Visions of a New Economy

Creating a New Progressive Era – Dissident Voice 7/3/08

How can poverty and grave economic inequality be significantly reduced in the United States? Under what conditions might it be possible to bring about a period of significant progressive reform that would address our country’s major social problems?

Time Banking – via Metafilter 3/13/08

Will the Youth Movement Save the Labor Movement? – Alternet 11/19/08

Joining a union would not only help young workers improve their own status, it’d halt a steady decline in union strength.

Having a ‘Better’ Economist in Obama’s Treasury Won’t Cut It – Alternet 11/17/08

How Closing Manufacturing Plants Can Be Transformed into Community-Saving Business Ventures – Alternet 11/12/08

David Macaray : What Does a Radical Labor Union Look Like? – CounterPunch 8/7/08

Victory Gardens: War on Waste – Treehugger 5/30/08

The Rise of the ‘Locavore’ – Business Week 5/20/08

Leung : Cooperative Economics – ZNet 8/14/08

Citizens’ Economic Stimulus Plan: Stop Paying Credit Card Debt – Global Research 11/24/08

End the Fed, End Wall Street Bankster Rule, End the Derivatives Depression – Global Research 11/23/08

Unions Create Their Own MoveOn – Alternet 9/1/08

The Future of Work: Where the Labor Movement Is Heading – Alternet 9/1/08

Financial Collapse, Systemic Crisis? – Global Research 11/23/08

Paper introducing the World Forum of Alternatives, in Caracas, October 2008

David Macaray : Seven Reasons You Should Join a Union – CounterPunch 11/24/08

Living the Good Life on $5,000 a Year – Alternet 11/25/08

Stanley Heller : Time to Design a New Economy – CounterPunch 10/8/08

Become an Un-Consumer, Join The Compact, Save Money, Reduce Your Eco-Footprint – Treehugger 11/19/08
Let the Banks Fail: Why a Few of the Financial Giants Should Crash – Alternet 12/15/08

The finance industry still owns mountains of bad paper and must absorb these losses — or else we’ll face a very long recession.

Let’s Cut Out the Banks and Finance American Innovation – Alternet 12/12/08

Then the U.S. government can be an investor instead of a reluctant donor.

Milwaukee neighborhoods could print own money – Chicago Tribune 12/3/08

Alternative Currencies Grow in Popularity – Time 12/14/08

Green Paper Gold: How to Pay for a Global ‘New New Deal’ – Alternet 12/27/08

The paradox of our economic crunch is that the world’s resources are “out of service” at the very time they’re needed to fight global warming.

Practicing ‘Thrival’ Not Survival: A Radical Response to Climate Change – Alternet 8/6/08

We can use the coming crises as the wake up call we need to change our communities and not just survive, but thrive.

Breaking the Consumption Addiction: Can You Be Clever? – Alternet 12/23/08

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