Talking About Societal Solutions: Actions Big and Small – Part 1

“Somebody has to do something, and it’s just incredibly pathetic that it has to be us.”  – Jerry Garcia

The Transition Handbook: Community Resilience in the Face of Peak Oil – Treehugger 2/27/08

Building Resilience: Meeting Peak Everything With Systems Thinking – Treehugger 3/17/08

Bioneers: Groundbreaking Ways to Save the Earth: Interview with Kenny Ausbel – Alternet 10/19/07

10 Ways YOU Can Fight Fascism Around the World – Brainsturbator 11/17/07

Green “How-To” Community of Creative Citizens Launched – Treehugger 5/27/08

A Handbook for Guerrilla Gardening – Treehugger 4/28/08

Community Environmental Health Toolkit Now Available Online – Treehugger 7/30/08

A Community Guide To Environmental Health (Guide), published by Hesperian and now available online, is one of the most comprehensive guides empowering communities to deal with environmental health issues in the 21st century.

How to Address Humanity’s Global Crises? Challenge Corporate Power, Embrace True Democracy – Vandana Shiva on Alternet 10/1/07

The physicist, activist and author outlines the scope of the “triple threat” represented by the end of cheap oil, human-induced climate change, and resource scarcity.

Post-apocalypse without the militias: the OutQuisition – BoingBoing 7/13/08

Renew The Social Contract – Dissident Voice 11/18/08

When change isn’t enough: revolution – Raw Story 2/22/08

Why We Need the 28th Amendment to the Constitution: Separation of Corporation and State (VIDEO) – Alternet 11/11/08

Marine biologist, author, fisherma’am, and Exxon Valdez survivor, Dr. Riki Ott has a new vision that can help save American communities.

Become an Un-Consumer, Join The Compact, Save Money, Reduce Your Eco-Footprint – Treehugger 11/19/08

Felice Pace : The Big Change: Can “Civic Unreasonableness” Save the Earth? – CounterPunch 10/30/08

Turning Your Lawn into a Victory Garden Won’t Save You — Fighting the Corporations Will – Alternet 6/23/08

The corporate agriculture industry would like nothing better than to see us spend all of our free time in our gardens and not in political dissent.

Simple Steps Towards Change – Dissident Voice 4/28/08

The Amish Technological Vanguard – Forbes 10/31//08

The really radical alternative technology is living off the grid–and who knows how to do it better?

Ecotopias in Forbes Magazine – Treehugger 4/18/08

Forbes Magazine, “the capitalist’s tool” as it is known, runs a surprising series of articles on modern utopianism, with coverage of eight modern utopias

Transition Towns and Cities Emerge in the US Too – Treehugger 10/22/08

The “Greater Depression” Can Be a DIY Renaissance [DIY] – LifeHacker 9/28/08

There Is an Alternative to Corporate Rule – Alternet 9/1/08

Transition Town Training – Coming to a Continent Near You – Treehugger 11/21/08

Principle Confronting Power – Global Research 3/1/08

Protesting Power – War, Resistance and Law – Global Research 2/28/08

Surviving Peak Everything: The Guardian on Community-led vs Individual Responses – Treehugger 5/4/08

Mass Media and Social Movements – Global research 4/22/08

The Delusion Revolution: We’re on the Road to Extinction and in Denial – Alternet 8/15/08

Our current way of life is unsustainable. We are the first species that will have to self-consciously impose limits on ourselves if we are to survive.

How Many Earth Days Do We Have Left? – Alternet 4/22/08

Lester Brown, author of Plan B 3.0, shows us how we can change in enough time to save life on earth, as we know it.

We Are What We Do

We’re not another charity. We’re not an institution. We Are What We Do is a movement. Our aim is to inspire people to use their everyday actions to change the world. Whoever they are. And wherever they are. And that includes you.

We live by the maxim small actions X lots of people = big change. It’s not rocket science but it does work!

We started back in 2004 by bringing together 100 simple, everyday actions that can improve our environment, our health, and our communities and make our planet and the people on it much happier. We believe that if enough of us do these actions we will start to make an impact on some of the biggest problems we are all facing. And in joining together in this way, we will create a new community of like-minded “do-ers”; people united by a belief in the possibility of change and our individual responsibility in making it happen alongside that of governments, corporations and other institutions and networks.


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