called the police to report this very situation. She was told she would have to clean up the birds. Police read from a prepared statement recommending using a shovel, gloves and plastic bags to get rid of them.

Directed Mutagenesis Heralds Next Wave of Genetic Engineering – Treehugger 2/5/09

The German chemical giant BASF has announced the development of “a new generation of genetically altered crops, by precisely manipulating the plant’s own DNA without inserting foreign genes.” BASF refers to the genetic manipulation as “directed mutagenesis”

The Hidden Dangers of Roundup – Natural News 2/5/09

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs are Making People Sick – Natural News 1/20/09

Compact fluorescent light bulbs are filling home and office environments with dangerous electromagnetic pollution, causing devastating health effects on some people. Neurologists are increasingly taking notice of the headaches and migraines being reported by people exposed to compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Ban Against Incandescent Bulbs: Argentina Joins – Treehugger 1/20/09

Consumers’ Guide Identifies Genetically Engineered (GE) Ingredients – Treehugger 1/22/09

Study Reveals Chemotherapy Hastened or Caused Deaths of Many  – Natural News 2/2/09 

FDA Admits Cloned Meat, Milk May Have Already Entered Food Supply – Natural News via Cryptogon 1/31/09

Green Inc.: New Study Tallies Ethanol Costs – NYTimes 2/5/09

Academic researchers find that cellulosic ethanol is substantially less costly than corn-based ethanol in terms of its effect on emissions and health.

Next Stop for Radioactive Waste: Texas – Treehugger 2/3/09

High Fructose Corn Syrup Contaminated with Toxic Mercury, Says Research (opinion) – Natural News 1/27/09

New research published in Environmental Health and conducted in part by a scientist at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy has revealed that high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is routinely contaminated with the toxic heavy metal mercury.

Enviros cite NV mercury concerns – Raw Story 1/27/09

Toxic Chinese Drywall Making People and Pets Ill, Coroding Wires, Destroying Electronics – Herald Tribune via Cryptogon 1/25/09

Pesticides in Pet Products: Why Your Dog or Cat May Be at Risk – Alternet 2/2/09

Before leaving office, Bush approved new Protective Action Guides (PAGs) for radiation releases  – Global Research 1/21/09

Fire Retardant Chemical Found in Children at Three Times the Level of Their Parents – Natural News 1/29/09

Green Inc.: Next-Generation Nuclear Waste – NYTimes 2/2/09

Stewing Over Nuclear Weapon Leftovers – Miller McCune 1/28/09

In Part One of a three-part series, the author of America’s Nuclear Wasteland analyzes what it will take to clean up the mess left by the nuclear arms race.

China birth defects ‘up sharply’ – BBC 2/1/09

Pollution in China has caused an alarming rise in the number of babies with birth defects, a senior official says.

Exposed to Solvent, Worker Faces Hurdles – NYTimes 1/24/09

Research has linked contaminants to diseases, but that often fails to help victims win worker’s compensation.

Deadly germs found in water at Galveston work site – Houston Chronicle 1/27/09

German Government Green Lights Ocean Iron Fertilization Test After Review – Treehugger 1/28/09

Onshore and Offshore: The Human Cost of Oil Drilling  – Alternet 1/27/09

Drilling put in motion by Clinton and Bush have had such devastating effects on Arctic communities it fits the UN definition of cultural genocide.

American Cities Battle Private Water Companies for Public Control of Water – Alternet 1/29/09

A look at communities in the U.S. that are rising up against the private control of water.

MRSA Superbug Found in Raw Pork – Natural News 1/30/09

In October, 2008, an investigation by KOMO-TV in Seattle, in partnership with Fisher Broadcasting stations across the region, found the super bug, Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), in 3 packages of ground pork bought at grocery stores in California, Oregon and Idaho. They purchased a total of 97 packages of ground pork and pork cutlets and sent them to a USDA certified lab in Seattle for testing. This investigation was undertaken after one local young man died of MRSA pneumonia and another lost a leg to MRSA. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has resisted testing pork for MRSA according to KOMO. Although the findings are ominous there is no way to know if these 2 young men contracted MRSA from raw pork. This multi-drug resistant bacterium already kills more people in the US than AIDS. MRSA was once a problem only in institutions such as hospitals and nursing homes, but it is now increasingly diagnosed as “community acquired” meaning the patient was infected out in the community, not in an institution. MRSA is a multi-drug resistant superbug. Infections are extremely difficult to eradicate and MRSA pneumonia and sepsis have close to a 50% fatality rate

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